aka Emman V. Cortez

  • I live in Parañaque City, Metro Manila (aka NCR), Luzon, Philippines, Asia
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • ShadEmmanZ-K9

    Hey people, we now love Traveller's Tales LEGO videogames even ones based on Disney properties such as PoTC, Marvel and Star Wars. What if they made more Disney LEGO Videogames?

    Heyyo, anyone wanted a Toy Story videogame?

    Thus could be a kid-friendly alternative to both X-Files and The Walking Dead, right? Dipper and Mabel would be the starter playable characters so all of the levels will be based on each episode.

    Well, Phineas and Ferb became Disney Channel's longest series and the show is still make reruns even in my country. In a LEGO P&F videogame, you can play as Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Doof, Fireside Isabella and more in LEGO Minifigure form. Anyways, the levels will be based on fan favorite P&F episodes. Like LB2:DCSH, there would be d…

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  • ShadEmmanZ-K9

    If I were the new CEO of Disney Channel, what will I change? 

    I know P&F ended but it's still premature so maybe an Adventure Time-style videogame with TT Games' style of LEGO Videogames gameplay where Phineas and company find the missing items. In addition, I would also keep it making reruns on the main channel.

    Many fans demanded a third Season of Gravity Falls. It would took place after summer and 1 Year and If GF had a third season, the showrunner would be Greg Wiseman of Gargoyles fame if Hirsch is unavailable. In addition, I would also keep making reruns on the main channel.

    I would keep airing the show but I would make some episodes having the theme of LGBT (that was first used in GLC), some divorce and more.

    I would give Descendants a …

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