Hi everyone. Today's countdown is going to be about theme songs before television shows. They are great ways to start a show, showing a glimpse of most of the characters, and the kind of fun we are about to watch on the television. They are also catchy melodies that we like to hum. This is a list of the TV show theme songs I've liked the best. Most of these will be from Disney, but there are also some that are not from Disney. So yes, it is another one of my Disney/Non-Disney blended blogs. Also, this is going to be my first time putting videos on my blog posts. I thought hey, if Cleveland Monster can do it, why can't I? So sit back and relax and enjoy the list of my top 10 favorite TV show theme songs.
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#10: Pepper Ann's Theme

Pepper ann theme song01:01

Pepper ann theme song

I admit, I haven't thought too much of the One Saturday Morning Cartoons, but I do remember this show as well as its theme song. I admit, I was more of a fun adventure kind of guy, but I didn't mind a show involving a regular school kid once in a while. And I thought Pepper Ann was kind of enjoyable. Maybe not as much NOW, but still. And this song was delightful to listen to. It showed our main character's misfit antics, what some of her classmates think about her, makes you get the idea on Pepper Ann. Its catchy, its fun, and shows you the ideal school misfit.

#9: Avatar Theme

Avatar the Last Airbender Opening HD00:44

Avatar the Last Airbender Opening HD

As fanatastic as this show is, I put this one kinda low on the list, mostly because it's not an actual theme song, more just an introduction. But you know what? That's what makes it so unique! Avatar is one of those dramatic story arc shows that take up the whole show, and this is a great way to open it. Our heroine Katara narrates how the world used to live in peace until the Fire Nation started invading the other kingdoms and cause a war, and that the Avatar is the only one who can save them. What they got is a naive goofy airbender named Aang, but Katara has hope that he can save the world. That's just the kind of perfect introduction for a show like this!

#8: Jungle Cubs Theme

Jungle Cubs Theme Song01:03

Jungle Cubs Theme Song

When I was a kid, Jungle Cubs was one of my top favorite shows I've seen on Toon Disney AND on Playhouse Disney. Since this is a prequel to The Jungle Book, it only makes perfect sense that it's a remix of The Bare Necessities. I thought this version was even better than the original. The singer, the melody, the hip-hop, the fast pacing of the characters, oh man! It was just groovy! It also shows the characters' habits that you would expect from these guys like Baloo acting like the laidback carefree guy he is, Kaa trying to get his prey, Shere Khan showing off and more. The original Jungle Book was trying to show that the jungle is certainly a wild groovy place, and this theme song supports that. Its just the Bare Necessities of TV show life.

#7: Kim Possible Theme

Kim Possible Intro01:01

Kim Possible Intro

Here's something I probably forgot to add to my best shows countdown list. Most Disney Channel shows seemed to be all about the difficult lives of teenagers. Some were a little okay, but most were kind of errr...corny. However, Kim Possiple was one of the rare shows I actually enjoyed. The adjective pun names were creative, Rufus was cute, the villains were cool, the animation was colorful, the good list goes on. And what better way to start off the episodes than with this theme song? Its cool, dramatic, its melody feels like its training for action, and of course its catchy. Another notable thing is, Kim Possible was actually the first show I saw that had a prologue before the theme song. It made me realize that it something usually done with comedy sitcom-like shows and action-themed shows. Infact, Kim Possible is still actually one of the first "prologue shows" that come to mind when I think of that category. I don't think there's much else I can say.

#6: Chip n'Dale Rescue Ranger Theme

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Intro HQ01:03

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Intro HQ

Oh man! The beginning of this one gave me a few chills and felt great at the same time! There are crimes afoot, and there is usually one team that can save the day: Everyone's favorite Chipmunk duo, with Gadget, Montery Jack, and Zipper. I liked how whenever the singer went "Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale," it kinda made the theme song a bit bouncy. The later portion of the song makes it feel like its trying to tell us that the Rescue Rangers always manage to save the day no matter what kind of obstacles get int he way. ANd that is pretty much true for every episode. So, when you need help just call Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale!

