Hi Guys. Recently, I have made a blog about Disney friendships, so I thought-why not do a countdown of Disney couples? After all, a lot of Disney films have been very famous for their love stories, especially the Princess movies. I don't normally think of romance in films, usually I go for fun, but hey! I wanted to make one anyway for the users of Disney Wiki. Besides, I have enjoyed various Disney romance from time to time. So which ones made it on the list? Well, take a look for yourselves.



#10: Hercules and Megara

I won't say they're not in love!

As far as I recall, Hercules was kinda a Disney Greek myth parody of Superman-to me at least. The handsome good looking hunk who has brave charm and the hot girl has to be saved a lot. So what about their romance do I find interesting? Well, Meg has had a terrible love life in the past due to giving up her soul to save her wishy washy ex-boyfriend's life and gets nothing in return and she is reluctant to fall again so that history doesn't repeat itself. But after a date with Hercules, she sees that he is a different man than her former ex-boyfriend. And Hercules needs a love interest. As a teenager, he was hated for his destructive strength, and he admitted to Meg that he didn't want to hurt anybody and that he didn't feel so alone with her. And despite the heartbreaking revelation that she is Hades' slave, she risks her life to save Hercules from getting crushed and THIS time she is saved by a man who loves her. Hercules is willing to give up his own soul to save Meg, which proves to be the key to becoming a true hero. Even though Hercules chose to stay on Earth, he realized that a love life with Meg is more important than the power of immortality. That's one romance that's pretty mighty.

#9: Ariel and Eric

This couple just mermaid my day!

Ariel was the first Disney Princess whose movie had her and the prince learn to get to know each other before becoming an official couple, unlike Walt Disney's princesses who followed their fairy tales very closely and just decided seeing each other was enough. If Ariel had her voice initially, it would have been too easy to get Eric to fall in love each other. Eric has often been pressured to get married, but when he finally hears his dream girl, she just disappears...or so he thinks. Before Ariel saw Eric, all she wanted to do was explore the human world, but she didn't have the guts to actually do something. But once Eric came into her vision-now that sprung Ariel into a goal-well, kinda. She didn't have a plan yet, but she was going to look for a solution-but you get my point. And when they were dating, they really enjoyed each others' company. That maid even said Eric hadn't smiled for weeks before Ariel's "snarfblatt incident". Ariel couldn't communicate with Eric, but that didn't entirely ruin the date. And even when Eric discovered Ariel was a mermaid, it didn't bother him. He still loved her anyway. And his love for Ariel strongly got him to kill Ursula, save the entire ocean, which was the key to being together. I do think Eric could have told Ariel a sad backstory and became a vegetarian to make their romance work even better, but it's a knitpick. That's one romance that isn't so fishy.

#8: Bernard and Bianca


Who will rescue Penny and Cody? They will!

As much as I love The Rescuers movies, I did feel like I had to put them pretty low on the list, mainly because their movies aren't meant to be about romance-their supposed to be about heroic action and adventure. However, their relationship eventually did turn out romantic especially in the sequel. Bernard showed concern for Bianca's safety for the mission and she chose him to be her partner despite the fact that he was only a janitor and he didn't have his hand raised (then again, he didn't notice). Bianca is a very sweet character, and she kissed Bernard on the nose a lot, and the two mice worked together greatly to achieve their missions' goals. In the sequel, Bernard had to hold off on proposing marriage to Bianca to focus on rescuing Cody, And to make things worse for him, Jake the kangaroo mouse keeps flirting with Bianca, leaving the poor guy afraid that Bianca will choose Jake over him. However, Bianca gets trapped with most of the other main characters, leaving Bernard to be their only hope. Jake disagrees, but Bianca knows very well that Bernard would never give up, despite his meek personality. Bernard even risks his own life against Joanna and the waterfall to save Cody even if it meant dying and never marrying Bianca. But you know what? He survived and Bianca definitely accepted Bernard's proposal. I do wish there was another sequel where their kids went on a rescue mission with them to see how their relationship went as parents, but oh well. Even if their stories don't focus on their romance, there's always some to give us romance anyway.

