Welcome back my beloved readers. I have decided to rank some of my favorite Disney heroines. Disney Heroines were okay for me, but they were not exactly up my top alley, that is until the summer of 2008 with a couple non-Disney Heroines. I decided to stop overlook the genders and see the good in heroines for who they are, starting with Tigress from Kung Fu Panda, and later on Casey Kelp from Snorks who became my favorite animated heroine. And then of course, I started giving some of the Disney Heroines a chance. And FYI, I mean more than just the Disney Princesses. And just because some Disney Heroines are not on this list, doesn't mean I don't like them. So which Disney heroines made the list? Let's find out.



#11: Lady


What a perfectly beautiful little lady

One of the reasons this is one of my mom's favorites is because of Lady. Lady is the dog that helped me understand what a dog is thinking if we snap at one, neglect her, or cause her some confusion. And Lady is a sweet dog. She gets the paper just like most dogs, and she is always trying to protect the house, especially from that rat. She also tried to stop Si and Am from making a mess, even though she got framed for it and got muzzled in the process. But she still lived up to her responsibilities. Wouldn't you want Lady for a pet?

#10: Bianca

White gentleness

First, Eva Gabor is a white cat, now she's a white mouse.

Bianca may be small, but she never lets her size ruin her life. As a member of the Rescue Aid Society, it is her job to make sure that kids in the world are safe and sound. She volunteers to help Penny once she gets the message from the bottle, and she is brave against the majority of the dangers she goes through in both films. She loves adventure, and exciting albatross rides, unlike her partner Bernard who prefers the train. Bianca also refuses to quit even after she and Bernard are attacked by the badguys. Eva Gabor, the voice of Duchess from The Aristocats makes Bianca a very sweet character. If people think mice can't do anything helpful, Bianca proves them wrong.

#9: Elastigirl

Stretchy woman

A very flexible mom

Elastigirl is not only a hot young woman, but she is very strong as well. Despite her constant struggles to keep her super family under the radar, she never quits. She has a snarky sense of humor in the beginning, but becomes mature by the time she is a mother. Her super powers of stretching and that is very handy for her when she does housework or attempt to stop Dash and Violet from brawling, and of course, kicking badguys' butts! Elastigirl gets frustrated and stressed a lot like most mothers, but deep down she is very loving. Elastigirl admits to Violet that she was wrong about suddenly asking her to put a huge force field around the plane and gives her some helpful words; No more doubt, just confidence. Elastigirl is smart, brave, responsible, as long as no one stretches her too far, if you know what I mean.

#8: Ariel

Fishy woman

A fish out of water, yet a fish IN the water.

I hear a lot of mixed comments about Ariel. Some love her, but some hate her. I can understand their opinions, but I don't really have a problem with Ariel. She is technically, the first Disney princess to actually fight for her dream as opposed to just waiting around for the prince to rescue her. Eric did rescue Ariel in the end, but Ariel rescued Eric first in the movie. Her misadventure attitude is fun, especially when she has a nervous sidekick and a crabby one. Yes, she has a bad habit of constantly disobeying her father about the surface, but she just can't help but admire all those wonderful treasures that the human world delivers, and most of the ones she collects don't harm anyone (well, except maybe those fishing hooks). Now there is controversy from mothers saying that Ariel is a bad role model for girls, going to an evil sea witch just to get closer to a handsome boy she has a crush on, loving Eric for his handsomeness, but I din't think of her that bad. She only went to Ursula, after Flotsam and Jetsam "convinced" her of what King Triton did to her, and I found her relationship with Eric legit. She didn't abuse him, she brought joy into his life. Eric said himself that he was having difficulty finding the right princess, and Ariel is a princess after all. That maid commented that Eric hadn't smiled in weeks so that told me Ariel brought joy into Eric's life. And after all their dating, they protected each other from Ursula, and saved the ocean in the process together. Ariel is beautiful, brave, rebellious, and is every little girl's dream come true. Maybe WE should be part of HER world.

