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  • I live in in Disneyland
  • I was born on January 24
  • My occupation is a Disney fan, a student
  • I am a Disney fangirl
  • Rouhad

    Today, on September 29, I celebrate 2 years of being in The Disney Wiki!!! :D ..Technically almost 3 years if you count the fact that I was here since December 2013, but I only created my account later.

    I may not have been the most active user in here, nor the most useful, but I really enjoyed being part of The Disney Wiki, and users as old as me, may have noticed a lot of changes in here, from the wiki's homepage to the waiver of some of the best admins, I personally miss how things used to be here.

    Well, I wish to have another awesome year in here!

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  • Rouhad

    Here is another interesting theory about Toy Story's universe, like I've did before with linking Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid, let's start with that one.

    What do we exactly know about Andy's mother in Toy Story's franchise? Not much, only that she lives alone with her two children and her last name is Davis, this a theory about the identity of Andy's mother, which could not be more plausible! Find out what it is in the following lines ...

    Start by looking at Andy's hat as a child. As you can see above it is different from Woody's hat. Why didn't the boy have the same hat as his favorite toy?? Now look at Jessie's hat:

    He carries the same hat as the cowgirl even though he hasn't received her as a gift yet, strange isn't it? Another m…

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  • Rouhad

    Fan Theories about vast conspiracies organized in animated films and drawings are legion on the Internet. I will reveal what may be the truth about three Disney animated films: Frozen, The Little Mermaid and Tangled.

    Let's start with Frozen. Do you remember this passage during the song "For The First Time in Forever" where Anna can finally put one foot out and meet new people? Look at this passage carefully..Yes! those are Rapunzel and Flynn, Tangled's main characters; 

    Of course, knowing Disney, one might say that it is only a cameo Easter egg among many others. But it could also be a key moment which reflects the link between Frozen and Tangled. We will return later. You will also remember that the parents of Anna and Elsa died in a shipwr…

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  • Rouhad

    Deleted Blog

    December 4, 2014 by Rouhad

    I have deleted that blog

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