#7: Lady and Tramp

EscenaEspaguetis LadyTramp

I wish I had a spaghetti kiss.

Kinda like Bernard and Bianca, I felt like I had to put this kinda low on the list despite loving their movie, but for a different reason. That conflict the two dogs had when Lady was chained and was upset about Tramp's past girlfriends and that "grow careless Cossack pick up"-yeah, doesn't make sense to me. But their romance is still worth talking about in different ways, and probably the cutest. Before, Tramp just saw Lady as a girl to just flirt with, but after saving her from getting mauled by the strays, he starts a real relationship with her. He gets an undeserving muzzle off Lady and takes her to an Italian restaurant and get real people food, something you don't see often in real life. And then of course you get what everybody remembers from this film-the spaghetti kiss! It's very cute and sweet. Not much else to say, but it's still remembered to this day. And after that fight with the rat and the misunderstanding with the pound, Tramp gives up being a stray to be with lady and start a family. I guess being collar free wasn't worth going to the pound. Not much else to say, but Lady and Tramp show that some cute animal romances still have qualities worth remembering.

#6: Anna and Kristoff


What an ice couple!

Frozen doesn't entirely focus on romantic relationships, but I'm putting this couple on anyway. The movie makes fun of the idea of princesses marrying a handsome guy they just met. But this film shows the dangers of that. At first it seems that Hans is the perfect boyfriend for Anna, which is what he wanted us to think, but when Anna meets Kristoff, we see how a real couple's relationship should be. They didn't match perfectly at first, but over time they do get to know each other, despite focusing more on getting Elsa to unfreeze Arendelle. Besides, Kristoff had a stubborn gruff-like personality much like my brother, grandpa, and one of my uncles, which proves that he truly does need a loved cohort. And once the trolls sing Fixer Upper, they foreshadow what love really is. People make bad choices when scared, angry, or stressed, but throwing love in the way gets you on the right path. And by the end of the movie, Anna and Kristoff become a couple, but THIS time they plan on taking their time. Not only because Anna learned her lesson, but also because Kristoff found the idea of marrying someone they just met ludacrous. I hope you learned something from these two.

#5: Rapunzel and Eugene (aka Flynn Rider)

Tangled i see the light wa l by yamakara-d33mv3a

They see the light, like most Disney couples.

I'd say out of all the Official Disney Princess couples, Rapunzel and Eugene are the, to a degree. Rapunzel has been confined to a tower for 18 years just so her fake mother doesn't grow old. Eugene, or Flynn Rider at the time, was trying to just survive for himself and nothing else. But once Rapunzel forces him to take her to the lights, things change. Like a lot of friendships or couples nowadays, they only care about their own goals and not really for each other but change over time. After seeing her magic hair and hearing the mental abuse of Rapunzel, he now understands why and how Rapunzel got that personality he initially thought was annoying. And, she has to know for sure if Eugene truly loves her, and that almost fails after their date with the floating lanterns. But unknown to her, Eugene tried to give the Stabbington Brothers the tiara for Rapunzel's safety. And after learning the truth about Gothel, he goes to save her. Then comes the true test of his love for the blondie. He cuts Rapunzel's long hair so that the healing power goes away and that Gothel will never harm her again, despite knowing the deadly cost of his choice. Now that's a couple we will never forget, and makes us see the light in our own loved ones.

#4: Tiana and Naveen

Naveen and Tiana's dream come true.

I'm sure there have been plenty of lazy people who have gotten too careless, and plenty of workaholics who have turned into buzzkills. We all need a balance of work and fun, and who better to teach us the ideal balance than Tiana and Naveen? These two really don't like each other at first mainly due to Naveen's cocky attitude. But after the fight with the frog hunters, Tiana restarts things on the better foot by pushing Naveen to mince mushrooms which reveal his true genuine feelings about his life. In return, he teaches Tiana how to dance and loosen up which she hasn't done in years. Plus, after some wisdom from Mama Odie, the two decide that they need each other and not their initial goals. Naveen loves Tiana to the point where he's willing to give up his proposal to her so that he can get a better financial chance of getting Tiana her restaurant. Later, after a dark confrontation with the evil Dr. Facilier, or Shadow Man as the characters call him, Tiana decides it would please he heart to be with Naveen instead of owning the restaurant, which I'm pretty sure her late dad would have wanted her to do anyway. They get the restaurant anyway, and they are very happy with what they have. So next time you think of playing too much or working too hard, remember this couple.

