Hey Guys. I've been wondering what I could do for a blog post lately, and I thought of what I could do-Disney Friendships! Friendship is important as we all know. We need someone close so we can talk to, have fun, help each other out, all that warm stuff. It's like my Mom always says; Friends are your chosen family. And frienship is the subject of my blog tonight. There are a lot to choose from the Disney Universe, and I did have a little trouble filling up the 10 list, so some choices might be a little random. Others I had no problem with. So let's begin.

#10: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy

Mickey Donald and Goofy Full Bodies Toystoryfan artwork


Whether they are ghost hunters,rollar coaster painters, peasants climbing up a beanstalks, or musketeers, these three classic cartoon characters have fun and funny tastes. They may have their fair share of mishaps, but they manage to get things done as best a possible. Goofy may not be the brightest of the trio, but you gotta admire his innocent optimism even when things aren't going so well, He gives charms to Donald and Mickey and those two guide him as best as possible. Even though it was a mistake, he gave Mickey and Donald part of his ticket to...I forget what it was but it was in the rollar coaster painting cartoon. Donald may be the hot-tempered guy of these three but at least he has some sense of bravery to him...well, except in the musketeers cartoon. And Mickey of course is the leader being brave, adventureous and always trying to make sure his two buds are safe and sound like when he had to free them from Willie's box. They're funny, adventurous, charming, and technically one of the first friendships to pop out of Walt's imagination.

#9 Remy and Linguini

Ratatouille - 2007

Rats working with chefs? Never thought you'd see that, eh?

When there are two characters who want to do something, but lack something important? You fill in the blank with a friend. That's pretty much what Remy and Linguini do. Remy is a rat who wants to cook, but humans want him dead because of his "disease-infected kind." Linguini is expected to work, but can't cook as part of a little misunderstanding. So the two work together together to get Linguini his job and make Rmey's dream come true in an obscure sense. Even thought Remy can't talk to Linguini directly, Pixar makes these his facial expressions and actions speak louder while leaving the dialogue to Linguini when these two interact. Even though some of the scenes they work together in Gusteau's kitchen is er...awkward, they manage to get the goals done even if it means working mentally hard to solve the problems. It's one of those friendships where eventually the one in need gets carried away but realizes he/she is nothing without the other. It proves that splitting up is not always the best idea is situations like what happened on Ego's new night at the restaurant. They're funny, hard-working, and persistent. That's what friends should do and be when working to get a goal accomplished.

#8: Mushu and Cri-Kee


Dragons and Crickets.

Ok, these two might work better on a list of comedy duos, but hey. I like thinking about how they work together. They seem like decent friends to me. And besides, I think these two steal part of the comedy portions of Mulan. Their partnership seems to come out of nowhere. Mushu wants to make Mulan a war hero and Cri-Kee follows along naturally just because he really likes Mulan. They have different personalities, but being Mulan's companions is enough to connect them. They keep and eye on Mulan, help perk her up when she's endured difficult training, and of course help Mulan beat the sadistic hun Shan Yu. It's also cool to see them pose as a messenger to trick Chi-Fu into adding Shang's troops into the Imperial Army. Maybe the dragon and cricket don't match perfectly, but they are certainly a lot of fun to watch.

Jaq and Gus

.028 Jaq Gus & Zachary 28

These two must beware of Lucify!

Much like Mushu and Cri-Kee, Jaq and Gus are a fun duo who keep an eye on an abused young woman to help her through difficulties and keep her company. I often think the time spent with these two are the best parts of the movie. They're always working together to help Cinderella, or Cinderelly as they call her while dodging the black-luck plagued cat Lucifer. They work together to build Cinderella's dress when she's slaved with chores, transform into horses to transport Cinderella to the ball, and of course free their friend from her locked room so she can get the happy ending she truly deserves. Their relationship works well. Gus is kinda naive and headrushing, but Jaq manages to get his mind on straight so they don't become cat food, like pushing the broom on Lucifer's head. They tend to distract me from the step-family's cruelty. It's characters like these that really make friendship duos worth watching.

