So, inspired by the Little Mermaid Timeline from another contributor, here's my Peter Pan serie timeline. 


  1. Somewhere in the XVIIIst Century: Birth of Tinker Bell, and then all the films of the Tinker Bell spin-off serie. In the XVIIst century because Hook as an archaic accent to indicate that he is from the Golden Age of the Pirates, and that we see him young in one of the film. 
  2. 1903/1910: Peter Pan (no date is given in the film, but in its 2002 sequel, we see a grown-up Wendy in 1939, so I think the filmmakers thought that the first film happened when Barrie wrote it (1903 for the play, 1910 for the film).
  3. 1911 or somewhere aroundJake and the Never Land Pirates. Despite being the last piece of this timeline made, the appearance of young Wendy, Michael and John Darling in Battle for the Book implies that it happens shortly after the events of the first film. 
  4. 1939: Return to Never Land (clearly happens during WW II, even if the war is not really named). 
  5. 1953: The in-universe Walt Disney Studios make a film out of the Darling Children story. 
  6. All after 1953: the comics and TV specials in which he appears (they happen on the date of there first public releasing/printing)
  7. 1999-2002: The House of Mouse serie.
  8. 2010: After having moved to Wasteland because of his long, 8 years stopping-of-activity, Hook is momentally turned into a robot by the Mad Doctor's machine (as shown in Epic Mickey) along with some members of his crew. It is unknown if he takes back his normal appearance and go back to Neverland after that, but we can guess so. 

Out of canon: 

  • 1991: Hook (from Spielberg): I don't know if we can count it as canon. It's a bit like Oz the Great and Powerfulit has been thought as a sequel to the 1953 film, yes, but officially it's only a sequel to the book. Also, it could maybe fit with the 6 first points of the canon, but how do you explain that Hook (who my god is DEAD IN 1991 if we believe the movie) can appear in 1999 in House of Mouse ?!?
  • Somewhere before 1903: Peter Pan and the Starcatcher. Just as Hook, it is an unoffical prequel to the 1953 film. The problem is that it can't fit with the Tinker Bell spinoffs, as it shows completely different origins of Tinker Bell and Hook.