Hi everyone. I know I recently posted that I wouldn't post any blogs from my ipod for a while, but I managed to find an easier way to upload photos from my laptop. And this blog is counting down some of my favorite Disney villains, including some from Pixar. Now this list might be a bit predictable due to my user name, but what the heck? You are welcome to look at it anyway, so here we go.

File:IMG 0849.jpg

#11: McLeach from The Rescuers Down Under

IMG 0850

Wow! What a creep!

Oh man, just looking at this guy definetly proves you should NEVER talk to strangers! It is bad enough that he kidnaps and kills animals, but then he intends to do the same with an 8 year old boy! All because Cody is the only one who knows where Marahute the great golden eagle is located and because Cody turned out so annoying for him! McLeach is really good at being so dark and slightly funny too, especially when he snaps at his lizard sidekick Joanna. He also seems really proud of himself for killing all those poor animals when he sings his evil version of Home on the Range, and that song proves there is one thing McLeach will never say: "I'm so sorry for killing all those animals." If there's anyone the EPA should go after, it's him!

#10: Si+Am from Lady and the Tramp

IMG 0196

They are siamese whether you please or not

I have recently learned that Siamese Cats are known for being very destructive cats, so it makes perfect sense that Si and Am are two siamese cats who are the merchandisable villains of the movie. They may seem like poor innocent angels to Aunt Sarah, but they are the opposite for Lady! They tear the curtains, attack the fish and canary (which, by the way have never been seen before and are never referred to again) scratch the piano, tear the curtains, plan on stealing the baby's milk, Oh my gosh it's just too much for a character who dislikes cats! They don't even get in trouble Lady does-the REAL poor innocent angel. Thanks to Si and Am, it doesn't look like Siamese cats will be adopted anytime soon.

#9: Syndrome from The Incredibles

File:IMG 0851.jpg

Out of all the Pixar villains, I'd say Syndrome is the funniest. This guy has a real geeky ego about his former idol and later on himself! Buddy (his former name) is rejected for being an annoying powerless pest and for interfering with Mr. Incredible's work. When Mr. Incredible officially declares that Buddy will NEVER be his sidekick, Buddy grows up into a wicked villain known as Syndrome! He lures all the former superheroes except Elastigirl and Frozone to his secret island and has them murdered, making supers an "endangered species" much like what happened to the Jedis in Star Wars. Syndrome wants to unleash his deadly robot just to pretend to be a hero and have no competition! He even tries to kidnap the little baby Jack-Jack! How could he be so horrible? He's a serial killer, a kidnapper, and a super sinister!

#8: Hans from Frozen

(Warning: SPOILER ALERT! Skip this section if you have not seen the movie yet!)

IMG 0658

"Oh Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you."

Talk about mad Manipulation! Hans was so good at pretending to be a good guy until the scene shown in the picture above. Viewers won't even know that even Love Is An Open Door is partially a villain's son until after they see the movie! You couldn't really tell that he was evil because he was just so good at pretending! He and Anna appeared to have so much in common: siblings who neglected them, royalty, sandwich finishing, oh man! You'd think Anna and Hans would be one of those perfect couples, but NO! Hans reveals darkly once the so-called couple are alone that all he wants is to be king! He even intends to kill Elsa, Anna's beloved sister to appear heroic in front of his desired kingdom, similar to Syndrome's plan. There's a good reason why nobody marries people they've only known for a day!

7: King Candy a.k.a Turbo from Wreck-It-Ralph

(Warning! SPOILER ALERT! Skip this section if you have not seen the movie yet!)

File:IMG 0860.jpg

Woah! This guy is really an arcade virus! He appears to be a goofy crazy sugar Mad Hatter guy, and he appears to be the beloved king of Sugar Rush and the greatest racer in the arcade! But in reality, he's stolen it from the so-called glitch of the game, Vanellope Von Schweetz. King Candy is also funny with Alan Tudyk's voice doing his lisp.However, he's also great at really being bad! He manipulates Ralph into destroying Vanellope's kart in order to "protect" her from death, causing one of the saddest scene I have ever seen in a Disney movie. ANd finally, what I like best about him is his true identity! There's so much talk about this Turbo guy, "You're not going Turbo, are you?", "He's gone Turbo," "Turbo this," "Turbo that" and so forth. There's just so much build-up on that guy! He's an infamous legend who practically destroyed two arcade games because of his lust for glory! As it turns out, King Candy and Turbo are the same monster! What a frightening turn of events! This guy really is Turbo-Tastic!

#6: Lotso from Toy Story 3

File:IMG 0853.jpg

Aw isn't this guy so cute and cuddly? NOT!!!! Lotso may seem like a sweet kind caretaker to the toys in the day and to the kids, but once the kids are gone and night is here, Lotso is a wicked toy! He is enraged at being replaced by his former beloved owner, and now he's taking it out on the Daycare toys! He won't let any toys leave so that they experience all the Caterpillar Room torture instead of him and because he's "protecting them". His Caterpillar Room prisoners are basically forced to suffer until they get thrown out and sent to the dump where they are either forced to just sit and rot, get shredded, or incinerated! It's like a toy version of that World War II labor camp! It's easy to see why a lot of people view him as one of the most evil Pixar villains to ever hit the big screen! Lotso is a bear who definetly doesn't care!

