Hi guys. Today I want to talk about some of my favorite video games. They give us an electronic form of fun, adventure, color, and memories. Some that we grew up and still remember or play fondly. They gave and give me something to look forward to when I need something to do in my spare time. Some games I play for unlimited fun, others I like to play piece by piece for 2-5 days to give myself something to anticipate, usually on vacation days. The only downside is that I am having trouble finding NEW games that I want to play. But still, I like to play video games. Now I should warn you that none of these are Disney, but some of these have given me Disney-similar-ish memories, and besides, I have a few different kinds of favorites. But which ones? Let's take a look.

IMG 0679

Beepity Beep Beep.

#10: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

IMG 0689


For those of you who wanted to play a violent game with friends' of yours, I am highly positive this was a nominee. Its often considered the pinacle of the Super Smash Bros Games. You got lots of Nintendo characters-not just the Mario mascots but also characters like Zelda, Link, the Pokemon, Star Fox, and of course Kirby. I have a friend who likes to play video games with me and this is usually our first game of our tournaments and we LOVE to trash talk with each other. I always start with Donkey Kong, and he loves to annoy me by calling him a monkey-when he's a GORILLA with NO tail!!1 And whenever I hit that final smash orb, he loathes the bongoes DK plays. There are also some really fun arenas that sometimes twist our battles. There's an ice climber themed one where if the player goes off the iceberg into the deep water, a giant fish will try to eat him/her. I call that fish "Monstro Jr". And I also like to play as Kirby near the end because he's just so darn cute and adorable. Like the other games, we get various weapons to help us out, including laser guns, lightsabers, poke-balls that summon pokemon, the list goes on. What else can I say about this one?

#9: Diddy Kong Racing

IMG 0684

Monkey racing!

Most racing games I usually look to for fun, not really quest stuff. And I'm not exactly fond of the idea that there is sort of a quest to defeat a guy named Wizpig. Heck, there isn't even an opening story movie that shows us the story. But despite that, Diddy Kong Racing has some good qualities--er, at least when racing for fun. You got a bunch of Rareware characters (before Microsoft took them over that is), like Diddy Kong, Banjo, Conker and so forth, and you race in a car (as usual), a hover, and even a plane in 5 different areas. A dinosaur track, a snow track, a beach track, a forest track, and even a space track. In adventure mode, there are bosses you have to race, but tbe fact that two of them are a triceratops and an octopus (my favorite dinosaur and ocean animal) makes up for it. Although I found that silver coin challenge completely unnecessary (Ugh! Some took my brother and I FOREVER!) The racers I usually play as are Diddy Kong himself, a Kremlin looking crocodile named Krunch, but mostly Timber the tiger since tigers are my favorite jungle animals. So despite some of the adventure problems, Diddy Kong Racing was still a fun colorful creative racing game.

8: Mario Kart Double Dash

IMG 0680

Double Driver, double extremes to win!

Here we are another fun racing game. I have to tell you, I am not very good at deciding between one thing or another. However, Mario Kart Double Dash is one of the rare opportunities for me to choose 2 at a time. Unlike the original Mario Kart game, players can mix up certain characters and even choose their own car, depending on the characters' sizes. The more you win, the more characters, karts, and arenas you get to play. Usually, I've combined Mario and Diddy Kong as a pair, but I try others once in a while. And you get power ups that only 2 particular characters get, like in Bowser's case a giant spikey shell, or for Baby Mario a chain chomp. My favorite race track is the DK mountain. Its so funny to see the karts fly high to the top of the mountain and whoever's riding in the back hang on for dear life. And in Mushroom City, I like to joke that we're driving without liscences and that non-human characters can't drive. But, we still drive in the big city anyway with no cops to give us tickets. We don't even destroy anything unlike bad drivers like Cruella, Madame Medua, or Mr. Toad. So overal, Mario Kart DOuble Dash is in my opinion the best of the Mario Kart series, and it is especially helpful to those with desision troubles.

