Hi my fellow Disney Wikians. We all know that Disney is making a sequel to their Blockbuster hit Frozen, and there has ben a lot of excitement-er, for me at least. And I LOVE seeing CGI characters doing new things after watching the original a lot of times like what I've observed with oh say, the Dreamworks sequels. So I have a few ideas about what Frozen 2 could be about. And here they are.

Frozen 2 f2

Frozen 2 Poster

1. Anna and Kristoff getting married, and possibly having children.

2. Elsa being pressured about getting married, but worries about dealing with another "Hans".

3. A dive that reveals how Elsa was born with her snow magic.

4. A War between Arendelle and the Southern Isles, escalated by Hans for revenge.

5. A talking goofy anthropomorphic tiger developing an obsessive crush on Anna.

Just kidding about the 5th. X)