Alyssa had a mother and father named Carissa and Cole who passed away. She now lives with her 2 brothers that are 18 and 17. Their names are Arthur and Alex. They have bluish black hair like their little sister and they like to goof around. Unlike her brothers, Alyssa is more serious and most likely to be the oldest.

Tristin is a fashion statement. She puts the princesses in training in different themed outfits for any weather, any theme, any day, any dress code, or even what everyone else is wearing! She has a mount named Angel who is an Asian leopard. Tristin is 14 years old, has caramel hair, mulberry eyes, and wears a beige gown with beige pumps.

Rose is an animal lover. She has many animal friends. Her mount's name is Whimsy; a tundra coyote. Rose is 13 years old and the oldest 13 year old. She loves everything small and strong. She wears a red gown, has brown hair that reaches her thighs, red white pumps, and loves cooking.