Hi Everyone. After a little checking in about the rules, I decided to post some more artwork. This time I drew pictures of what the Spongebob characters would be like if they were Disney characters. I know technically, Spongebob is not Disney, but this is Disney related in a way. So I don't think this blog would violate anything. So let us get started.



Spongebob as Pinocchio

I drew Spongebob as Pinocchio because they both have this cheerful innocent personality. Pinocchio is so cute, and a lot of times Spongebob is cute too, especially with his "sweety eyes". Plus, they both have been locked in birdcages. You know when Pinocchio was, but for those of you who don't remember when Spongebob was, it was when he was forced to work in the Chum Bucket, in "Welcome to the Chum Bucket." My favorite of all this group!


Goofy starfish


Patrick is Goofy because, well, he IS goofy! Neither are smart characters, but they both have a lot of innocence to them (well, sometimes). They both have their clumsiness and plenty of comedic moments as well.


Kung fu squirrel

The squirrel brings honor to us all!

There is not too much to say on this one, but it is pretty obvious. Sandy is a tough female who knows karate, and Mulan is a tough female who knows karate. They have both kicked the butts of various baddies. Although Sandy is much more scarier when she does so.




There are two reasons why I designed Squidward like Cogsworth. 1 is because they are both very grumpy characters. The 2nd reason was because they are both somehow involved in sophistication. Cogsworth is the majordomo in his master's castle, he speaks with a gentleman-like voice, talks about the fancy castle stuff when he is giving Belle a tour of the castle, and his Baroque joke. Squidward loves to recreate himself in artwork, play jazzy music with his clarinet, and you see him dress up as a gentleman for sophisticated clubs. This proves that neither of them are complete sticks in the mud.

Mr. Krabs


The Phony Krab of England

Prince John was the first Disney character that popped into my head when I thought of greedy characters. Prince John loves money, and Mr. Krabs loves money. Plus, their greed causes trouble, and even gets them IN trouble. Prince John demands higher taxes from the citizens of Nottingham, which makes them suffer. And then, it is Prince John who pays the price when his brother King Richard returns and sentences him to the stone pile. Mr. Krabs is constantly looking for more ways to make money, and a lot of his schemes get him into trouble. Like when he tried to add "spongy patties" to his Spongebob franchise which nearly got him in trouble at the court. Or when he stole a secret ingredient so he wouldn't have to pay for it, which resulted in him having to give away free krabby patties (his worst nightmare). And then that time where he and Plankton tried to get their customers to buy all their grease which got them both busted by the Health Inspector. Just remember: greed doesn't pay. 💰


Hot microscope

Plankton is hot headed!

Both Plankton and Hades are hot-headed villains. Their outrageous temper makes them very hysterical, especially when their schemes are botched up. They also speak in comedic ways like Plankton forgets what he is supposed to do, or when Hades talks like a lawyer or a salesman. They are both also jealous rivals. Hades is jealous that Zeus is the ruler of Mount Olympus and Plankton is jealous that Mr. Krabs is having better business than he is. It fits.


Smiley snail

Chesire Snail

I have very little to say about this. Snails are the Bikini Bottom Equivalents to cats, and Gary is seen with this goofy smile in promotion pictures. So it works that he is dressed like Chesire Cat.

Mrs. Puff


Puff Potts

There is not much to say here either. This is a choice done more because of similar designs rather than personality like some of the others. Their names are short, they both begin with the letter P, and they are both elderly women. They both seem to have similar shapes as well.

And that was my Spongebob Disney blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Da-ya-ya-ya-ya!