Well, I noticed that after looking, that I could dig up some bits that aren't here on the wiki about the Big Hero 6 characters. These are from A113 Animation and Rotoscopers, and apparently this is all exclusive info. These are some really cool things to consider about the characters :3

I did not write these, and I don't take credit for them. It is just compiling information, and there are sources for them all.

  • Hiro: "Think Jimmy Neutron, but not as lame... He doesn't get along well with others, he's sort of misunderstood. He's actually a college student at San Fransokyo Tech with his brother Tadashi." Hiro and Tadashi decide to do an Iron Man and make some cool metal robot-y stuff. Hiro's 14.
  • Tadashi: "older brother of Hiro, and these two couldn't be more polar opposites," apparently. He's building "a caregiver robot, made of this soft, inflatable plastic material."
  • Wasabi No-Ginger: A member of the research team led by Tadashi. He's "this African-American student who's really into this idea of creating a plasma blade... A plasma beam that'll cut things, but it won't cut humans." So like a lame lightsaber, I guess. Apparently he's "a man of few words."
  •  Honey Lemon: "This super cute, bubbly blonde girl. Like a female Walter White," in so much as her love of Chemistry, apparently... Very concerned about what she's wearing, but also likes blowing stuff up.
  •  GoGo Tomago: Ticked off by Honey Lemon's curious outfits, thinking that she just does it to attract male attention. Y'know, like Mean Girls-y kinda stuff. "Sporty girl... super competitive. She has a really hard time taking orders from Hiro when eventually they form Big Hero 6.
  • Fred: "Just Fred." No real purpose at the college, by the sounds of it; "he's just there."
  • Cass: Hiro and Tadashi's mum, "she's nice, she's friendly." In Studio Ghibli-sounding fashion, she also runs a coffee shop out of the bottom level of her house.
  • Yokai: The villain of Big Hero 6, who dons a Kabuki mask. His evil plan involves building "this big machine to get him into another dimension."
  • Baymax: The big robot you can clearly see in both the concept art for the film that heads this post, and the character silhouettes above. "After Tadashi is killed, Hiro takes Tadashi's caregiver robot and kinda converts him into Baymax." Baymax is apparently a combination between Tadashi's caregiver robot and a fighting one that Hiro had previously made. The formerly soft, plushy robot is now cased in a suit of armour, but he still comes out with cheesy care-bear-esque lines.