Pretty self explanatory! Show everyone your favorite Disney concept art pieces. It must be concept art, not promotional art (i.e. not posters, or render poses). Basically if it's CGI/2D, it's probably not concept art, except for some Frozen pieces (I know Frozen had some 3D concept art of Anna). I'll also allow book illustrations, even though it isn't concept art! Remember, you don't have to reupload either, it's most likely on the Disney Wiki already :)

Anyways, here are mine!

Rapunzel Concept Arts by Lisa Keene

Being led by Glen Keane, it's no suprised that Tangled has some of the most beautiful concept art. You can feel the love in both pieces!

Honey Lemon Concept Art

Honey Lemon Different Costumes Concept Art

Honey's old designs in my opinion were absolutely gorgeous and I don't see why they ever wanted to change it. I love her tan skin with green eyes, it's so very pretty. I feel almost offended knowing that they had drawn out a beautiful dark-skinned girl to use, but in the end decided to lighten her skin -- exponentially! Like what, you don't think we needed her? You don't think little darker-skinned girls would've been happy to know that they can be awesome superheroes?

Anyways, her costumes in the end still turned out cute, though (except for that pukey yellow fuzzy coat thing, though blehh). And she's still adorable. I hope maybe in the future though they will use this super cute design.

Tadashi Hamada Concept Art

TADASHI concept drawing 002

By now I think everyone understands that Tadashi is my soulmate so this is no suprise, lol (if you're thinking of trying to claim him u can meet me behind the schoolyard at 3 oclock bruh i'll knock ya out). But I'm pointing out this one in particular just cause it's one of the cutest, haha :> I love all of Tadashi's concept art though, to be honest. What a cute.

So, there you have it! Post yours in the comments, if you got one (or more!)!!!