Hi everyone. Ratigan6688 here. As a request from another user, I am making a list of what I consider the worst Disney sequels in History. Most sequels I like are NOT from Disney. Most Disney sequels, prequels, and midquels (I am just going to call them quels for short). They come from DisneyToon studious who has poor animation. I only like about one or two Disney sequels which are The Rescuers Down Under And Toy Story 3, which is not enough to get me to make a list on GOOD Disney quels. These are the 7 quels I personally despise the most! So, let's get this overwith!

#7: Tarzan II

Tarzan lameo

Tarzan TOO Stinky!


I honestly never was a fan of Tarzan. It was and is one of my least favorite Disney films. This midquel is even worse! We already know that Tarzan had trouble fitting in while growing up with the apes, and we all know how he became a hero during the "Son of Man" sequence. This is not a story we needed to know. It's just a stupid episodic waste of time!

#6: Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch

Stitch up!

Stitch has a glitch all right! A GLITCH OF EXISTENCE!!

Like Tarzan II, I honestly never liked the original. Lilo and Stitch were stupid names and the story was too predictable! Now this sequel makes us stuck with these incredibly annoying characters even more! Stitch is having glow problems, there's no evil villain, making this story not told well at all! This sequel is pretty dumb.

#5: Return To Neverland

Don't come back!

Return to Neverland without rehashing the original, ok?

Tarzan II and Lilo and Stitch 2 were pretty stupid, but THIS is a sequel that really didn't need to exist. It feels rehashed from the original Peter Pan movie. We get stuck with a villain that we've already had, there is no explanation as to how Captain Hook escaped from the crocodile, and worst of all, THE CROC IS NOT THERE! He was my favorite character of the original movie! But how about Jane, is she just as bad as the story choices? Yeah, pretty much. She's stubborn, she's annoying, her hair color makes me sick, and the way she yells at her brother to grow up reminds me of bad experiences of my childhood! The only good hing about this is the octopus, even though he is no Tick Tock Crocodile. You are just going to Neverland and coming back home to London again, which is why I consider this one a re-hashed sequel. Return To Neverland is a sequel that definitely didn't need to exist.

#4: The Jungle Book 2

Jungle Jump off a cliff

Jungle Book TOO much crud!

I have praised the original Jungle Book as an animated masterpiece and have honored it as one of my favorite Disney films. The Jungle Book 2 on the other hand, is a poor follow up. The dialogue is lame and uncomfortable, Mowgli still wants to go back into the jungle when the movie should have been about him being happy in the village. Mowgli's relationship with Shanti is pretty awkward because they are too young for a romantic relationship, and it gets confusing at times. Mowgli's voice in this movie is stupid as well. He has a strong enough conflict in the movie, but here he is so bland. The vultures reappear, but they don't fly off to see their good friend. I thought they missed Mowgli from the last film. There are only a few good things about this movie: Baloo's voice actor John Goodman, Kaa's return, and Shere Khan's return as well as his voice actor, Tony Jay. But aside from that, this sequel is one that should just get lost in the jungle and never be found!

#3: Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Christmas crud

What would I like for Christmas? A WAY TO GET RID OF THIS!

Ok, first off, I don't like Disney midquels. They are pretty corny. And second, we can't just insert something like this when we don't know how long Belle was stuck at the castle. I mean, how could LeFou and Maurice have survived that long in the outdoors?! A Disney Christmas special is...nice, I guess, but not this one. The flashback of the spell being cast upon does not match the stain glass pictures from the prologue of the first film, the animation is faded and cheesy like most Disney Direct to Videos, Lumiere is in love with Angelique when HE's ALREADY DATING THAT DUSTER, oh my gosh, it's just too stupid! *Sigh*, but it's true! Beauty and the Beast, everyone's beloved Best Picture nominee has officially become a cheesy holiday movie. The only upside is the villain, Forte. His CGI design, his plot to. Remain under the spell forever, and most of all, his voice actor Tim Curry. But other than that, nothing about this makes me want to watch this! Maybe if this was a TV special with the same CAPS animation, and if this was more like Shrek the Halls? We could get something better! But for what it is, it is crud. This would be a worse Christmas present than a lump of coal.

#2: Cinderella III: A Twist In Time

A Waste of TIME

TIME to erase this one from existence!

I don't know if a lot of Cinderella fans liked this one or not, but in my opinion, it's a disgrace to Cinderella! Cinderella has already suffered enough cruelty in her life, but now Lady Tremaine has the Fairy Godmother's wand?! No! No! No! The Fairy Godmother is never supposed to interact with the badguys so she can assist Cinderella in miserable times! A Disney sweet soft fairy tale has now been turned into a time traveling action packed adventure! What the heck did the first films have to do with time traveling? It didn't! I also noticed Jaq and Gus are the only two animal sidekicks to appear in this film! Where are the others? The only small upside to this is Anastasia reforming in the end. But why couldn't she have been a good person to Cinderella in the first film, that would have been an interesting twist! I don't know what else to say except that this movie is bad with a capital B. But as bad as this is, it still doesn't compare to what I consider the worst Disney quel ever! And that is....

#1: The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's beginning

Music Monkey Business!

The Beginning of Ariel's IMMATURITY!

Oh my gosh, I hate this movie! This is the Disney direct to video quel I hate the most! Not only does it ruin the first film, but it partially ruins the really good prequel TV series! In addition, this was also the final nail in the coffin that killed the Disney direct to video quels. Let's see how can I put this? Oh yeah! IT'S AWFUL! MAGNIFICENTLY AWFUL! Not only do viewers have to suffer through a mother's death AGAIN, but then we see King Triton turn into a cruel dictator! This movie is about how music became alive in Atlantica which has little to no impact on the first film. It does explain why King Triton despises humans in the first film, but he bans music?! He abuses his daughters, including Ariel for not being perfect, and he cares about no one except himself! At least in the first film and the TV series he banned merpeople from going to the surface to protect them. If you people thought Ariel's conflict over humans in the first film was bad, this music law thing is just...immature! The TV series showed Ariel as a mature, kind, young 15-16 year old-ish woman. She behaves like an immature child in this one! King Triton acts like a normal father in the TV series, yets acts like a monster in this one! In additon, here's what I hate about this film the most: Ariel meeting Flounder! The TV series showed a cute scene of Ariel and Flounder meeting when they were younger kids, making them seem like childhood friends! Here, Disney just changes their first meeting with no explanation as to why they discarded it! And Flounder is totally out of character in this meeting! The only slight good thing about this if the colorful 2-D animation but it doesn't change the bad story changes they made to this movie! I, ER IT'S SO TERRIBLE!!!!

And there you go! The 7 sequels that have disgraced our beloved childhood Disney Classics. If you like any of these, then by all means disagree with me. But if this list helps you, then I suggest you turn these incredibly bad quels off before you even start watching them!