Hey guys. In this blog, I wanted to show you another one of my internal games. I like to think about similarities between things, which is the main reason why I loved seeing reused animation from classic Disney films. One of my internal games I like to play is where I take 3 things from a category (movies, characters, etc.) and I look for at least one similarity between two of the items that leave the third one out, even if its a tiny detail. Allow me to demonstrate.

I'm going to use 3 random Disney films-Pinocchio, The Lion King, and Frozen as examples.

What do Pinocchio and The Lion King Have In Common that Frozen doesn't?

IMG 0625

Let's see...

  • Both are hand drawn while Frozen is computer animated.
  • Both have a male protagonist
  • Both somehow involve bugs
  • Both have a cat character

What do The Lion King and Frozen have in common that Pinocchio doesn't?

IMG 0627

Let's see...

  • Both were made without Walt Disney.
  • Both have royal protagonists and a story about royalty.
  • Both set box-office records as the highest grossing film from the studio at least once, while Pinocchio did not (sorry).
  • Both involve (a) parent('s) death, while Geppetto survived.
  • Both show time skips with the kids growing up.
  • Both have the main character's name end with the letter 'a'.

What do Pinocchio and Frozen have in common that The Lion King does not?

IMG 0626

Let's see...

  • Both have non-animal protagonists
  • Both have short one-word/ name titles
  • Both have a magic female.
  • Both have a giant monster with an M name.
  • Both have a non-speaking animal companion.

That's all I can think of for now. If you know anymore, I'll add on. Besides, this is just an example of my little game. I hope you like it, and use 3 items of your own.