Hello everyone. Ratigan6688 here. After looking at some other blogs for inspiration, I have decided to countdown my favorite Disney Classics from Walt Disney Animation Studios. I like a lot for their own different reasons, but this is the list of Disney films I have enjoyed watching the most throughout my like. Pixar films are not on the list because I feel like they are a little bit from a different studio. Package films are not on the list either because I like one segment and not the other for most. But just remember, this list is based on my own personal opinions. Agree or disagree with the list if you wish, but this is just how I think. Also, I don't usually countdown these films, because I like them each for their own different reasons, but in this case I,ll make an exception.

#10: The Rescuers Down Under

Australia action!

Rescuers going down under!

I admit I still like this film, though not as much as I used to, which is why I put i at the bottom of the list. Mainly because, like "101 Dalmatians", there is a good adventure, but not too much of a strong moral to teach viewers which I find kind of weak. But that doesn't mean either of them are bad. It is very rare to see a Disney film take place in Australia. It does have a good action-packed modern adventure. The villains McLeach played by George C. Scott is pretty cool, and Joanna the lizard gets a few laughs. The relationship between Cody and the eagle are very well, and I also like how Bernard becomes the hero in the end. It also helps that at the time, this tied with Lion King as my favorite Disney Renaissance film, despite its underperformance at the box-office. (Sorry guys, I wasn't a huge fan of Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and especially Aladdin). But nevertheless, a decent adventure makes this worth a watch. G'day mate!

#9: The Princess and the Frog

Louis is gr8t!

The magic of Disney is back thanks to this movie!

For most of the 2000's I haven't been too interested in the modern 2-D Disney films. Not because everyone else's interests declined, but for personal issues of my own. Most of the story ideas were bizarre and crazy, and not very Disney-like. This movie brought back my nostalgia of watching enjoyable Disney classics. By this time I respected Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast (Aladdin I considered okay better) and it just felt so Disney-magic. This movie also reminded me of films like The Aristocats and The Rescuers because of its adventure and jazz music. It has great musical numbers, a magical story, and great characters. I especially love Louis the alligator. He's funny and he's not ferocious like most crocodilians. I also really like Dr. Facilier! He's an awesome Disney villain, as well as his song "Friends on the Other Side." My one problem with the movie is how Ray is murdered. Comic relief dying isn't my idea of something shown on the big screen. But to be fair, it works with Ray being with Evangeline. Despite the fact that this movie was overshadowed by films like Avatar and Up that year, this film was fairly successful enough to redeem Disney. And this was only the first movie of the Disney Revival Era!

#8: The Lion King


The King of Disney 2-D films!

Out of the Fabulous Four of the Disney Renaissance, The Lion King is my favorite of those four. It was the only one of those four I wasn't scared of as a child. I liked how there were no humans in this movie. The African culture and wildlife was awesome! Normally one would think a prince wouldn't be excited about being king because of all those responsibilities, but Simba really seemed excited about it. Even though he got in trouble for going to the Elephant Graveyard when he wasn't supposed to, I like how Simba and Mufasa didn't have a strained relationship. That kind does tend to bother me. It also really helps that the first half of the movie was a lot of fun, particularly the "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" sequence. But once Mufasa was killed in the wildebeest stampede, we get down to the emotional serious story, where Simba has to eventually learn to fight his troubles instead of run from them.It's a perfect balance. Timon and Pumbaa are funny, and so are the Hyenas when they make their food puns and jokes. The Lion King is epic, emotional, and very-well done. No wonder it's the highest grossing 2-D film in Disney history!

#7: Tie between The Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp

Meow Bark

Jazzy Cats and Spaghetti eating Dogs!

