SO, I've been reading about the new DIsney/Pixar movie comming out. It's called Brave, and it's been unofficially labelled a "Scottish Mulan." Now I can see the resemblance, but it is different, but I digress. I'm Scottish myself, so I'm stoked. Not to mention that a majority of the main actors are from Harry Potter: Prof. Trelawny- Queen Elinore, Mrs. Weasly- The Wise Woman (a witch), Hagrid- Lord Dingwall (an unagreeable baron), and Helen "the Gray Lady" Ravenclaw- Princess Merida (the Leading Lady). Now Sadly, there are only two trailors out for this movie, and the suspence is killing me. Because there are so many questions unanswerd, like "If Merida is going to be a 'Disney Princess,' and if so is there going to be a 'Disney Villain,' "Will Merida have a love intrest to add to the 'Disney Prince' line-up," "Who will John Ratzenburger play" Stuff like that.