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My beloved animated classic is now considered....a flop?!

Hi guys. I've seen more and more people saying they hate Frozen maybe because merchandise is spreading in stores, they hear its songs, yada yada yada. Even Big Bang Theory and Daddy's Home poked at it. I even have an eight or nine year old family member who says she doesn't like it. I know everyone's entitled to their opinion and I don't have the right to tell you what to like, but I'm trying to understand ....Why? Why do people consider Frozen overrated? Is it because of the merchandise? Have you been forced to watch it to death by your family? Has it's praise been exaggerated? I personally am used to the merchandise thing after a movie has become a big hit; I see toys, costumes, and sometimes a theme park ride. I mean, yes I see Frozen stuff in a lot of places, but it hasn't taken over the world to me. It seemed to have a huge and accurate amount of popularity to me, just like films like The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Shrek 2, and the Despicable Me films. I guess Ex-fans must see overdone things about Frozen that I haven't. I more saw that kind of thing with Tarzan and Toy Story 2; I saw advertisments and promotions all over the place both in theaters and on video, and I have been forced to watch them to death. That was MY idea of something overrated. That, and all those unnecessary direct-to-video movies and show reboots of Scooby Doo (whom I still don't really enjoy). Maybe, you see that about Frozen that I can't. Me? I guess I'm just disappointed that I don't have the massive popularity of Frozen to connect with the general public anymore. I promise to respect your opinions if you hate Frozen, but I will say this: Frozen is still one of my favorite animated films, and no "Frozen is overrated" nonsense is going to change my mind. So whether Disney fans like Frozen or not, I will continue watching it whenever it suits me without having it done to death.

Do you think Frozen is overrated?

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