#5: Kaa from The Jungle Book

File:IMG 0854.jpg

The only thing worse than a hungry python is a hungry python who can hypnotize! He's like a snake version of the greek Medusa, and Clockwerk from Sly Cooper (in the sense that he has eyes who hypnotize opponents dead in their tracks). He can hypnotize his prey and devour them whole. He also tries to appear gentle to get Mowgli to trust him. But Mowgli's no fool! No one would be willing to go to a known enemy for help (except maybe Ariel). Kaa's got a snaky charm that can get him whatever he wants. This guy scared my mother and sister when I was little. Since he is voiced by Winnie the Pooh's Sterling Holloway, my sister and her friend thought Kaa actually ATE Winnie the Pooh. That was one of the reasons why we didn't watch The Jungle Book that often. But I found Kaa pretty cool! I even got a stuffed toy of him for Christmas 2007 where his hypnotic eyes glow in the dark! Kaa is s-s-s-simply s-s-s-inis-s-s-ster!

#4: Shere Khan also from The Jungle Book

File:IMG 0855.jpg

The only Jungle Book baddie who could possibly surpass Kaa is Shere Khan the tiger! He is the most dangerous animal the jungle of India and he's not afraid to prove it! He fears little (other than guns and fire as the movie states) and he is able to present himself in a gentleman-like attitude and showing his ferocious side when necessary. His goal is to kill the poor man-cub Mowgli all because he hates humans! Shere Khan will stop at nothing until Mowgli's sleeping with the fishies! He even attacks poor Baloo who was trying to protect Mowgli! That's where Shere Khan's violent side really makes the audience shiver! There has never been a beast as sophisticated and deadly like Shere Khan!

#3: Prince John from Robin Hood

File:IMG 0856.jpg

For reasons unknown, Prince John is often thought of as one Disney's weaker villains. I, on the hand, think this guy is sinisterly great! He has Sir Hiss send his brother King Richard off to a crusade and takes over England in his absence. Prince John is my example of a villain who is appropriate for young audiences and really good at being evil! His funny side is sucking his thumb every time he thinks of his mommy, abusing Sir Hiss, and throwing tantrums like a crybaby. Those moments are great fun to watch! However, his darker side is how he cruelly rules over the poor people of Nottingham. I'm normally not into those cruel dictator-tyrant-type villains like Frollo or Hopper, but Prince John is a rare exception. He taxes every last coin out of the poor folks of Nottingham, leading them to starvation, suffering, and a huge loss of hope! Every time Prince John demand taxes, it means misery for his subjects! He even wants to be-head the hero Robin Hood, who is the only good thing for Nottingham becasue of robbing his royal robe and treasures. Not to mention he also intends to hang poor Friar Tuck, the good kind religious man who does his best to support Nottingham in their needs as bait. I've never seen a villain like this guy so immature and cruel at the same time!

#2: Dr. Faciler from The Princess and the Frog

IMG 0857

He's our ENEMY on the other side!

Now we're talking! I've rarely seen any recent Disney Villains other than Yzma in Disney Villains' merchandise until Dr. Faciler contradicted my thoughts about putting new Disney Vilains in merchandise. Even though Dr. Facilier does little, there's just so much voodoo stuff that makes him facinating to watch! He has a great song "Friends on the Other Side" and his shadow demons make Dr. Faciler a really dark guy. He wants to steal the mayor's fortune AND take over the city! Then he intends to give all those innocent souls of New Orleans to his monsterous shadow demons! What kind of horrible man would be willing to that?! Keith David gives Dr. Facilier a real chilling voice, making him sound cool and creepy at the same time! He just goes to show that you should NEVER make deals with the underworld just to get what you want.

And my number 1 favorite Disney Villain is....

#1: Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective

IMG 0765

So delightfully wicked!

Ok, yeah I bet most of you saw this coming because of my user name and because of my past comments and praises towards Ratigan and the other aspects of the movie. But I'm going to talk about him anyway! Since The Great Mouse Detective has been my lifelong childhood movie, Ratigan's my lifelong childhood villain! He's a sinister sewer rat who loves being evil and will never say the words "I'm so sorry!" He loves committing crimes and performing horrible deeds with no regrets. He has a bumbling bat sidekick who does all of Ratigan's shopping, hemchmice who serve him and sing about him, and a beloved pet cat who feasts on anyone who gets on Ratigan's nerves. He's got an egotistical rivalry with the famous mouse detective Basil of Baker Street, making it such an egotistical rivalry between crime and authority. Alot of people's praise towards Ratigan is his voice actor Vincent Price, who considers Ratigan his favorite role, or one of them at least. In addition, Ratigan is always holding in his violent side and presenting himself as a gentleman with an egotistical sense of humor about himself. But once he's in the clock tower, he's had it and reveals his true colors! vicious, violent, has sharp claws, and just wants to kill Basil for his own hatred! For those of you who don't like sewer rats, I can't blame you thanks to this guy! Ratigan, my number one favorite Disney Villain!

And that was my list. I hope you enjoyed it. SO for know, you can discard that blog I made about not posting any blogs for a while because I found my photo uploading alternative.