Here is another interesting theory about Toy Story's universe, like I've did before with linking Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid, let's start with that one.

What do we exactly know about Andy's mother in Toy Story's franchise? Not much, only that she lives alone with her two children and her last name is Davis, this a theory about the identity of Andy's mother, which could not be more plausible! Find out what it is in the following lines ...

2 andy-woody

Start by looking at Andy's hat as a child. As you can see above it is different from Woody's hat. Why didn't the boy have the same hat as his favorite toy?? Now look at Jessie's hat:


He carries the same hat as the cowgirl even though he hasn't received her as a gift yet, strange isn't it? Another mystery, Woody does not know his origins, unlike the other toys, he does not know that he is a collectible toy. Andy's mother mentions that this is just an old family toy. Maybe it would have belonged to the father of Andy, hence the extreme attachment of the latter to the old puppet.

6 emily-jessie
Let's return to Jessie. As she recounts in Toy Story 2, the cowgirl belonged to Emily, a young girl who adored her. Until she grows up, she forgot her under the bed to finally give up on her. As you see above, Emily's hat is the same that Andy carries (except the white band in less, the hat could be damaged with time). In all cases we see that the story tells Jessie happened long ago, such as posters and shows very 70's accessories in Emily's room.
8 posters-emily

Jessie was abandoned but what about the hat? The box in which Jessie was when it was placed on the side of the road, was too small to hold the large red hat, Emily would have kept in memory of her lost childhood.

We never get a closeup of Emily’s face, but we do see that she has light, auburn hair as a teenager. Also, it is very short.

Andy's mother-hair

let's come to the conclusion of all these clues: What if Andy's mother was actually Emily? Referring to all the indices, that could be true. Moreover we do not know the last name of Emily and we do not know the first name of the mother, the two could be one and same person. Of course, some people may ask why didn't Jessie recognize her first owner, this is probably to not seeing her face much (since she stayed years under the bed and only half of her body was clear), or Jessie has just decided to ignore Emily forever and start a new life with her new owner.

And you? What do you think?