Hi everyone. Since this is May, I thought I would review the Star Wars films. They are one of the few live-action series that I enjoyed fondly. They had epic adventures and memorable cinematic moments. I will start off with the original trilogy first, folwed by the prequels, and I will add on every time a new Star Wars movie hits theaters, since Star Wars is apparently owned by Disney now.

Original Trilogy; Star Wars: A New Hope

Star-Wars-A-New-Hope Cover

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (or just Star Wars as it was back then) became an iconic landmark in motion picture history. It was massively popular and immediately became a part of pop culture. It was a space odyssey, there was fighting, epic stuff, learning of power, and more! I thought it was pretty cool myself. Like an odyssey should have, you got a team group whom you follow with memorable heroes; the hero who needs to learn (Luke), the cocky wise cracker (Han Solo), the comic relief ( C3PO and R2-D2) and the pet (Chewbacca). Every minute I want to see what happen, hope they get out if danger, and carry the day. I like how Luke represents the one who must fill in the legacy of the Jedis, seeing as they are an "endangered species". Darth Vader is a really cool villain, with his mask, freaky breathing, and of course voice of James Earl Jones who would voice another iconic character Mufasa. While there is not too much else for me to say about this film, I will say that Obi-Wan's death was kind of shocking. This became another movie that came to mind where the villain successfully kills a main character for me. That is all I have to say about this film.

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

(5 1980) Star Wars Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back

A New Hope was only the beginning. Empire Strikes Back continued the Star Wars saga. And like a good sequel should, it furthers the story and characters' relationships and themes. For example, Luke goes to Yoda to learn more about being a Jedi. Yoda is a charcter who seems to be wise about everything; lack of patience, Questions, the idea that "there is no try", and more. Something about him feels like he doesn't want our modern talk. He also clued us and Luke about the paths to the dark side; getting angry, fear of losing friends, all that stuff (which is further explored in the prequels, but I will get to that later). Another thing that is furthered is the relationship between Leia and Hans. Before they seemed to dislike each other, but like most romances they eventually realize they love each other. And then of course there's the revelation+ line that everyone remembers from this film. It was shocking, and a wound to Luke both mentally and physically. What else can I say? ESB is an example of how most odyssey sequels are supposed to continue their predecessors' stories.

Star Wars: Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi

Star Wars Episodio VI El regreso del Jedi

very awesome!

Out of all the classic Star Wars films, Return of the Jedi is probably my favorite. That is because I just get so hyped up and want to see the heroes' fight against evil completed. You just want to see what happens and how Luke finally conquers evil. The first part of the movie feels like the cliche where the main characters have to escape the clutches of another evil antagonist, but eventually escape after some careful thinking and fighting. Although I do kinda feel bad for the Jim Henson aliens and the blue elephant aardvark thingy after they are killed. But then there's my favorite aspect of the film: the Ewoks. Those things are just so cute, adorable, and funny. Not to mention that they help our gang defeat the Stormtroopers. And speaking of defeat, there's Luke finally confronting Darth Vader and the real source of evil: the emperor. Luke, unlike, his father finally gets what it means to be a jedi or to be on the dark side. And Darth Vader also finds the good aspect inside him that was lost for so long. That is the sign of a really good ending. But little did I know, the saga would be continued later on, but I will get to that after I work on the prequels.

Prequel Trilogy: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

(1 1999) Star Wars Episode I-The Phantom Menace

So later on we got the prequel trilogy that a lot of Star Wars fans thought ruined the classic trilogy. Phantom Menace was and still is thought of as the worst. But honestly, I didn't think it was that bad. My focues were just on the action and adventure portion of the film itself. I mean, yeah I can't understand federation or political al stuff anywhere but I mind it the least here. One thing I thought this had over the original triology were the more amounts of lightsaber fighting, starting with this one. Also, there is the issue of Jar Jar Binks. Alot of people consider him one the worst comic relief characters ever, but I thought he was pretty decent. I don't think he's hilarious but I think he is an ok character. Darth Maul was an ok Sith Lord, but I liked Darth Vader better. He wasn't as terrifying as I initially thought he was going to be, but it is rare to see a double sided lightsaber like what he has. The climax is my favorite part. There's all these different battles going on; rebels fight for Naboo, Anakin and R2 flying in space, the gungans in the battlefield, and of course the lightsabe duels between Qui-Gon, Obi Wan, and Maul. Every second just got me sucked in. So, do I consider this the best Star Wars film? Probably not, but it is pretty decent. So I'd say give it a try.

Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the clones

(2 2002) Star Wars Episode II-Attack of the Clones

I'd say attack othe clones was pretty decent too. The action and adventure portions wer cool to watch, but there were some other aspects that I thought could have used some fixer uppers. Like for example, Anakin. Part of him seems like our traditional handsome hero, but the other part of him seems kinda like a whiny teenager. I get it, I do feel sorry when he loses his mother and has that emotional breakdown (which explains why Jedis do not train the ones they consider too old) but he still needs some work. I was glad to see the droid duo again since their comedy always captures my attention. I was also happy to see the other Jedis to more lightsaber fighting such as Mace Windu and of course Yoda. But I was kinda disappointed pointed to see Count Dooku escaping. Oh well. My other issue is that Jango Fett didn't seem like a real Star Wars character without his suit. I dunno, I guess he seemed a little too modern. But that is a knitpick. It doesn't ruin the movie for me. I enjoyed myself pretty well enough. That is, before the Dark Age came upon me.

Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

(3 2005) Star Wars Episode III-Revenge of the Sith

I haven't connected with the Star Wars movies enough like most people to have a beloved favorite or a hated one. However, if I did have to pick a least favorite Star Wars film, it would be this one. Despite turning 13 a month before this film, I wasn't quite ready for PG-13 gruesome violence. And that's what I anticipated from this movie. I saw it years later on TV, and the other stuff was okay. But it still was the sign that all the cool Jedi fighting was about to end. In addition, I could see that Anakin's patience with the Jedis was slowly dying leading to becoming Vader; not just because of his loss for Padme but also because of when Mace Windu refused to officialy proclaim him as a Jedi. Also, I could not understand why the battle droids had to go. I will admit, Grievous was really cool, especially seeing him with all those lightsabers. But then there is the one thing I dreaded about this movie; the scene where Anakin gets burned by the lava. That was the kind of thing that keeps me away from firey scenes in modern movies. It was scary and disgusting. I remember coming out of the theater after seeing Madagascar, I heard screams of pain from the theater where Mom and Dad were seeing this film. I felt like shuddering on the inside, thinking that it must have been worse than I thought. But the bright side is that people can go right back where they started with the original trilogy, after seeing all the explored mysteries.

Sequel Trilogy: Star Wars : Episode VII: The Force Awakens


Here it is, the new Star Wars sequel that was highly anticipated and people eagerly wanted to see. In some retrospects, it was kind of rehashing A New Hope, but similar to the techniques done for Princess and the Frog and Tangled, I considered it retracing the steps of the classics to prepare something new and grand. They gave us some new characters like Rey, BB8, and Fin, but also the former characters like Han, Leia, and Chewey. But of course, there are are also new villains like Supreme Leader Snoke whom I will probably learn more about later, and of course Kylo Ren who serves as our new "Darth Vader" both in the movies and to the audience. I like him more with his mask on, it just makes him look cooler and more intimidating. The first half of the movie was...ok. It just getsmore interesting in the middle when all the rebels are jojned together. Before I wrap up, there is one thing I noticed: (Spolier Alert!) The Star Wars movies has a tradition of Sith Lords killing a main character in each trilogy's start. I noticed it as Kylo Ren killed Han Solo, which was definetly the most shocking part of the movie. So overall, Force Awakens was pretty well done. It was the kind of thing that stil holds on to what the classic trilogy but also adding on some new things as well. When the sequels come out, I know I plan on paying for their tickets at the box-office.

And that was my review of one the most iconic motion pictures cinemas has ever released. I hope you enjoyed oed this list, and may the force be with you.