Hey everyone. I just watched Tangled Before Ever After. I have to honest, I was pretty intrigued about it. It was a pilot to its upcoming series, and I wanted to see how Rapunzel was adjusting to this new life. Although like most of you, I definitely think Disney will need an explanations to how the hair got short again by the time Tangled Ever After came in their time. But, maybe it will come at the series' end. But for now, let's be fair for what it is. It does have some ups and downs. So let's get started, shall we?

Tangled Before Ever After

Tangled Before Ever After Cinestory Comic

Careful not to get Tangled up!

Okey dokey. So you know, I had ups and downs about the original Tangled and I did have a few ups and downs but this one too, but for a few different reasons. Part of me thought this was the kind of sequel you'd see in a Disney picture book, but I was still intrigued about what our main characters were up to. How about our new story and stars Rapunzel and Eugene? They are still likable characters, especially Eugene. He is indeed happy that he has a better like in the palace, but he shows more feelings for Rapunzel's well being and even said that Rapunzel made him feel that he wasn't alone. And of course, he still talks comedically. As for Rapunzel, she does have the conflict of adjusting to her rightful life as princess. There are lots of social proper interactions she had to work on, like the "bear hugs" or the over complimenting when she met those other royals. That makes sense since she was isolated for too long away from the kingdom. Then there's the matter of the King. It is that "over protective father" cliche you'd expect, but like most fathers he has a good reason for it. His only child was taken away from him, and he never got to have fond memories of Rapunzel growing up and he doesn't want to lose Rapunzel again. Yeah, he doesn't let Rapunzel interact with the townspeople that much, but his overprotective nature doesn't make him dislikable. And speaking of which, I'd say my favorite aspect was the hands-maiden Cassandra. She's loyal to Rapunzel, she's got a fun snarky personality, a cool voice, and it's cool to see her as a secret warrior. I'd say the one problem I had was the Lady villain's backstory. She said that the king arrested all the criminals after Rapunzel's kidnapping including her father. If her father was already a criminal, of course he's gonna get arrested! It would make more sense to me if he was a bigger royal job and the King blamed him out of fury, or something like that. Plus, we didn't see a flashback of it. But the Lady villain herself (I forget her name) makes up for it with her design and her fighting skills. Overall, I'd say this was a pretty good special. Since it's only an hour long TV special, it's not a fantastic sequel, but like I said, it's good to see what Rapunzel and Eugene were doing ng in this new life, and I wanted to see how Rapunzel was going to get out of the mess she was in with her rebound hair. Maybe I will check out an episode once in a while (but NOT the one with Mother Gothel somehow coming back. Yep, I saw a commercial for that). If you're a huge fan of Tangled, give this pilot and its show a try. You might enjoy yourself.