Quick note: Just to let everyone know this is a custom story that I've thought up myself. You can get ideas from this if you want but do NOT copy this word for word. Thank You

The story of Mittens:

If you've seen the movie "Bolt" then you probably know about Mittens' life before she met Bolt and Rhino. She was owned by a family who then abandoned her, but her life goes all the way to the start when she was first born...

Mittens was born on January 30 2001 and was the second oldest of 3 children from Luka and Mary Schwarz. Mittens had an older sister named Annabelle, born 1999, and a younger brother named Daniel, born 2003. Her two siblings looked quite a lot like her but with minor differences. Annabelle's nose was a lighter pink than Mittens', she had thicker eyebrows and darker green eyes. Daniel had the same eyes as Mittens' although they were slightly more droopy and his eyebrows were a darker white. Mittens had inherited more genes from her mother, Mary. Mittens was of German descent as her father's side of the family originated in Frankfurt and was born in New York City. Mittens was proud of her German heritage and was not afraid to hide it from others in the real world. Herself, her siblings and her parents were all owned by very rich couple who had moved to New York from San Francisco. Most days the couple would let Mittens and her family out into the garden was covered with flowers, mowed grass and a fountain. Mittens loved playing in the flowers and her family were unique in a way that they liked water. Mittens loved playing in the fountain and commonly got in trouble for splashing her parents! The thing she loved doing the most was chasing butterflies in the Spring and Summer. On the rare occasion they would land on her tail when she liked a lot. During Winter and Autumn she would be tucked up warmly with her family inside. Then one day her family went up for sale for people to come in and buy. Luka, her father, was purchased first by a single person, then her sister, Annabelle, was purchased by a big family. Mittens was then purchased by a family similar the ones who purchased Annabelle. Her mother, Mary, was purchased shortly after then her brother, Daniel. The person/people they were bought by were unknown. Mittens was frightened to be taken away from her family but shortly settled in with her new owners. She lived with them for 6 years before sadly being abandoned by them when they had to move to a new house. Which brings us to our setting in "Bolt", she had pigeons deliver her food before she was then captured by Bolt and dragged to Hollywood, meeting Rhino on the way. To finish off she was adopted by Penny along with Rhino to live with Bolt. Mittens is happy to live with her friends currently, but her family will live in her heart forever. Even then though, there's a chance she may reunite with day

The End.

Thanks for reading my story and I hope you all enjoyed!