#7: Jasmine



As most of you know, I am not really a huge fan of Aladdin. But that doesn't mean I haven't found good things about the film, quite the contrary. Jasmine is one of them. Like Ariel, she has a beautiful body, and a great personality too. Jasmine's voice actress Linda Larkin does a great performance of her. And that other singer, whatever her name is does well when Jasmine sings "A Whole New World'. Not to mention she has a pet tiger who loves her and keeps her happy, something that I am (jokingly) jealous of. I also like how she refuses to marry anyone out of force, despite the law. I feel the same way when it comes to marriage; I only want to marry out of natural love. She even attempts to escape the palace and comes across her dream man, Aladdin. She does get stuck back in the palace, but she does see him again later. It also helps that she doesn't care that Aladdin is not a prince. Aladdin has done so much for her and Agrabah, she sees what a wonderful guy Aladdin really is. I personally find her very likable.

#6: Olivia Flaversham

Scottish cutesy

Hello Olivia Flabberjack Olivia: "Flaversham!" Whatever.

Now I know what you're probably thinking-why would I rank a cutesy little mouse girl higher than two of the most popular Disney Princesses of all time? Well...sometimes cutesy things tend to attract me more than adult things, not all the time, but sometimes. And besides, I admire how Olivia puts up with so much to get her father back. The only thing worse than having your birthday present stolen, is having your dad kidnapped by a bat who works for the most dangerous rat in London. London in the 1800's is not safe, especially for a little mouse. But she finds the two right mice to help her out-the kind Dr. Dawson, and the clever detective Basil of Baker Street, even though Basil has difficulty putting up with Olivia. Olivia does get scared by Fidget, kidnapped, and locked in a bottle, but she still persists at getting her father back. She even fights back literally, by stomping Fidget's foot and even bites Ratigan in the clock tower. Olivia does go through a lot in the movie, but isn't seeing her back with her daddy and the case solved worth it in the end? I hear that some of peoples' praise for the movie is towards Olivia. The fact that she is a cute sweet little mouse girl really gets attention from little girls. I even heard from an Amazon review that Olivia is the reason The Great Mouse Detective is her little girl's "bedtime movie." But surely, there must be another cute heroine that gets on honor on this list, right?

#5: Vanellope Von Schweetz


Dare to race against her?

Right. That would be Vanellope Von Schwwetz. Another cute little girl heroine. But what makes her even better than someone like Olivia is her snarky sense of humor. Sarah Silverman really does a good job making Vanellope sweet and sassy at the same time. Vanellope has a difficult life being shunned by the racers because of her glitchiness, all because of the evil King Candy. But all that changes when she meets her "older brother buddy" Wrecki-It-Ralph. Despite her not-so-good impression on him, she overlooks Ralph's status to help make her racing dreams come true. As she and Ralph spend more time together, they form a very sweet friendship because of their sad stories. Ralph and Vanellope's relationship is what I like best about the movie; it's sweet, emotional, and the fact that two outcasts are taking care of each other makes it worth watching. I did find it very sad when Ralph destroyed her cart, and when Vanellope could not escape from the Cy-Bug invasion. But just as Ralph risked so much for her, Vanellope did the same for Ralph. She saved Ralph by using her glitch powers, gave him a sugar cookie medal with the inspiring words "You're my hero" on it, and even offers Ralph his own private wing so no one can mistreat him again. I really enjoy her. She's funny and sweet enough for me not to mind having her as a glitch in my systems.

#4: Elsa

Snowflake sis

Any chance she could use her powers to create ice cream?