#5: Darkwing Duck Theme

Darkwing Duck Intro (English)01:01

Darkwing Duck Intro (English)

Oh yeah, now we're talking! Something about the song makes Darkwing the duck equivalent of a clumsy sense. I mostly remember watching this show at night, so it makes sense that way. The song is great! It matches the dark coolness of the show, and it has that line that most hero shows need: "When there's trouble you call DW!" Its just so fang good! I don't know what else to say about it! Let's get dangerous!

#4: Gummi Bears' Theme

Disney's Adventures Of The Gummi Bears Intro, Widescreen, Soundtrack Remastered DOWNLOAD LINK01:03

Disney's Adventures Of The Gummi Bears Intro, Widescreen, Soundtrack Remastered DOWNLOAD LINK

There's one adjective I tend to describe this song: Epic! Since the Gummi Bears how takes place in the middle ages, it just feels like its trying to empasize it! The Gummi bears are always fighting for what's right for whatever they do, just like the lyrics say! It feels so emotionally beautiful and its colorful! The Gummi Bears are always trying to keep their culture safe as well as Dunwyn (secretly of course). There are definetly dangers in the middle ages, but the Gummi Bears have secret magic tricks of their owm! I think other medieval fantasy shows should have had this kind of song. Like I said, it's just so dang epic, I loved singing it as a kid!

#3: Snorks theme

The Snorks01:01

The Snorks

Ok, most of you probably may not know about this, but hey! All the more reason for me to talk about it. When this show originally came out, this was not the original theme song. The first season was one of those "introduction about someone's thoughts" kind of like Avatar. The second season's was okay, but still not great. When new people took over the show and was run on a different program, this one became its main theme song. They showed on all the episodes that were reran on Boomerang. And I thought this was a very catchy and memorable theme song. It certainly feels like a fun 80's theme to a cartoon, and that's pretty much what it is. The Snorks were filled with fun, color, adventure, and delightful characters. And this theme song was a great way to show it! I just love it!

#2: Spongebob Squarepants theme

The SpongeBob Squarepants Theme Song00:41

The SpongeBob Squarepants Theme Song

Ok I'm not sure if this one turned out to be an earworm or not, but hey! I'm sure most of you know about it. I always thought this was one of those iconic theme songs that is still referenced once in a while when it comes to that category. In-fact, they actually made fun of itself when that dolphin-god said this song was overplayed in the "Sponge out of water" movie. But I don't care! I love it a lot! Its a memorable song about one of my favorite animated characters of all time, let alone one of my favorite comedic influences! Its cute, memorable, catchy, and silly! I love it!

And the number one greatest theme song is....

#1: Teen Titans Theme

Teen Titans Intro01:02

Teen Titans Intro

For those of you who have read some of my TV show blogs, you know that Teen Titans is my favorite animated show of all time! And like Kim Possible, its another one of those "prologue shows" that come to mind. Like the show itself, its very colorful! The melody and lyrics are also very memorable. The show also gives you some glimpses of Robin's team members and what powers they are capable of. And what kind of stuff did they do with this wonderful song? A music video starring the singers Puffy Ami Yumi themselves, japanese versions in some episodes, and even a silly kareoke version in the "Trouble In Tokyo" movie that still held onto the melody but gave it silly lyrics. In-fact, the Teen Titans themselves sang it during the film's end credits, although I will admit Robin and especially Raven aren't great singers. But to be fair, the other three sang it greatly! And besides its still a great song and I still think the Teen Titans are great characters! Its a theme song that I still consider a classic and will continue playing in my head for years to come. The number one greatest theme song in television history! Well, in my opinion at least.

And that was my countdown of the top 10 best TV show theme songs. I'm sure you have favorites of your own. I also hope you liked my first video-themed blog. See you next time!