Inspired by the Disney Magical World game, a 13 year old girl named Alyssa becomes a princess in training after the death of her parents, Carissa and Cole. She doesn't live in a castle though, she lives in a house. Princess Alyssa and the other princesses in training study to become dream keepers and time travelers. Alyssa and the others discover the mini realms. She can do acrobatics and gymnastics, too. Alyssa has a mount who is a Flash Bengal(a Bengal tiger with wings similar to Elena of Avalor) who is named Critty. Each season has 24 episodes but, an unknown number of seasons. Alyssa is strong, will powered, caring, royal, polite, brave, friendly, honest, and kind. Before season 1, there is a movie called "Alyssa Of Castleton: Alyssa's First Rule" just like Sofia The First.

Appearance: Alyssa has black bluish hair in pigtails, a turquoise greenish gown, black jeweled heels, and a white daisy flower clip on the side of her pigtails, royal blue eyes, light skin, and rose lips.


Name: Alyssa Stella Carletta Age: 13 Birthday:2/4 Occupation: Princess In Training/Dream Keeper

Mini Realms:

Siren Mini Realm: The Siren Mini Realm is a mermaid kingdom where Alyssa had mermaid transformation

Forest Mini Realm: The Forest Mini Realm is a world of plants, earth, and of course.. giant birds

Underground Mini Realm: The Underground Mini Realm is a world underground inside the roots of a tree

Adventure Mini Realm: The Adventure Mini Realm is a world of exploration where it lies a cave of gems

Winter Mini Realm: The Winter Mini Realm is a snow place of blizzards and climbing mountains