Hi guys. I got a couple of suggestions from TigerFan45. One of them was a list of funnyDisney moments. Well, I have to admit, even though I love Disney, I did not have a lot of comedic influences, but I certainly got some laughs here and there. So let is get started.

#6: Tick Tock trying to eat Captain Hook

DLR - Tick-Tock Crocodile Snacking on Captain Hook

I have always said the Tick Tock Crocodile was my favorite aspect of Peter Pan, so it make sense that I would include the crocodile's constant attempts to eat Captain Hook. Any relationship in which one guy would try to get get another always makes me laugh, especially in slapstick form. And Captain Hook's constant crying and sometimes accidentally banging his head on a rock here and there works well.

#5: Flynn vs Maximus

Tangled (234)

Horses are not man's best friend-at least not these two to each other

I have to say, some of Disney's new modern CGI techniques have paid off in some degrees. Although Tangled is not a Disney film I watch over and over again, I really liked Flynn and Maximus's slapstick antagonistic relationship to each other, much like Elmer Fudd trying to catch Bugs Bunny. When Flynn tries to escape using Maximus in his first scene, Maximus proves to be no fool. He won't go anywhere with a thief on his back and even tries to get back the stolen satchel himself. Also, at the dam, all the guards fail to capture Flynn, Maximus almost succeeds in beating Flynn with his own sword. What can I say? There has never been a horse like Maximus.

#4: Genie


I have to admit, Genie's references to various adult comedians has not quite spoken to me greatly. I don't even know what he is talking about for some of these things. However, I laugh more at his wacky personality where he constantly shift shapes into all different kinds of things, be they animals, other Disney characters and even modern items that haven't been invented in the franchise's time period. Another thing I found kinda funny was Aladdin actually knowing how to work them like the lamp in the original, or the television in the series. So if his adult jokes do not succeed in making me laugh, his shift-shaping certainly does.

#3: Any time where Chip n'Dale drive Donald crazy

Donald angry

Donald loses his temper many times, but it gets even worse for him when he comes across the two chipmunks Chip n'Dale. They are too smart and quick for him, and they usually get whatever they want from him. Donald's sly schemes make him funny to think that he will win against his nut loving foes, but most of the time it does not work. The results usually end with slapstick getting the best of Donald like that one where he is a lumberjack cutting down Chip N' Dale's trees. So next time you come across a chipmunk duo, I suggest you think twice before messing with them.

#2: Timon and Pumbaa


Hakuna Matata!

Timon and Pumbaa represent the classic comedy duo, anywhere they are seen. Filling their heads with paranoid ideas when a new character comes, arguing in a silly predicament, the arrogant one taking the ideas that the others suggested, I could go on. I especially find Timon and Pumbaa hilarious in the TV series, using all the foremetioned, mixing in with slapstick comedy like what you would see in Looney Tunes or Animaniacs. They sometimes get in trouble and try to work around it using fourth wall jokes and logical rile breaking. And to think they're always thinking "Hakuna Matata."

And the number one funniest thing about Disney is...

# 1: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy The Three Musketeers

Disney Mickey Donald and Goofy The Three Musketeers dvd

All for one and one for all

What about this movie is funny? Everything! The fast pacing, the clumsiness of our three heroes, the way Pete interacts with the characters, everything! Here, I consider Mickey, Donald, and Goofy the Disney equivalent to the Three Stooges. They're clumsy, hilarious, and never fail to keep viewers laughing with milk coming out of their noses. Also, some of the modern stuff thrown into the past reminded me a lot of Shrek 2, which also debuted in 2004. I don't usually think of this as a great movie, but I do think of it as a great Mickey Mouse cartoon since the focus is kept on the comedy like it should be. All I expected Disney to do here was dress the Mickey Mouse characters in costumes and act funny.

And that was my list of funny things from Disney. I hope you liked it. See you later!