#7: Mario Super Sluggers

IMG 0489

Momma Mia! Fireballs, tornadoes, anything can happen!

Despite being male, I don't baseball or any kind of sport. I don't care what those ridiculous gender stereotypes put out, I never liked playing baseball. The rules were complicated, going to ball games were boring, and there is even the possibility of damage from the ball, what I dislike the most. However, Mario Super Sluggers is probably the only time I don't mind it. The baseball games are fairly short, the games are fun, and I don't get hurt. Because of these great Nintendo characters and the other stuff I mentioned above, I was able to understand how baseball games work piece by piece. The captains get power-ups and a lot of the characters don't necessarily use just bats, they use sticks, staffs, maces, or in DK's case, a boxing glove since he's so strong. You can also play day or night games. If players want a regular baseball field with no booby traps, there is Mario's plain field. The rest,..well, outfield players have to work around some of them. My two favorite fields are DK Jungle and Luigi's Mansion. Another thing I love about this game is that you can use Miis to play too. It especially works if their favorite colors match with another, so it makes the buddy jump more possible. I love chances to use my Miis. I may not be a real baseball fan, but this game was a grand slam for me!

#6: Wii Sports Resort

IMG 0490

Wii are going on vacation.

Like I said, I am not a sports fan, with this is one of those rare games where I can play video games and get some excercise at the same time. The miis that players save in their consoles as well as other random ones all go on vacation to a sports like island. There's rowing, golf, basketball, wakeboarding, cycling, bowling, the list goes on. When I first played this game, sword playing was the most popular within my family. Bowling was also a close runner, and that's probably my favorite of the game. Another really fun thing is the Island Flyover game. It gives me a chance to fly all over the vacation site to look for floating i's. Even though I beat it before, I always forget where every single one os the next time I start over. But hey, its kinda more fun that way. And besides, who doesn't like looking at vacation sites? This game is fun, colorful, active, and one of the best things to do with your family.

#5: Jak and Daxter

IMG 0374

Two heroes-one great precusor quest!

I'm sure most of you know a series where you like the original or one sequel, but no the whole series. The first Jak and Daxter is my case, video game wise anyway. Its got that fantasy primitive-ish world that I just can't find anymore nowadays, and its a very epic magical quest. You got two heroes. Jak the silent, but handsome hunk like hero that girls would fawn over, and the wise-cracking obnoxious sidekick Daxter. He reminds me a lot of Timon, infact I believe Nathan Lane the guy who voiced him also voiced Timon in the Broadway versionof The Lion King. I'm not sure if he also voiced Timon in the movie, but I'm getting off topic. There's alot of talk about a mysterious ancient culture called precursors and eco stuff-unfortuanelty, that includes dark eco which turned Daxter into an ottsel in the first place. As Jak and Daxter travel across the land with the help of Samos the green sage and his daughter/Jak's girlfiend Kiera, Jak and Daxter discover more eco, precursor ruins while looking for power cells, the game's equivalent of Mario Stars, DK 64 golden bananas, and Banjo-Kazooie jiggies. They also come across citizens who need help, such as a sculptor who speaks "dude", a fisherman, an geologist, and even a hillbilly who isn't familiar with the word "bathtub." There are definetly geographical dangers you's expect from a quest game, and our heroes also have to fight evil monsters known as Lurkers. And while I'm on the subject those lurker frogs from the Boggy Swamp really creep me out. I don't want to give too much else away, but I will summarize that this game gives me that "feeling where heroes journey across the land and discover new things" feeling like a good fantasy game should (before it was ruined by Jak 2 that is).

#4: Banjo-Tooie

IMG 0685

The Bear and Bird are back!

