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Fan Theories about vast conspiracies organized in animated films and drawings are legion on the Internet. I will reveal what may be the truth about three Disney animated films: Frozen, The Little Mermaid and Tangled.

Let's start with Frozen. Do you remember this passage during the song "For The First Time in Forever" where Anna can finally put one foot out and meet new people? Look at this passage carefully..Yes! those are Rapunzel and Flynn, Tangled's main characters; 

Rapunzelflynn Frozen

Of course, knowing Disney, one might say that it is only a cameo Easter egg among many others. But it could also be a key moment which reflects the link between Frozen and Tangled. We will return later. You will also remember that the parents of Anna and Elsa died in a shipwreck. We knew nothing of their destination, if only they were to return two weeks later.

Frozen The Storm

And this is where we can make an interesting hypothesis. And if the King and Queen of Arendelle or parents of Elsa and Anna was left to attend the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn? Which would explain why Rapunzel and Eugene have felt compelled to come to attend the coronation of Elsa.

Moreover, we note that after the funeral, Frozen marks an ellipse three years, exactly the same number of years that have elapsed between the release of the film Frozen (2013) and that Tangled (2010).

12 trois-ans-plus-tard

So if we take it three years ago, that is to say when Tangled was produced, the parents of Elsa and Anna went to the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn when their royal ship has sunk. Hence the presence of the last two three years later in the film Frozen, in the coronation of Elsa.

Now that things are clear, we'll go further: what if the ship wreck in which Ariel from the Little Mermaid rummage was that of the king's ship and the Queen of Arendelle?


Ariel discovers ...


... A wreck!

We know that Tangled takes place in Germany, Frozen in Norway, and The Little Mermaid in Denmark.

17 cartographie-des-royaumes

This would mean that it would be perfectly possible in carrying out the way Norway and Germany, the king's ship and the Queen of Arendelle ran aground off the Danish coast. Thus, the wreck in The Little Mermaid would be that of the royal ship.Note also that Disney have later confirmed that the parents were going to a wedding...

19 comparaison-des-deux-bateaux

Comparison of the two boats

And you? What do you think?