Hi guys. I have attempted to make trivia facts on similarities I have noticed between Disney characters and certain non-Disney characters. Most attempts like my favorite have been erased, much to my annoyance. So I thought, why not express them on one of my own blog posts? So that's what I am going to do tonight. so lets's begin.

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Junior Wetworth from Snorks

IMG 0937

2 boastful bullies who "love" women

What do these two jerks have in common? Where do I begin? 
  1. They are both arrogant and conceited.
  2. They both attempt to flirt with the heroine (Belle for Gaston, Casey Kelp for Junior)
  3. They both have a smaller sidekick they abuse (LeFou for Gaston, Willie Wetworth for Junior.)
  4. Both have a rival to compete for their dream girl's affections out of jealousy (Beast for Gaston, Allstar for Junior)
  5. Both have girls whom they don't want (Bimbettes for Gaston, Matilda for Junior). 

Shere Khan from The Jungle Book and Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda

IMG 0936

2 Killer Big Cats

  1. Both are obviously big wild cats.
  2. Neither have henchmen
  3. They both have build-up throughout their films implying how deadly and dangerous they are. 
  4. They both almost kill the deuterogonists (Baloo for Shere Khan, Shifu for Tai Lung)
  5. Both live on the continent of Asia. Shere Khan lives in India and Tai Lung lives in China.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Starfire from Teen Titans 

IMG 0938

2 red-haired gals! <3

  1. Both obviously have long red-hair.
  2. Both come from different worlds from humans. Ariel is a mermaid who comes from the ocean and Starfire is a Tameran who comes from the planet Tameranean.
  3. Both have cheerful naive fun curious personalities.
  4. Both are strong and brave when the time is needed.
  5. Both fall in love with a black-haired boy (Prince Eric for Ariel, Robin for Starfire)
  6. Both have guardians with long beards (King Triton for Ariel, Galfor for Starfire)
  7. Both are princesses. 
  8. Both have tried to keep a wild pet they were not supposed to keep. Ariel tried to keep Spot the orca whale and Starfire tried to keep Silkie the mutant silkworm 

Fidget from The Great Mouse Detective and Boss Wolf from Kung Fu Panda 2

IMG 0935

2 Secondary Antagonists with Disabilities

  1. Both are the secondary antagonists of their movies.
  2. Both have physical disabilities. Fidget has a peg leg and a broken wing, and Boss Wolf has a bad eye.
  3. Both are ususally seen "running errands" to help their master's evil schemes.
  4. Both are treated threatingly by their masters (Ratigan for Fidget, Lord Shen for Boss Wolf).
  5. Both are chased by their movies' protagonists. Basil chases Fidget in the Toy Store while Po chases Boss Wolf on a rickshaw through Gongmen City.
  6. Both are double-crossed by their masters in the climax. Fidget is thrown off the blimp in order to "lighten the load" and Boss Wolf is stabbed by Lord Shen for refusing to fire.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Casey Kelp from Snorks

IMG 0939

2 strong brave heroic gals! <3

Here's one I have been trying to express many times but couldn't. But now I have the opportunity.

  1. Both wear ponytails.
  2. Both are beautiful on the outside and brave, kind, and strong on the outside.
  3. Both have an arrogant handsome bully who is constantly trying to flirt with them (Gaston for Belle, Junior for Casey), but always reject them.
  4. Both prefer someone else, despite sometimes arguing with them (Beast for Belle, Allstar for Casey)
  5. Both at one point complain about their ordinary lives and dream of adventure. Belle expresses in the song Belle and its reprise that she wants "adventure in the great wide somewhere", while Casey once in a while in Season 3 and 4 wants bigger adventure instead of her same routine. 

Gusto from Gummi Bears and Banjo from the Banjo-Kazooie games


2 Birdy Bears

  • Both are obviously anthropomorphic bears.
  • Both have a bird for a companion. (Artie for Gusto, Kazooie for Banjo)
  • Both have an evil witch for an enemy (Lady Bane for Gusto, Gruntilda-a.k.a Grunty for Banjo.
  • Both have a little sister- like bear (Sunni for Gusto, Tooty for Banjo)
    • On that note, both their witch enemies tried to steal the youth and beauty of that little sister bear).

Elsa from Frozen and Raven from Teen Titans

Shutter girls

They both need to let it go

  • Both have unique powers that sometimes makes them feel like freaks. Elsa has icy powers while Raven has dark-style powers.
  • Both their powers are triggered by emotions, creating the need for them to keep under control.
  • Both are anti-social most of the time.
    • However, Elsa and Raven do have different characteristics. Elsa is gentle, warming, and usually friendly while Raven most of the time is gloomy and sarcastic.
  • Both are usually staying in their rooms, shutting people out. (In Raven's case, mostly the episode "Spellbound.")
  • Both have a sister figure who has a more cheerful, energetic personality which is the opposite personality of them. (Anna for Elsa, Starfire for Raven)
  • Both have caused a catastrophe that practically destroyed their homes. Elsa's emotions accidently caused Arendalle to have an eternal winter, while Raven was forced to turn into a portal to fullfill her demon father's evil prophecy to destory the earth in the shows's fourth season story arc.
  • Both have had someone close to them (Anna for Elsa, Robin for Raven) try to convince the, that they can reverse the catastrophe and to believe in themselves, but have no success until the climaxes.
  • Both finally believe in themselves in the end, and restore their homes.

Mr. Toad from The Wind in The Willows and Spongebob Squarepants

IMG 2045

Two cute, sort, but terrible drivers

  • Both are short characters.
  • Both are anthropomorphic animals (or in Spongebob's case, kind of-he's supposed to be a Sea Sponge yet ye looks like a kitchen sponge, but you get my point).
  • Both have a jolly, happy-go-lucky personality.
  • Both are terrible drivers, though neither seem to notice.
  • Both have acted as "lawyers" in court. Toad defended himself by asking Cyril and Winky questions a lawyer would ask. Spongebob posed as Mr. Krab's lawyer in the episode "Krabs vs Plankton."
  • Both ended up in jail at least once. Toad when he was framed for stealing a motorcar. Spongebob various times, such as the episodes "No Free Rides" for crashing property with Mrs. Puff "Driven to Tears" for littering.
  • Both have encountered gangs of thugs. Toad encountered the weasels, and Spongebob encountered a gang of toughies in New Kelp City.
  • Both lost their homes at least once. Toad gave Toad Hall to the weasels for the motorcar and Spongebob's home was eaten by nematodes.
  • Both have a best friend who seems to have a similar personality. (Toad-Cyril. Spongebob-Patrick).
  • Both rode horses. Toad rode with Cyril and Spongebob rode on Mystery the Seahorse.
  • Both sometimes get on the nerves of their friends and neighbors.

And that's all I can think of. If I think of anymore, I'll add it to this blog. I hope you liked it.