If I were the new CEO of Disney Channel, what will I change? 

Disney Channel and Disney XD

Phineas and Ferb

I know P&F ended but it's still premature so maybe an Adventure Time-style videogame with TT Games' style of LEGO Videogames gameplay where Phineas and company find the missing items. In addition, I would also keep it making reruns on the main channel.

Gravity Falls

Many fans demanded a third Season of Gravity Falls. It would took place after summer and 1 Year and If GF had a third season, the showrunner would be Greg Wiseman of Gargoyles fame if Hirsch is unavailable. In addition, I would also keep making reruns on the main channel.

KC Undercover

I would keep airing the show but I would make some episodes having the theme of LGBT (that was first used in GLC), some divorce and more.


I would give Descendants a computer animated series but how about cameos of Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts in some episodes?

Various Marvel Cartoon series

I would get back the rights to The Spectacular Spider-Man but if Ultimate Spider-Man needs more episodes, I would improve the quality so I would hire Rebecca Sugar of Steven Universe fame as the show runner of Ultimate Spider-Man and The Spectacular Spider-Man for Season 3 if possible, for Avengers Assemble, I would make an episode having the theme of coming of age. If GoTG: The Series had a third season, more ideas coming soon!

The rest, I would fire all of the sitcoms and move it to an another network called Zoog Disney which would be like Adult Swim except it's much more lighter and softer in content and then make a block called Toon Disney 2.0 which would be similar to Boomerang but with shows from the Disney Afternoon and would cancel the infamous Pickle and Peanut and sell it to Warner Bros.

Disney Junior 

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Well, just like Miles "Tails the Fox" Prower, his original voices were young men but changed to women so I would change Jake's voice to either Colleen Clinkenbeard (Monkey D. Luffy from the Funimation Version of the OP franchise) or Coleen Villard (Charmy Bee from Sonic the Hedgehog franchise). I would chose Villard for most episodes while Clinkenbeard for some appearances including Videogames.

Miles from Tomorrowland

Same as Jake and the Neverland Pirates except someone from Dragon Ball Z fame which is a woman would voice Miles Calisto. If anyone can, it would be Stephanie Nadolny. If Miles from Tomorrowland had a crossover, it would be with Star Wars Rebels and Spectrobes.

Sofia the First

Although the show became a hit, needs more cast members from various anime dubs like Yuri Lowenthal, Johnny Yong Bosch, Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, Kari Walghren, Luci Christian and more if there somethin' to do with those people. In addition, I would also make a short episode but with cameos of Cloud Strife and Zack Fair in their KH series designs from FFVII as well as Tidus from FFX serving a backdoor pilot to a Kingdom Hearts: The Series and more.

Episode Ideas: 

Frozen Possibilities- Elsa comes to help Sofia. 

A short episode with cameos of Cloud and Zack from FFVII, serving a backdoor pilot to a KH animated series

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