Hey my fellow wikians. A blog lightbulb shined in my head. We have been noticing a lot of similarities between characters, but then I thought-why not put down similarities between movies. I often think about that a lot, especially when I think about certain black diamond video releases from 1991 and 1992. And this is where I am putting them down, even some of the smallest details. Now before I do, I will just explain a few rules. 1. A movie and its sequel will not count, because its too obvious that a sequel will have some similar aspects to its predecessor. 2. There has to be a boatload that one can think of, like A TON in common. Just 3 or 4 similarities will not be enough. 3. I am willing to put down a movie that has similarities to another again, as long as it is paired with a different movie. Also, these are just what I am putting down for now. If you have request or suggestions, I'd be glad to take them into acount.

Now then, let's begin with one of my personal favorites that I love to notice.

The Great Mouse Detective + The Rescuers

IMG 0396

2 Little mouse rescue mission movies!

  • Both obviously are about mice duos rescuing someone in need, mainly a little girl.
  • Both were "bright-spot-hits" of the so-called Dark Age.
  • Both were first released on video in 1992 (the same year I was born, lucky coincidence :D), and re-issued on video in 1999.
  • Both films have a prologue involving the little girl (Olivia, Penny).
  • Both have at least one of the main characters' names start with the letter B. (Bernard, Bianca, Basil).
  • Both have the characters rely on a bigger animal for transportation (Great Mouse Detective: Toby, Rescuers: Orville).
  • There are evil villains in both movies who treat their pets like adorable babies, even though they could have eaten their own masters. Ratigan has the cat Felicia, and Madame Medusa has Brutus and Nero the crocodiles. Cats eat rodents and crocodiles eat humans.
  • After the story's mission is complete, the main characters get involved in another case, making it a circle story, and furthering the facts that they will have more adventures.

The Lion King + Frozen

IMG 0397

2 Royal blockbusters!

  • Both (at least once) held the records for being the highest grossing animated films worldwide and the highest grossing animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • Both movies have a chorus singing in the background, based on their locations (For Lion King- Africa, For Frozen-Norway).
  • Both have young royal protagonists (Simba, Anna, and Elsa).
  • Both involve parents tragically dying, or in LK's case just Mufasa while both parents of Anna and Elsa died. The only other differince is that Mufasa was murdered by Scar on purpose, while the King and Queen of Arendelle were killed in a sea storm which was somewhat of an accident.
  • Both involve the throne's next young heir run away from home, and sing songs about forgetting their responsibilities and troubles. Simba sing Hakuna Matata while Elsa sings Let It Go.
  • Both have catastrophes in their kingdoms after the heir leaves. The Pride Lands' ecosystem was destroyed due to too many predators and Arendelle had an eternal winter.
  • Both have evil villains who take over in the heirs' absence whose main goal is to become king (Scar, Hans).
  • Both have another main character try to convince the heir to come home and fix things, but have no success.
  • Both Simba and Elsa were shocked to hear about their kingdoms' catastrophes.
  • Both films have a wise mystical shaman (LK-Rafiki, Frozen-Pabbie).
  • Both have the kingdoms restored in the end, with a reprise of the choruses heard in the films' beginnings.
  • Both their musical numbers have become widely popular.
  • Both films have Broadway shows based on them, or in Frozen's case, it's at least in development.

The Jungle Book + Robin Hood

IMG 0398

Phil Harris bears and hypnotic snakes!

  • Both films were released on video in 1991, for starters.
  • This one I'm just inserting because of my own thought, but both films make me think of outdoor trees, mainly because the Indian jungles are covered with trees and Robin lives in Sherwood Forest.
  • Both films start off with the classic book opening.
  • Both films have bears voiced by Phil Harris as one of the main characters.
  • Both have a big cat for the villain. Shere Khan is a tiger and Prince John is a lion.
  • Both have hypnotic snakes.
  • Both films have similar dance moves during a big musical party, like when Little John and Lady Kluck did Baloo and King Louie's dance moves and the owls did Flunkey's dance moves.
  • Both movies' orchestra were done by George Bruns.
  • Both have an elephant trying to sound off a loud noise, but are gagged before they do so.
  • Both have vultures.
  • Both have climaxes that involve fire.
  • Both also involve a main character looking like they were killed, but turn out to be all right (Baloo, Robin).
  • Both movies end with characters going forward on a path and the camera going up to the trees and showing "The End: (A) Walt Disney Production(s).

The Aristocats+ Lady and the Tramp

Meow Bark

Jazzy Cats and Spaghetti eating Dogs!

  • Both films are about common domestic pets.
  • Both have the female pet live in a classy home and the male pet on the rugged streets.
  • Both films take place in the early 1900's.
  • Both have thunderstorms happening during a bad event. For Aristocats, it was the discovery of Duchess and Kittens' disappearance. For Lady and the Tramp, it was when the rat was threatening to harm the baby.
  • Both have a duo of the opposite pets. For Aristocats it was Napoleon and Lafayette the dogs and for Lady and Tramp, it was Si+Am the cats. The only major difference is that Napoleon and Lafayette are silly neutral characters while Si+Am are confirmed bad guys.
  • Both have the male try to get the female stay with him, but are turned down for concern for their owners.
  • Both have the male leave the female for a tiny bit, but come back immediately after hearing there's trouble.
  • Both the couples have friends who come help save the day (Scat Cat and his gang, Jock and Trusty).
  • Both have the male chooses to live with his love in the end.
  • Both have a family picture taken with the same poof sound effect.
  • Now this is a minor one, but both films were previews on two of Lion King's home media releases.