I know, I know. It seems like I am cheating combining two Disney films at a time, but to be honest, it is hard for me to choose between either. They are both about domestic pets, cats and dogs, and they have quite a lot in common. When I was young, some of my favorite Disney films were about cute animals, like these two, especially when I was sick with a cold. I tie them for different ways. I like the Aristocats for having somewhat of a cute adventure story. I know the idea of leaving a fortune to cats might be stupid to the movie's ex-fans, but it didn't bother me. People do tend to leave things they love to their loved ones, even if it doesn't entirely make sense to others. I like cute cats, and Edgar is a pretty decent villain. He's not sadistic or scary. He's kid friendly. I like how this movie has an actual moral: "You may need to be lost sometimes before you find a new road." I love the scene where the dogs chase Edgar on his motorcycle and the fight scene at the end. I think the Aristocats is a worthwhile watch. Lady and the Tramp is also a cute movie, but it also has a strong romance that anyone would feel in their relationships. I was always a dog lover, and I also really like spaghetti. This was also one of my Mom's favorite Disney films. The music is sweet too. The score definitely feels like this a 50's Disney film. I like that Siamese Cat song too, it was just so catchy. The movie also has some great moments too, like Tramp fighting the alley dogs, Tramp fighting the rat, and Trusty saving Tramp from a fate he didn't deserve. Both The Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp are cute, lovable, sweet, nostalgic, and make you feel like you want to go to the pet store and buy a cat or dog.

#6: The Jungle Book

Ba da doo

Jungle Jam!

Here we have the last Disney animated film made by Walt Disney himself. I think the Jungle of India is a great mystical place, and the environment is very well done. The original book was dark and gruesome, but this movie is more fun and family-friendly. It has great musical numbers and great characters. Baloo is laid back, but his love for Mowgli makes him a strong character, especially when he battles Shere Khan, the most dangerous animal in the jungle. Bagheera is funny too. He's not trying to hurt Mowgli, he just wants him safe. Kaa is an awesome snake, and Shere Khan is a great villain too. The musical numbers are also a lot of fun, especially "I Wanna Be Like You." This film also does very well at balancing fun and drama. It feels sad when Mowgli has to leave to the Man-Village, but it also works out in the end with the village girl. I don't have too much else to say about The Jungle Book other than the fact that it was one of Walt Disney's best animated films!

#5: Frozen

Snowflake Time

One of the Greatest Disney films ever!

So Disney was on a roll in the Revival Era. The Princess and the Frog was a good start, Tangled was a big hit, Winnie the Pooh-not so much at the box office, and Wreck it Ralph was great too, and Frozen became the new highest grossing animated film in history! I don't love this movie because it was popular, I love it for my own reasons. I love the characters, its musical numbers, its story twists, and the adventure. I love most of the songs, including Let It Go, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be For the First Time In Forever. In Summer and Fixer Upper are also funny too. I admit the villain is not as well-done as King Candy from Wreck-it Ralph, but he is still very good at pretending to be good. Elsa is a good character too. She does neglect Anna, but she only does it out of her own love for Anna. Kristoff is cool too, especially when he voices Sven. That's very imaginative. Olaf is great comic relief too. He is funny and cute. My biggest praise for the movie however, is for Anna. She reminds me a lot of Pinocchio (in the good senses, that is). She's fun, clumsy, cheerful, innocent, and extremely heroic. Although Elsa was never there for Anna ever since that childhood incident, Anna persists in showing her love for Elsa no matter what. And speaking of which, I was also surprised that they twisted the whole "true love breaks the spell twist". Most Disney films like Sleeping Beauty or The Little Mermaid use the true love's kiss, but this movie doesn't. Anna loves Elsa no matter what. She sacrifices herself to save Elsa from the evil Prince Hans and proves that nothing is stronger than her love for Elsa. What else can I say? Frozen is a great Disney Masterpiece that I intend to treasure!

#4: Robin Hood

Fox, blast that arrow!

A big Disney Classic for my family!

A lot of critics consider this one of Disney's weaker movies, but my opinion is the exact opposite! I think Robin Hood is one of the greatest Disney films ever made! The choices they made for the anthropomorphic animals are awesome! Robin Hood is a fox because he is sly, Little John is a bear, and Prince John is a lion because he is royalty. And the others work well too. My mother loved this too because it wasn't scary, it was more silly. The story is great! It has a lot of episodic fun moments, while still balancing the moral of the movie: The greatest give you can give is hope. Prince John is a cruel dictator type of villain, but he is also very funny when he sucks his thumb and abuses Sir Hiss. I LOVE George Brun's score in this movie! The archery tournament is awesome, the Phony King of England song, and especially the climax! It's one of the best in Disney history! It's quiet, but once the cover is blown, it's intense and fast paced! Robin Hood himself is awesome and Sir Hiss is funny too. I know a lot of Disney fans were annoyed at the constantly re-used animation, but since I didn't know the orders of Disney films, it didn't bother me. The great stuff is just too darn great! I love it!

