Yeah, I'm bored, and all the Disneystores constantly update with endless lists of cute stuff. So, I figured every once in a while I'd highlight my faves! A lot will be from Disneystore Japan because they have soooo many more cute things that Disney USA has never seen. So, here goes!

Little Anna and Elsa Towel


1,900 yen = about 16 dollars USD from Disney Store Japan

Super cute!! I loved the blue colors in this scene and it looks super beautiful on the towel. This is a great scene, too, so laying it out would look really nice. I love the tassel at the end, it reminds me of an icicle ♥ This is a pretty large towel, 34 x 80 cm, or 13 x 31 in. There is also a smaller square towel in the same design.

Rapunzel Mobile Bag


1,728 yen = about 15 dollars USD from Disney Store Japan

My favorite princess!!!! This is a very small purse, probably only enough to hold a wallet, purse and a small set of keys -- probably all you need most of the time, right?

There is also this similar one !

Donald and Daisy Tsum Tsum socks


540 yen = about 5 dollars USD from Disney Store Japan

Tsum Tsum is just the name for the art style. These are adorable, unfortunately they probably run a bit small since they are Japanese (they will likely fit at least to a US 8 or 9). Love the bright vivid blue, it reminds me of sea salt ice cream in Kingdom Hearts, ahaha. They have other designs in the same style.

Baby Zero plush toy


13.95 USD from Disney Store

I was feeling the Zero love during Halloween at Disneyland but couldn't afford any of the Zero products :( but this makes it feel all better, knowing I can get this online. He is sooooooo cute!

So, that's it for now ♥

I will probably just add onto this one for a while until I feel that it makes sense to do #2! I encourage others to make posts with their fave Disney products, too! It's fun and a great way to try and make use of the blog function more...