Hey folks. It is I, Ratigan6688 back again with another blog countdown. I decided to write a blog counting down my top favorite Disney characters. I like a lot, but I am ranking the ones that have impacted me the most, even the recent ones. I have putt 11 on the list. Why 11? For 2 reasons. 1-I just wanted to put these guys down, and 2-like the Nostalgia Critic says "I like to go one step beyond."

11: Mickey Mouse

Great Disney Icon

The mouse who started it all!

Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! That's right, I have pit the mouse who started it all! Walt Disney's main icon character who hosts one of the world's greatest theme parks. I will admit, I am not as huge as a fan as I was when I was younger, but he still has a good place in my Disney heart, and without him, we wouldn't have Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and all those other great Disney classics we have grown up with. And besides, he as entertained us in many different ways; as a show mouse, a sorcerer, a guide through the Disney parks, and so on. I've usually watched him star in Mickey and the Beanstalk, Mickey's Christmas Carol, and The Prince and the Pauper. He's the mouse who boosted the magnificent career of Walt Disney!

#10: Jiminy Cricket

Bug in ear!

Always let your conscience be your guide!

Another of one Disney's iconic characters! Jiminy Cricket is the cricket who began my interest in crickets. He's smart, he's entertaining, and he definitely knows between right and wrong! No wonder he was assigned to be Pinocchio's conscience, eh? He sings a pleasant "Give a Little Whistle" song and he also sing the icon song of the movie "When You Wish Upon A Star", the song that is always used to represent Disney. He also persists at keeping Pinocchio out of harm's way, despite his unsuccessful efforts. And even after he's annoyed at Pinocchio for calling Lampwick his best friend (I am not really sure Pinocchio understood what a best friend really is) he still goes back to save his wooden buddy from turning into a donkey. My family always compares me to Jiminy Cricket because I have always tried to warn people about what is right and what is wrong, despite not really being listened to. That, and because Pinocchio is my favorite Disney film to be made by Walt Disney himself, as I mentioned in my Top Disney Classics Countdown. Don't you wish you had a conscience like Jiminy?

#9: Tie between Jaq, Gus, and Timothy Q. Mouse

3 unblind mice

Helpful Disney mice

I know, I am kind of cheating, but let's be honest. These three have a couple particular things in common which is why I tied them together. They are all Disney mice sidekicks who help the main characters lives' greatly. Even though I am not a huge Cinderella fan and not as much of a Dumbo fan as I used to be, I just can't forget their great deeds! First I will start with Jaq and Gus. They are a very cute silly duo and what I really love about them is how they are always there to help Cinderella (or "Cinderelly" as they call her). They are always able to get past their obstacle of an arch- rival, Lucifer the cat( or "Lucify" as they call him), in kind of a Pixie+Dixie & Mr. Jinks style. They help get spare clothing ready for Cinderella's ball, they turn into horses so Cinderella can have a proper coach, and best of all, steal the key to Cinderella's room to free her and get her happily ever after. I could argue that Jaq and Gus could be the real heroes of the film instead of Prince Charming. As for Timothy Q. Mouse, he has left a memorable impression on my childhood. After Dumbo's mother is locked up in "time out", Timothy is the only one who is willing to stick by Dumbo, and does not consider him a freak despite his big ears. He is always coming up with ideas for Dumbo to star in, so he can get his mommy out. Timothy also stands up to those who bully Dumbo, like the other circus elephants and the crows. Timothy is a wonderful mouse who refuses to turn his back on Dumbo. Jaq, Gus, and Timothy are all funny,heroic, have great hearts, and my personal highlights of their movies.

#8: Tramp

He's a gray Tramp

He's a Tramp.

Sure, this guy can be a laid- back trouble maker at times, but you know what? He is still a great guy! He saves stray dogs from getting imprisoned in the pound (most of the time), is an expert on the streets, and helps Lady after the cranky Aunt Sarah muzzles her, a punishment Lady didn't deserve! And even after he is rejected for being a bachelor, Tramp still goes back to the house to protect the baby from being infected by a scary rat, even though technically, the rat isn't much of a threat to Tramp. Then of course, he marries Lady and becomes a more responsible daddy. Tramp can be carefree at times, but when you need a brave dog to save the day, Tramp is right there!

#7: Bagheera

Black jungle feline

You have the word of Bagheera!

Ok, I am not entirely sure is people will agree with me on this choice, but I liked Bagheera as a kid. Not only because he is a black panther, one of my favorite animals/colors, but Bagheera shows us that even cranky characters have a good heart deep down. Bagheera isn't entirely joyful of Mowgli leaving the jungle anymore than the wolves or Baloo are, but Bagheera declares it is his responsibility to guide Mowgli to the Man-Village where he'd be safe from the evil tiger Shere Khan. Sometimes Bagheera gets carried away and lets his frustration get the best of him, but he truly means well. He is not sending Mowgli to the Man-Village to be mean to him, he just wants him to be safe. He gives a heroic speech about Baloo after he sacrifices himself to save Mowgli from Shere Khan, despite his usual annoyances with the bear. And in the end, he is happy to see that Mowgli chooses the Man-Village on his own because of the village girl, kind of like Aesop's Wind and Sun fable. Bagheera is not the black cat you'd get bad luck from crossing paths with.

#6: Olaf

Snow guy

"Hi I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs!"

