Hi Guys. I saw another Disney User posting his/her ideas for Disney Sing Along Song videos, two of which were Frozen and tangled themed. And you know what? I have often had sing along song ideas, myself. I especially miss the hosts transitioning to the next song. So I am posting my own ideas. I have had ideas for Frozen and Tangled themed sing along videos too, though different songs of my own. The ones that I would make would remind us of Disney's classic traditional days. Also I would imagine different hosts like Timothy Q. Mouse, Lumiere + Cogsworth, and maybe Gusto Gummi just to try something new.

"Let It Go."

  • Hosted by Lumiere and Cogsworth

1. Let It Go (Frozen) 2. When Will My Life Begin (Tangled) 3. When Can I See You Again? (Wreck-It-Ralph) 4. A Cowboy Needs A Horse (A Cowboy Needs A Horse) 5. Give A Little Whistle (Pinocchio) 6. Fixer Upper (Frozen) 7. The Phony King of England (Robin Hood) 8. Gummi Bears' Theme (Adventures of the Gummi Bears) 9. The World's Greatest Criminal Mind (The Great Mouse Detective) 10. Let It Go (Reprise)

I've Got A Dream

  • Hosted by Gusto Gummi

1. I've Got A Dream (Tangled) 2. Human Again (Beauty and the Beast) 3. Rescue Rangers' Theme (Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers) 4. Hakuna Matata (The Lion King) 5. Trust In Me (The Jungle Book) 6. In Summer (Frozen) 7. I See The Light (Tangled) 8. Casey Junior (Dumbo) 9. Shut Up And Drive (Wreck-It-Ralph) 10. I've Got A Dream (Reprise)

Almost There

  • Hosted by Timothy Q. Mouse

1. Almost There (The Princess and the Frog) 2. A Girl Worth Fighting For (Mulan) 3. What A Happy Day (Mickey and the Beanstalk) 4. Darkwing Duck Theme (Darkwing Duck) 5. I Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King) 6. Dig A Little Deeper (The Princess and the Frog) 7. The Merrily Song (The Wind In The Willows) 8. For The First Time In Forever (Frozen) 9. The Siamese Cat Song (Lady and the Tramp) 10. Almost There (Reprise)