#6: Anna and Elsa


2 Snowy sisters.

Ok, it might seem as though I'm cheating a bit because I love Anna and Elsa and that they are biological sisters, but hey! Brothers and sisters can sometimes seem as friends, and these two girls click well together...before that incident as kids that is. When the sisters were kids, they just loved playing together. Their relationship got strained when Elsa had to start concealing her powers, but you got to give her a little credit for doing that because she didn't want to hurt her. But after enduring their arguments in the movies, and getting through Elsa's worst fear, we get to see the sisters' loving realationship to each other. Anna risks her one chance to survive the icy curse to save her sister, which then inspires Elsa to stop the winter curse. The friendship between Anna and Elsa is just sweet. A lot of sibling realationships show them against each other, whether they are royals fighting for the throne or just normal kids arguing with each other, and they bother me (trust me, I know). Anna and Elsa do not really belong in the category. Infact, Elsa was often willing to help Anna and their friends in the 5-minute story collections; helping Olaf celebrate his 1st birthday, joining Kristoff in the Ice Games, having fun, the list goes on. What else can I say? I love their friendship.

#5: Tie between Timon and Pumbaa and Mike and Sulley

IMG 2170

Hakuna Matata wouldn't be nothing we didn't have them.

Ok, I'm just gonna cheat a little here again. Out of all the Disney friendships, I think Timon and Pumbaa and Mike and Sulley tie as the funniest. They represent comedic sidekicks and comedic protagonists in different ways they are seen. Let's start with Timon and Pumbaa. They represent the kind of duo where one if cocky and straightforward while the other is nicer and smarter. However, Timon always takes Pumbaa's ideas as his own. Pumbaa doesn't seem to mind it that much, although the only exception I've seen is that episode in the TV series where Timon is obsessed in finding out the flamingos' secret plan. In the main movie, they help Simba forget his troubles for a long time, and show their tough side when facing the hyenas-especially Pumbaa when Banzai calls him a pig. They're even funnier in the TV show. They get into silly situations and they get through in funny interactions, all that sort of stuff. Next, let's talk about Mike and Sulley. Most of their good friendship comes from the original film. They poke fun at each other alot, but also work together through all those tasks at Monsters Inc. But their friendship gets put to the test when they have to get the little girl Boo back home without getting caught. Mike gets jealous of Sulley's attention to Boo instead of him to the point where Mike seems done with Sulley. Mike reveals later on that Sulley's friendship means more to him than anything. In the end, Mike goes as far to looking for the wood scraps of Boo's door so Sulley can reunite with his daughter-like figure. All these characters make us laugh when they disagree, but smile when they show happiness together.

#4: Baloo and Mowgli

Mowgli and Baloo the bear are floating down the river

It's just the Bare Necessities of Life!

One of the best things about The Jungle Book is the friendship between Mowgli and Baloo. Mowgli decides that Baloo is a lot of fun and their relationship is very close despite knowing each other for only 1 day. It is also kind of a sad one I admit, which is where some of the emotion comes in. Mowgli has to go to the Man-Village to avoid becoming the death target of Shere Khan, and Baloo was his only hope after Mowgli's relationship with Bagheera got strained. Someone said the Jungle Cubs TV series page of the Wiki that the series was one of those where kids are friends with each other but part ways when growing up. That made perfect sense as to why losing Mowgli was such a big deal for Baloo. Colonel Hathi and his former best friend King Louie became more occupied with their careers, Kaa and Shere Khan became vicious predators, and Bagheera...well, they got along okay, but not enough to stick with each other a lot (before this movie, that is). It made me think that Baloo seemed like he forgot his worries on the outside, but was very lonely on the inside until Mowgli came along. But despite all this, Baloo was willing to do anything to save Mowgli, even if it meant getting killed by Shere Khan in the climax. And of course, Baloo managed to let Mowgli go to the Man-Village with Shanti even though it was very sad for him, but made a new beginning with Bagheera. I'm not usually a fan of these kind of "sad friendships" but this one works very well in a great movie.

#3: Wreck-It-Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz

Wreck it Ralph 2

Ralph wreck, Vanellope glitches.