#3: The Rescuers


Mice can do big things too!

I became a fan of this film and its sequel when I was 13, the age where most people would stop watching Disney films for a while. I love mice, and this film has a very heartwarming story. It's heavy, dramatic, and dark, but still pulls through. Bernard and Bianca are small, but they can still do big things too. Penny is cute, but I often felt sorry for her. Her chances of an adoption are taken away by Madame Medusa. She made me uncomfortable as a kid, much like Cruella DeVil (who I don't think is a well done villain), but she's not as bad as I thought. She doesn't use Penny as a slave for chores like Lady Tremaine does with Cinderella, she just wants Penny to get the Devil's Eye from a cave where she can't fit. Mr. Snoops is an okay sidekick, but not on par with Sir Hiss. Brutus and Nero are ugly, but serve as decent obstacles for Bernard and Bianca. I like how this movie starts of as mysterious and intriguing, where Bernard and Bianca need to find out what's happened to Penny and how to save her. Sometimes I think this movie could use a little better score and more action, but that's okay. It still has plenty of endearing characters and a good story to keep it afloat.

#2: Pinocchio

Wonderful main charcter!

Keep dreaming on that star

Pinocchio is my favorite Disney film to be made by Walt Disney himself. Sometimes I feel like I'm supposed to hate this movie, mainly because of the villains being unpunished, Stromboli, and everything about Pleasure Island. But those are not the focuses of the movie. The focuses are what they are supposed to be: Pinocchio, Jiminy, and the song, When You Wish Upon A Star. Pinocchio is just so darn cute and loveable, in contrast to the naughty brat in the book. Pinocchio behaves like any boy we would see. He does make big mistakes, but he still learns through. Despite his mistakes on Pleasure Island, I love how Pinocchio is so friendly, cheerful, innocent, naive, and like I said cute. Then there is Jiminy Cricket. He's not as funny as a lot of other comic relief characters, but he still pushes forward through his responsibilities as a conscience. He follows Pinocchio through his mis-adventures and he gets annoyed at times, but he still likes Pinocchio no matter what he does. And Geppetto does too. I do wish he guided him to school so Pinocchio wouldn't be in danger of coming across Honest John and Gideon, but that's a nitpick. The song When You Wish Upon A Star is very lovely and emotional. I felt lucky that this is practically Disney's theme song! It's beautiful and says that even through bad times, good things can happen. Pinocchio is a Disney masterpiece that will always have its place in my heart.

#1: The Great Mouse Detective

Basil go get em!

The Game's Afoot!

Out of all the Disney films, The Great Mouse Detective is the one I've loved watching the most. Most people would pick Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast, but not me. Despite a few scary images I can't look at, I love this movie too much! When I was a kid, my biggest interest was mice! Even though The Great Mouse Detective was only a moderate hit in 1986, it was still successful enough to get Disney to say "We can still make great animated films!" What do I love about this movie? A LOT! I love Basil of Baker Street! He's entertaining, brave, clever, and a great detective! Sure he may seem a bit cranky at times, especially towards Olivia, but Woody and Shrek were like that too. Toby is an awesome dog, always there to help save the day especially when he chases Felica the cat. Ratigan is a great villain! His design, his personality, and his voice actor Vincent Price are just wonderful! His song The World's Greatest Criminal Mind is awesome too! Fidget, Ratigan's bat sidekick, though menacing a couple times is awesome too! The score done by Henry Mancini matches the movie perfectly! It seems so mysterious and intriguing like a good mystery should be. The movie is a lot of fun too, and that is one of its strengths. I love the Big Ben Climax. The music builds up so intensely, the sound effects are great, the pacing is well done, and Ratigan finally shows his true sadistic colors. This is the greatest Disney climax in Disney history. I don't know what else to say. The Great Mouse Detective is the greatest Disney classic, well, to me at least.

And folks that was my countdown. Did you agree or disagree with any of my choices? If so, you can comment as long as it is not too insulting. I am sure you guys have your own rankings of your Disney films, so I encourage you to make them. I hoped you like mine! :)