Alyssa has 4 friends/fellow dream keepers. Their names are Chloe; a café manager and owner of Chloe's, Madison; a red-haired girl who is artistic and easygoing, Tristin; a fashion statement, and Rose; an animal lover.

Chloe: Chloe Garmend is a 13 year old genius who is a café owner and manager. She is 3 days younger than Alyssa and she is mostly seen with her and Madison. Other princesses in training think of Chloe as a weird geek. But she is really a friendly girl and no task is too tall for her. Chloe has a demi-wolf as a mount and his name is Armorak. She thinks that being a dream keeper is about obedience and willpower. She has brown short hair with a blue and pink dress along with hazel eyes and silver pumps.

Madison: Madison or Maddie Copeland is a 14 year old easygoing and artistic red-haired girl. She loves designing and is all about precision. Madison was originally born in the kingdom of Aurialis, a cultural kingdom. She is one of the 2 eldest of Alyssa's friends. Maddie's mount is a charmeetah, a cheetah of charm named Gemix. Madison has red hair in a low ponytail along with green eyes, a gold dress, orange pumps, and orange gloves.