I did like playing Banjo-Kazooie when I was in elementary school age, but there was a file that was mostly pre-beaten. And even when I tried to do the work myself, the note doors were really tricky, and I couldn't get through the Furnace of Fun Game. However, the sequel is the one I got more expertingly familiar with. I still think of it as one of the greatest sequels ever, mostly because you still got some old stuff, but also some new stuff that makes a good sequel even better. Banjo and Kazooie's witch nemesis is back and she wants revenge on our heroes for ruining her body from the first game. She plans to suck the life force from the land to restore her flesh and blood with the help of her sisters. So Banjo and Kazooie journey across the land entering many worlds to find more jiggies, help new and old characters, and stop Grunty. Like some of the other games there are plenty of fun melodies in the areas that I like to listen to, and there are new moves Banjo and Kazooie learn to conquer the dangers of their quest. I'd say the best is the use of grenade eggs. I'm sure most of you like to see explosives, and these grenade eggs do the job. And like I said, Banjo and Kazooie see some old friends they met from the first game like Boggy or that burping hippo pirate, but also some new friends like Canary Mary, a Styrasauraus mother, a prospector, and many many more. The new worlds are very creative, such as a mountain with a hot and cold side, a land in the clouds, a poorly run amusement park, and my personal favorite-a land of dinosaurs. By the way, since this is a Disney wiki, I'll tell you that the poorly run amusement park has been dubbed "The UN-happiest place on earth", unlike Disney world which is the happiest place on earth. Why? Bad food, employees who try to crush you with hammers, unstable rides, and even a giant inflatable dragon or alligator or dinosaur guy named Mr. Patch who tries to kill me. The quest itself has plenty of easy ways but hard ways to get jiggies. Like some of the other "main item collecting games" there are certain jiggies I like getting more than others. There are only 2 complaints I have about this game. One is the new enemy called Minjos. After they are done posing like jinjos, they waddle toward me with an electrical buzzing sound and that creeps me out. And speaking of creepy, my other problem is that anglerfish boss Lord Woo Fak Fak-that is, when he's "defeated". The lights go out, his eyes are still open, and if the player swims close to him or shoots an explosive at him he still talks. Some are kinda funny, but there's one that he says this happens all the time and that he likes being upside down. So he could have just got back up and killed me, yet he is kinda dead-yeah, its pretty confusing and creepy sort of like The Cave of Wonders. But as for everything else, the good stuff is just too dang good. Its one of the best sequels that outshines its predecessors (unlike that Nuts and Bolts game!).

#3: The Mario Party Games (mostly 2, 7, and 8)

IMG 0687

Its Mario Party time!

I'd say the Mario games I play the most are the party ones. I dis play some of the others, but 2, 7, and 8 are the ones that I'm most familiar with. They're great compromises if one person wants to play a board game and another wants to play a video game one, and these Mario Party games are excellent compromises. You got the Mario characters playing on all kinds of different boards, depending on the game's theme. For 2, its costume themed, and for 7 it is locations around the world. Every Mario Party board has the same goal of getting as many stars as possible to win. Of course, players have to get past the board game obstacles to get to victory. Sometimes players get lucky, other times...not so much. Sometimes playing a minigame helps boost the winners' coin amount, while others may not be so lucky. Each Mario Party game has a fun set of 4 player, 2 vs 2, 1 vs 3, and Battle Minigames to play. I will definetly say there are certain minigames I like more than others. In addition, when it came to the coin amount, these Mario Party games helped me practice money management and math (in a GOOD way) to think about how much I need to save for a star and how much I can use to my a certain item. And there are also other activities to play besides the board, like just playing the minigames for free time. These Mario Party games are absolutely fun and delightful. Surely, there must be a similar set that is just as much fun, right?

#2: Wii Party

IMG 0686

Wii are going to party!

