Hi everyone. After a little inspiration from others, I have decided to post some of my drawings on my blog. Some will be hand drawn pictures, some will be pic stitches made from the app. Therefore, this blog post will be my "art museum".

CGI pic

4 of Ratigan6688's favorite characters from CGI films.

Anim8ted picture

Ratigan6688's favorite animated characters

IMG 0524

Instagram Anna

80's pic

Ratigan6688's favorite animation from the 1980's

Anna develop pics

Anna's artwork designs

P square

Pinocchio clipart 1

P rectangle

Pinocchio clip art 2

P sqrct

Pinocchio Pic Stitch 3

Anna square

Anna Clip Art Collage

IMG 0637

Lady and Tramp Love Picture

IMG 1175

Storybooks of my two favorite Walt Disney Mini Classics (Wind in Willows-left/Prince and Pauper-right)

IMG 1176

A Pic Stitch of some of my favorite animated characters..

Hercules creeps

Monsters from Hercules whom viewers first see from caves (Hydra-top, Titans-bottom)

Mickey/Rescuers 1

Mickey's Christmas Carol+The Rescuers

Mickey/The Rescuers 2

The Prince and the Pauper +The Rescuers Down Under