Like I've said before, there are a lot of great aspects of Wreck-It-Ralph like the idea, easter eggs, jokes and so on, but what I love best about the movie is the friendship between Ralph and Vanellope. These two were friends who needed each other. They are both outcasts in their games in different ways, but want praise. At first they don't really care for each other, but as time goes on they realize their friendship is what they truly needed all along. After hearing Vanellope's problems that are even worse than his own, Ralph helps Vanellope learn to drive and in return get a cookie crafted medal just in case Vanellope does not win the original medal. It works wonderfully since this a medal that Ralph truly earned as opposed to one from Hero's Duty. Of course, there's the really sad scene where Ralph must destroy Vanellope's dream to protect her from the dangers of getting unplugged, but makes up later on by getting Felix to fix the kart and risking his own life to save Vanellope from the Cy-bugs despite knowing the consequence of dying out of his own game. And Vanellope was willing to do the same since Ralph was her only friend in a while. She encouraged Ralph to go without her, and used her glitching disability to save Ralph from getting burned from the volcano. And in the end, even though Ralph could have lived in the castle instead of the garbage, he stated that Vanellope's friendship was the one thing he needed to be happy. And they could still see each other now that Vanellope's glitching no longer held her back from leaving Sugar Rush. Ralph and Vanellope are one of Disney's best friendships ever!

#2: Pinocchio and Jiminy

Pinocchio-disneyscreencaps com-2084

Always let friendship be your guide.

This is one of those childhood friendships that I enjoyed as a child even when not watching the movie. Jiminy is supposed to keep the little wooden head out of trouble, but Pinocchio gets too eager and naive to see what's right and wrong. Technically, Pinocchio doeesn't really listen to Jiminy that much, they still seem very close to each other throughout the movie. Their relationship seems pretty much how a babysitter and a little kid would work together. The kid would love to see the babysitter but still cause naive but unintentional trouble while the babysitter would often get frustrated with the troubles despite loving the kid. Pinocchio is just too sweet and naive to hurt Jiminy on purpose. They still have fun together whistling and singing. And even though Pinocchio hurts Jiminy (unintentionally) by calling Lampwick his best (kid) friend, Jiminy comes back later to stop Pinocchio from transforming into a donkey. Friends shouldn't let such bad things happen to each other no matter how mad you are at them. Jiminy was also willing to accompany Pinocchio in the sea even if it meant becoming whale dinner. And actually, Jiminy did advise Pinocchio to ask some sea horses for Monstro's location, so Pinocchio did technically listen to his conscience for a bit, even though they didn't get the answers. So, even if one doesn't get their goals accomplished with your partner, your friendship can make it worthwhile to enjoy. I know I really enjoyed Pinocchio's friendship.

And the number one best Disney frienship is....

#1: Dumbo and Timothy Q.Mouse

Dumbo-disneyscreencaps com-2755

Who says an elephant and a mouse can't be best friends?

Now this is what I call a friendship that was absolutely necessary. It's meant to twist the sterotype that mice are afraid of elephants, making it kind of a parody. But the more important reason is that Dumbo needed a friend in his time of despair. Everyone was laughing at his big ears, his mother was locked up after a misunderstanding, and the other elephants consider him a disgrace just because of a feature Dumbo couldn't help. But Timothy sees no problem in Dumbo's ears and begins a quest to save Dumbo from despair. He encourages Dumbo to use his ears as a talent and that fame would get his mother out as a reward. Dumbo still has to endure cruelty for a bit, but Timothy is always there to make thing s better for him. Well, ok he did pin Dumbo to get him to the pachyderm pyramid, but it was meant to push Dumbo to try a little bit. But he also cheers up Dumbo by bringing him to Mrs. Jumbo, and of course sticks up for those teasing his little friend by scaring the other elephants and scolding the crows for their behavior, leading to them teaching Dumbo how to fly. And best of all, there are no sad moments that tear Dumbo and Timothy apart or a tragic death, otherwise that would have made Dumbo's life even more sad than it already was. Dumbo and Timothy are certainly very delightful friends.

And that was my countdown of Disney friendships. I hope you enjoyed this list, and that you enjoy your friendships. See you later.