Right! That would be this one! Out of all the Nintendo Wii games, this one is my favorite! I do admit it doesn't quite have the same board game fun as the Mario ones, but there are a couple good board games that are pretty fun too. Besides, the other activities are a ton of fun too. There's a Mii version of Bingo, a boat balance that reminds me of games like Spill the Beans or Uno Tippo, a Buddy Quiz that reminds me of Apples to Apples, a memory match game with outfits, the list is endless! A lot of the activities are a boatload and fun for me! Another thing is, I've made SO many mii's some of which have been created by others, but mostly by me. Some are real people, some are made up characters of my own, and others that are based off of already known characters or people. Whenever I am playing something within Wii Party that requires background Mii's I see random Miis that I've created fill in. I think of it like a Mii "Roger Rabbit" or "Wreck-It-Ralph" sort of thing. It feels so good to see my extra Miis be put to use even when I'm not playing with them. And alot of times you see their facial expressions during an emotional moments. And like the Mario Party games, there are plenty of fun minigames as well. Two of my favorites are Hide and Go Peek and Risky Railroad which is a "cross your fingers and hope you're lucky" type of game. I just adore Wii Party!

And my number 1 favorite video game is...

#1: Tie between Sly 1, 2, and 3

IMG 0688

Sly Cooper is so sly!

I LOVE Sly Cooper! These 3 games each gave me special memories and nostalgia! Its also one of the greatest uses for anthropomorphic animalism and geography at the same time! The accents, the landscapes, the species based on the location, the clothing, the architectures, the list is just endless! I love so many things about it, I don't even know where to start! Well, ok I will start off with the first game. Despite that problem of dying within one chance (unless you have a lucky charm), it had a creative traditional pattern for the first four members of the Fiendish Five. If I said what it was, it would give away too much. However, most of the locations, particularly the Isle o Wrath, Haiti Swamp, and China Mountains gave me a great sense of adventure. There were some obstacles I had trouble with, such as the submarine one and the chicken one, but others I got through very well. And the badguys are also pretty cool. Each has a backstory, motive, and specialty that makes them unique in their own villainous ways. I like Raleigh and Panda King the best.

Now let's talk about Sly 2. It was a step up for me in my video game playing. Is was practically the first video game without a certain item to constantly look for that I played. Those kind of games, I usually watched my brother do all the work. It was time I took a step up! The game's story was also kinda dark like the first (partially because the levels were mostly seen at night). Unlike the first game where it involved getting back Sly's family inherited ancient book, Sly and the gang had to get robotic parts of the Cooper's infamous nemesis Clockwerk from the Klaww gang. As the game progresses, I just feel like there is a dark plot within the game going on, and technically there is. I don't want to give too much else away but there is. It also helps that there is a better health bar as opposed to the last game. You get more than one chance before your health runs out.

And then finally, there's Sly 3. There are some differences between this one and the other 2. I don't to give them all away, but some are the opening, the fact that some levels play day and night, and even the setup about going around the world. Instead of looking for gangs, Sly Cooper and his pals look for recruits to help them get into Sly's ancestral vault while also helping the recruits out with problems of their own, involving other villains. There is a fair share of stealth here and there, but a lot of the tasks involve just going out there, some of which get rather violent in a PG type way. Another great thing about this game is that the characters learn more about themselves and each other during certain moments, such as Murray trying to find his spiritual center, Bentley falling in love with his new girlfriend Penelope, and even the real meaning of their gangs' important roles. I do admit the ending was a little sad, but it certainly gave the characters a chance to stop getting in danger for at least a little while.

And as for the main characters, Sly himself is really cool. The idea of a raccoon for a theif is a brilliant idea. Bentley is also a smart guy coming up with ingenious strategic plans that prove that thinking things through is what's best, and some funny smart lines like "If I did my math right, and I always do my math right...,". And Murray is pretty funny too. He starts off cowardly in the first game, but by the sequel, he is beyond a tough guy! He is the brawns of the game, but unlike most brawny guys, he does listen to Bentley's advice instead of just rushing head on. Overall, I just adore Sly Cooper. Its a video game series that will always have a special place in my heart!

And that was my video game countdown. I hope you liked this list. See you next time!