This is my list of comics I think would do well if Disney adapted them. This is a synopsis of each series and it's characters, which I guess people can use to get an idea of the comics, as well. I probably well edit it over time... if you actually bothered to read it, let me know what you think! I'd love to hear other opinions :3

Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and dagger

My favorite fanart of Ty (Cloak) and Tandy (Dagger).


 An older comic (1983) about two runaways. Tyrone "Ty" Johnson is an 17 year old African-American boy with a stutter who runs away when his friend gets hit by a car because his stutter prevented him from telling his friend that a car was coming. Tandy Bowen is a beautiful 16 year old blonde girl, who runs away because her supermodel mom basically ignores her. When they first meet, Ty considers stealing her purse, but becomes ashamed with himself when she is kind enough to offer him money. They go eat instead and become friends. One day, Tandy gets taken by strange men (who tricked her) and Ty goes to save her. They are both taken and experimented on, where they are injected with a drug that gives them special powers (in new version they changed it so that they were mutants, and the drug awakened their mutant powers).
Ty becomes connected to a dark dimension, and wears a cloak. Through this cloak, he can send people to the dimension; he treats this as "eating" in a way and develops a painful "hunger" to swallow everything into the darkness. The only thing that stops this is Tandy, who gains a power that allows her to make light, which she usually shapes into 6-inch "daggers". Tandy's light soothing the darkness, along with the fact that Tandy is his best friend, keeps Ty's darkness from destroying everything. Now, they go and take down the drug people that hurt them, and after that, vow to protect all children in need.


I think that the best part about the film would be (and the best part of the series already is) Ty and Tandy's friendship. It's never romantic (I don't think? At least not when they're kids), but they're really great friends, and it's adorable how important Tandy is to Ty and how supportive she is in helping him control his powers and trying to come to terms with himself.

And the duality between the two would be cool: Light and dark. Tandy's dazzling light and costume and Ty's menacing and cool cloak. Her bright personality and his quiet, observant one. Her acrobatic movements and his glacier-walking (LOL). It's also pretty easily marketable because Tandy's pretty costumes, hair and cool powers are marketable for girls, and Ty's "cool guy" thing will have tons of little boys wearing cloaks for Halloween.

Last I heard, Marvel Studios had actually grabbed the rights to these two to use eventually, but should they be shelved (they probably are, they haven't talked about them for 7 years now...), they can easily be used by Disney.


Runaways marvel a p

Karolina is the blonde, Molly is in the numbered-shirt, Nico has the staff, Chase is the boy and Gertude is the purple-haired girl. Alex is missing (intentionally...)


It's about six kids: Karolina (16), Gertrude (15), Molly (11), and Nico (16), Chase (18) and Alex (16) whose parents are best friends.
Every year their parents meet up at Alex's house and go into their basement to "discuss things". One year the kids finally decide to sneak around and find out what they're always doing down there. There, they find out that all of their parents are supervillains, part of a cult called "The Pride". After seeing their parents kill some girl as a sacrifice, the kids freak out and run out of the house (the parents don't know). They all run to each of their houses and raid their parents' stuff, and all eventually find out that they have special powers, too. After their parents find out that they know about the Cult, the kids run away permanently and try to take down their parents.
  • Gertrude's parents are time travellers and she has a telepathic link to a dinosaur (that listens to her every command). Gertrude is sarcastic and very intelligent.
  • Chase's parents are mad scientists (so he steals their inventions). Chase is a little bit dull, and a funny guy.
  • Nico has witch powers. She dresses like a goth but isn't dark and mean, and is a pretty average girl.
  • Molly is a mutant (with super strength). Molly is the youngest, and acts like it. She still doesn't understand whats going on, and just wants to see her mommy and daddy.
  • Karolina is an alien -- called a Majesdanian -- that is made up of light from the sun (or something like that, anyways it's really pretty and she can fly). Karolina is a vegan and a peace-keeper, and is very free-spirited.
  • Alex has no powers but he's super intelligent (his parents are the leaders of The Pride). He's kind of nerdy (loves online video games), but nice.

Eventually, they actually meet Cloak and Dagger, who are now adults. They think that the other kids kidnapped Molly, and Ty 'swallows' half the team until Molly pulls off his cloak (turning him back into a stuttering teenager) and tells him that she wasn't kidnapped, that she came by her own choice. Then she gives him back the cloak.


There's alot of older-teen content in here which would have to be removed, but so was there in Big Hero 6. I personally would rather see Cloak and Dagger done first, though.