Get To Know About Incapability Nanny

Suspicious of a nanny who apparently showed signs are not good? Please check the signs if you hire not a good attitude nanny, right here.

It has become concerned for many mothers that nanny or babysitters they hire are good quality and good behavior. Not easy to find out if nanny is really doing a good job or not, or even likely to commit acts of violence against your child.

Here are some nanny are not in good criteria:

  • Your baby does not get excited and happy to see nanny, and even tend to worry or cry. Surely among nanny with children still have no entanglement or bonding, but children should feel comfortable with the nanny is a must.
  • Nanny seems to hide or conceal how she and your children spend time. The nanny should be able to tell all the activities on that day when you are not at home.
  • Children become more frequent have accidents. The duty of a nanny is to maintain, supervise and care for the children they care for. Beware of violence or negligence if children often have accidents.
  • What you have been told is often not done.
  • The nanny is often slower in work. If your nanny is often seen less committed to work, late wake up, or even too relaxed, you may need to scold.
  • Children often appear neglected and dirty. The basic job of a nanny is taking care, and childcare. If she cannot do it, then maybe she was not the right person.
  • Lying. Never tolerate someone who steal, lie, or deceive you. A nanny must be believed in doing their jobs.

Are there above criteria found on your nanny? If it's yes, then you need to follow up and if it is severe and many criteria are entered, you may need to find a new and better nanny.

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