Ah yes, who could possibly forget this cute little guy? Olaf is thought of as the funniest character in Frozen for good reasons. He dreams of experiencing summer, the worst season for a snowman and is so naive about the dangers of heat. Olaf may not know a lot, but he doesn't need to. He gets a lot of silly lines such as thinking that both Sven and Kristoff are named Sven and thinking Anna doesn't know how to knock. Olaf's voice actor, Josh Grad really gives Olaf a cute voice. It also helps that Olaf sings In Summer, which in my opinion is the funniest song in the movie. My mom laughs every time she hears it. But comedy is not the only reason to like Olaf. He also has a heroic heart, saving Anna as best as possible when he lights the fire to warm her up. Sure he could have melted, but he said himself, "Some people are worth melting for." I am really glad Elsa kept him alive out of winter. Then he can stay with the characters and to his audience. I know I'd certainly like to give Olaf a warm hug.

#5: Louis the Alligator


The best alligator in years!

Louis is the kind of character I have been waiting for for years. Most alligators or crocodiles were bad or neutral. I like the Tick Tock Crocodile, but he's a more neutral predator who has to eat anything he can eat. Louis is full of comedy and talent. He wants to be a great jazz player, but is shunned due to being an alligator. But when he meets Naveen and Tiana, he gets his chance to show that anyone can play jazz music no matter what creature you are. I like his clumsy traits, forgetting the difference between geography and topography, and when he gets pricked by those thorns. I also really like how he "persuades" the Fenner brothers to give Tiana the old milk. They deserved it. I still really enjoy Louis.

#4: Bernard

B mouse

Bernard to the rescue!

Another one of my favorite animated rodents. Bernard is timid most of the time, but in times of crisis, he puts his fears away to rescue children in need with his partner, Bianca. In the first film, he acts very leader-like, knowing that he and Bianca would have to investigate Madame Medusa's pawn shop, knowing what to do in the Black Hole, and even knowing how to operate the swamp mobile. He never uses one! Also, in the sequel he wants to propose to Bianca, but puts it aside for the mission to rescue Cody from McLeach. I really like how Bernard gets to be the hero who saves the day in the end. He steps up his courage and shows the razorback who's boss, like Jake did with the snake. He also fights Joanna, and comes up with a clever trick to defeat McLeach and Joanna at the same time. You don't see mice pushing bad guys into the water every day, do ya? Also, he risks his life to save Cody from the waterfall, even though Marahute finishes the job for him. What else can I say? Bernard is one of Disney's best mice ever.

#3: Anna

Anna clip art with braids

For the First Time In Forever, Anna has an honor.

Anna, I have talked about several times before, but I am going to talk about her again! I think Anna is one of the greatest Disney heroines that ever hit the screen! She's kind, sweet, and beautiful like most Disney Princesses, but clumsy, funny, naive, innocent, and brave too.I always say she reminds me a lot of Pinocchio in the cheerful and fun senses. Anna loves Elsa despite being neglected by her after Elsa almost froze her by accident. But Elsa means to protect Elsa, meaning that she cares for her in a sense. Anna is very heroic in saving Elsa from the notorious Prince Hans, even though she was about to freeze to death proving that she has a heart of true love. She also cares for Olaf by stopping Kristoff from buzzkilling his dream of summer, even though ironically Anna tells Olaf herself. She is also very responsible by admitting that the eternal winter was her fault and that she needed to find Elsa to set thing right, and keeping her promise to Kristoff about giving him a new sled. She's probably the big reason why For the First Time In Forever is my favorite song in the movie (Don't worry, I like Let It Go too). It's hopeful, cheerful, and represents Anna's pure happiness. I just loved every second Anna was on screen. What else can I possibly say?

#2: Pinocchio

Cute Puppet

Little Wooden head, go play your part!

Now we're talking! I have loved Pinocchio for a majority of my life! We all remember how Walt Disney wanted a more realistic- boy in his movie, as opposed to the rude, bratty, jerk that Collidi (or whatever his name was) created. The Disney version was sweet, cute, innocent, naive, similar to Anna as I mentioned above. He brings joy to a lonely old man's life and then he goes on a series of misadventures, the last thing you'd want your kid to do. Yeah, he doesn't really listen to Jiminy that much, but he still pulls through the movie. He acts like a real kid- he does make mistakes, he does do foolish things, but he's not a nasty kid, he's just a kid. Pinocchio is also a great singer, dancer, and of course, just like Anna, has a heroic heart. He dies saving Gepetto from the sea monster, Monstro the whale, which saddens his family. But his sacrifice proves without a doubt, that Pinocchio truly is brave , truthful, and unselfish. I just love this little guy so much. He's the biggest reason why I love the movie.

And my number one favorite Disney character is....

#1: Basil of Baker Street

Mouse genius

"The game's afoot!"

I think you might have expected this, probably because I've critically acclaimed The Great Mouse Detective as my favorite Disney film. Basil is one of the reasons why. He's the clever mouse equivalent to the great literary detective Sherlock Holmes. Yeah he is not very good with social interactions, but hey, Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory isn't either. However, Basil's great detective intelligent provides a fun mystery adventure the movie provides. He knows everything about those who just meet him like when he first met Dr. Dawson and the lady mouse at the end (wow, how DOES he know all that?) and all hose scientific elements. He's one of the few Disney protagonists who are admired for being that intelligent. I love Pinocchio a lot, but he is not exactly the smartest Disney character. Basil is always doing his job to save the day, especially when his arch-nemesis the evil Professor Ratigan is about. The two make a great egotistical rivalry. Basil of Baker Street is one of the greatest animated characters who have ever impacted my life.

And that was my list of favorite Disney characters, and I hope you enjoyed looking at this list? Did you see any of YOUR favorites on here? See you next time! :)