Hey guys. You know how sometimes we miss various things from the past. Well, there sone things I miss that I don't see (or hear) as often. as I did with the older Disney films, mostly from Snow White to Great Mouse Detective. Here are some examples.

1. Re-used animation. Some examples would be the chasing from The Wind In The Willows and The Jungle Book or the dance moves from Snow White, Jungle Book, and Aristocats. Look at the re-used animation page to understand what I mean.

2. Classic Jimmy MacDonald sound effects. Examples would be the castle thunder, wood crashing, the dog snarls heard from Tramp and Pongo, the growling heard from Shere Khan, Brutus and Nero and the Fox/Hound bear.

3. A scene that slowly fades to black when it ends and vice versa when the next scene begins.

4. The blue Walt Disney Pictures logo.

5. George Bruns's and Henry Mancini's, despite the fact that they are both dead.

That's all I can think of. I am not certainly not complaining. I am not heavily dissapointed. All I am saying is that it would be nice to have these things back once in a while. How about you?