When it comes to animated sisters, Elsa is usually the first. Yes, she does cause problems for other, but they are not INTENTIONAL problems, just accidental. She doesn't neglect Anna because she doesn't like her, she just doesn't want to hurt her like she almost did when they were kids. After she deserts Arendelle, she lets herself emotionally loose, embracing her powers whether others liked them or not. All that is implied through the song everyone remembers-Let It Go. I loved that song too, it's very stress-deflaing, an emotion people should feel. I wasn't strong on when she threw Anna out using Marshmallow, but at least she did it out of fear for Anna getting a sense. I also liked how she showed concerned when Hans said Anna did not return, and that Anna's being dead was very upsetting for her. Oh yes, and the fact that she cried when Anna was frozen. I know those are bad moments for Elsa, but I love how Elsa truly loves her little sister. She also uses her powers to keep Olaf alive outside of winter and creates fun for her kingdom. Elsa is a Disney heroine that most likely won't be sent to the tropics anytime soon.

#3: Mulan


She brings honor to us all in her own way.

Mulan is a Disney heroine I really admire, not just for her beauty but also for all the risks she takes. She is a victim of sexism in her country, even worse treatment than Belle's. She is so clumsy and out-spoken that she can't do anything right to her people. Once the war against the Huns starts, she proves them wrong. She disguises herself as a man to replace her unhealthy father in the war, and comes up with very smart ideas during her battles; like using the medals to pull herself up the pole, causing an avalanche to take out the Huns, and so forth. She gets good help from her animal friends, Mushu, Cri-Kee and Khan the horse who make very good comic relief. She also goes down to the Imperial city to stop Shan-Yu from hurting the Emperor, despite her disgrace to the army. She and her funny friends use her ingenius ideas to kick butt, and Mulan is honored for saving them all. I really like her. She certainly brings honor to me.

#2: Belle

Yellow dress gal

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.

Many Disney fans consider Belle one of the greatest Disney heroines of all time. And why shouldn't they? Belle is awesome! I know I'm not supposed to judge her for her beauty since that is the movie's moral, but she has such beautiful looks AND a great heart too! She loves reading books, making them a part of who she is, whether her neighbors like it or not. She refuses to let such a jerky bully like Gaston control her life, no matter how persistent he is on marrying her. She also offers to take her father's place as a prisoner in the Beast's castle, even though she knows she will never get the adventures she dreamed of from her books. She makes good friends with the enchanted objects, especially Chip, and learns to overlook the Beast's ugly appearance. The Beast treats her equally and kindly later on, something Gaston could never do in a million years, and their romance becomes one of strongest in Cinema history. Belle does make the mistake of going back home, but she goes back as the Beast is dying and admits her love for him, not only bringing him back from the dead, but also breaking the curse. Belle is kind, strong, never backs down, and beautiful on the outside and the inside.

So I know what you are all thinking. Belle's an awesome heroine! Who could possibly top her in this list? Well that would be....

#1: Anna

Awesome Anna

For the First Time In Forever, Anna is #1!

Anna, I've praised several times before, but I'm going to do it again! She's practically one of the biggest reasons Frozen became one of my favorite Disney films of all time! I just love her! She has a beautiful design and such a fun personality! Not to mention Kristen Bell's beautiful voice as Anna. She's clumsy and awkward, kind of like Mulan, but she has such a sweet loving heart, much like Belle. She loves Elsa no matter what, and she has great confidence that Elsa has the power to stop what she created. Anna is also caring for others, promising to stop the eternal winter for the safety of her kingdom, promising to replace Kristoff's sleigh that she ruined, and stopping Kristoff from ruining Olaf's sweet summer dream. I also love her song For The First Time In Forever, it's my favorite musical number in the movie. It represents Anna's hopes and dreams of good things coming her way. I also love how Anna sacrifices herself to save Elsa from the evil Prince Hans, despite knowing that without a love's kiss, she'd freeze and die. But her resurrection proves that she doesn't need a true love's kiss, she just needs a warm loving heart. I love Anna so much. She's my number #1 greatest Disney heroine.

And that was my list. I hope you enjoyed this countdown, and I also hope some of your favorites made it on here. I'll see you next time.