Well, hey there everyone! I'm back, sort of! Was out for a lot of personal reasons, but I think I'm alright now.

With this new year, there's a lot of merchandise coming around. Zootopia just came out, which was fantastic by the way, and we've got Moana, Finding Dory, Captain America: Civil War, and Doctor Strange coming later on this year! I'll probably edit this every in a while until the summer comes around and then make a new one.

So, because I'm still on that Zootopia fever since seeing it yesterday, let's start with some great Zootopia merchandise!


You can find more Zootopia merchandise on the website , and more is added everyday; but these are some of my favorites. I don't know who did these designs, but they're really cute, distinctive, and interesting. It's one of the few times were the designs were on par with the Japanese Disney Store. I just hope they restock them if they sell out, because the film turned out to be more popular than I expected. Also a note, Zootopia comes to Japan on April 23rd, so look out for an update on Japanese merchandise here by then!

Disney Japan

One of the best Disney Japan designs, the "rakugaki" style (roughly means "scribbling" in Japanese), is back once again as a set of totebags and patches.

That's all I have time for right now, but keep an eye out for updates!