Hey guys. I just saw the Beauty and the Beast remake with my parents. And don't worry-it's no April Fools prank. Despite not being a die hard fan of the animated film, I do like it in a different way, and I was intrigued. I did have some expectations for it for the sake of the animated one's fans. And um...well, why don't you read this blog for yourself.

Beauty And The Beast 2017

Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Shadow Poster

Is this just as much of a tale as old as time?

Ok, like I said I just saw this remake. Everyone has been anticipating it, talking about it, and my sister loves it as a stand alone film. Me? Well, you guys might disagree with me but I thought it was just...okay. Not great, not awful, just okay. I mean there are some nice things about it. Storywise, this film seemed to follow the animated version pretty closely. Not really any major differences I can think of. Differences in general, but none that stray away too much like some of the other remakes. There are also some nice magical effects and some of the orchestra is reminiscing of the classic music you all know. I guess my problems are more centered on the acting and pacing. First, let's talk about the acting. It's not that they're bad, they just seem less developed than the animated version, mainly most of the enchanted servants. Their voice acting just doesn't seem like they have much passion in their lines. I dunno, I guess I just like the animated objects more, particularly Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Chip. Also, that element with them turining into lifeless antiques just didn't seem fair. Then there's Beast. Even after the wolf fight, he still partially felt like a gruff, which also felt kinda awkward. There was definitely love and chemistry between Belle, especially over the fact that they both lost their mothers, I just didn't find it as enchanting as the original. I know, I know, I'm being picky. But it's still a fairly nice romance. Now I'll discuss the pacing. A lot of the parts we know are trying to be reminiscing of the animated version, but they also feel kinda rushed. Like "Hey remember this scene? Ok let's keep moving!" "Hey remember this scene! Come on keep moving!" I'm sorry, I know you must sick of me comparing this to the animated version. It's a remake and I know there are going to be changes here and there, but if character develop Is going to work in any movie, you need to take your time! In that sense, it sorta feels more like a satire than a remake. But okay, you must be sick of me complaining. What DO I like about this film? Well, Emma Watson does a pretty decent job of portraying Belle, and Gaston has a few funny lines here and there. But the one thing that this remake has over the animated version is LeFou. Not only is he portrayed by Josh Gad the voice of Olaf, but he also acts more like a normal person. He tries to be optimistic and tries to get Gaston to think clearly about his decision in marrying Belle. Plus, we see his fear when Gaston threatens him, much like an intimidated victim of bullying, mainly during those asylum moments with Maurice. And best of all (Spoiler Alert) he reforms after Gaston abandons him during the castle fight. I was really impressed! But otherwise, most of the film wasn't that spectacular. I think the film would have worked better if they had stronger characterizations, but they really didn't. But like I said, it's not bad just not that engaging. But I guess this movie does have some charm to it. I'd say it's probably better to go back to the animated version (yeah, I bet you expected me to say that), but that's just me. If it looks good to you, go check it out. You will probably enjoy yourseLf.