#3: Simba and Nala


Lions In Love

Since The Lion King is a coming of age movie, it would make perfect sense for me to add Simba and Nala to the list. Their relationship as cubs and lions seem very much a couple in our real world. For example, when Zazu tells the cubs that they are to be married they both find the idea disgusting and weird, much like how young boys and girls would find love and cooties disgusting. They also have fun together, while also yanking each others chains time to time. And they still kinda did when they grew up. However, as full grown lions their relationship also gets more serious and focused. They have their emotional moments like the reunion, their date during the "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" sequence and also have an argument on Simba returning to Pride Rock. Every couple has to have an argument here and there to eventually work out to make their relationship work. That scene didn't imply they were breaking up thank goodness, but you get my point. And of course, they work together with the other lions of the Pride to end Scar's tyranny and restore the Circle of Life. I don't entirely think much of their relationship outside the original, but I have noticed Nala reassuring Simba or joking about his michevious past, and trying to get him not to be overprotective, like married couples today. That's one romantic relationship that is the Circle of Life.

#2: Aladdin and Jasmine

Princess Jasmine

They found a whole new world with each other.

You know it's kinda ironic that Anna was forbidden from marrying a prince she just met, yet Jasmine on the other hand HAS TO marry a prince immediately. But nope! She won't have anything to do with the law despite the Sultan's constant nagging. She wants to marry for love only, prince or no prince. And she gets the love of her life when she meets Aladdin the street rat, royal's least favorite idea of a groom for a princess. But Jasmine, being the rebellious princess that she is, doesn't care that Aladdin's so poor, and neither do we. They listen to what they have to say and they want to help each other, especially Aladdin. They have so much in common, and being together now means the world to them. Once Aladdin gets the magic lamp from that creepy cave, he's willing to fool the Sultan to give Jasmine the love life she deserves...even though she initially seems him as an arrogant prince like her past failure suitors. And even when Aladdin is exposed as a true beggar, Jasmine still doesn't care because she understands why Aladdin had to fake his prince identity. Genie even urges Aladdin to use his 3rd wish to become a prince again, despite knowing that he'd never be free. After Genie is free, Sultan decides that the law's fulfillment is no longer worth it, and allows Jasmine and Aladdin to be together since Aladdin has proved himself the best suitor ever. They still work out their relationship bugs in the next sequel and the TV series, but their love still shows us that romance is still magical and strong.

And the number one greatest Disney couple is....

#1: Belle and Beast


Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.

Yep, that's right. Our beloved Best Picture nominated couple has made it on the number one spot on this countdown. I'm highly positive marrying someone with ugly features was not ideal before the story of Beauty and the Beast (at least not for someone as arrogant as Gaston), original story or Disney film. But once that story came to be, a lot of couples learned to overlook appearances and love him/her for their inner beauty. At first, these two REALLY didn't like each other. Belle thought Beast was too ill-tempered and cruel, maybe worse than Gaston. And Beast saw Belle's stubborness was so annoying. However, after saving Belle from wolves and giving her the library, Belle and Beast begin to start falling in love and getting to know each other better. Beast starts turning into a gentle, kind, and caring person instead of the jerk he was before. He learns to love Belle for who she is and not for her looks, something Gaston would NEVER be willing to do. Belle, in turn, realizes that not all men are bad and that they can be capable of love. Belle could have stayed away from the castle after her freedom if she wanted to-but nope! Seeing that Beast is in danger she goes back to save the one she loves, and that he is more important than her former dreams of adventure. And THAT is how the spell got broken (right before the last petal falls off). Beauty and the Beast; the number one greatest Disney couple!

And that was my countdown of romantic Disney couples. I hope you enjoyed this lovely list. It's a blog as old as time. See you next time.