(Bing Bong is sitting in an empty void with a pink light) 

'Bing Bong:' I don't want Riley to forget me, I don't want to be forgotten. (cries candy)

Lindsay: (off-screen) I know how you feel, Bing Bong.

(Lindsay crawls up to Bing Bong and rests her head on his right leg)

Lindsay: I once had the perfect boyfriend, Tyler was his name, and yet I was on the Screaming Gophers while he was on the Killer Bass, and Heather wouldn't let me go NEAR him! She bossed me around and cheated me until the biking challenge where she kicked me off!  And a few seaons later, I got hurled into the sun and suffocated thanks to Chris, and Tyler has probably forgotten me now! (cries) Well, at least that pretty yellow girl and fat blue girl remember you!

Bing Bong: What? I never met--oh, you mean Joy and Sadness? Yeah, they were great friends, espiacially Sadness.

Lindsay: Aw, really?

Bing Bong:  Yeah, when my rocket was thrown into the Memory Dump, Sadness went to comfort me and reminded me of all the good times with Riley. (sighs) I miss her.

Lindsay: Well, don't worry, Bing Bong! Maybe one day Riley's parents will show her a picture of you and she'll remember you!

Bing Bong: Hey, maybe you're right!