Hello my fellow wiki users. I have not had a good blog idea lately, so I thought...why not express my opinions on the Disney Afternoon shows. I grew up watching alot of the shows from the Disney Afternoon on Toon Disney and I'm sure most of you have to. TV shows just aren't really the same nowadays. The 80's and 90's kids' cartoons really had such a sense of magic and wonder like Hanna-Barabera shows such as Smurfs, A Pup named Scooby Doo, and one of my personal favorites -Snorks. But the Disney Afternoon shows introduced us to such worlds of magic, adventure, character, and creativity, that gave kids something to look forward to after school. SO let's begin!

Disney Afternoon soundtrack

The Disney Afternoon debuts.

Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears DVD set 2013 reissue

Bouncing here and there and everywhere!

As most of you know, I've acclaimed the Gummi Bears as my favorite Disney show in my TV show countdown blog and for good reasons. This show just had a timeless feel of magic wonder and epicness that you just can't duplicate easily. It had a group of cute furry mascots that were thought to have been fairy tales, they had magical secrets and legends, they had such an epic theme song-OMG it's just so much! The Gummi Bears themselves were memorable and likable themselves, and I'll tell you my two favorites; Cubbi because he was an excitable little cub who loved adventures and was brave. The other was Gusto. In my opinion he's the funniest out of all the Gummi Bears, he's artistic, laid back, and having the voice of Rob Paulson helps too. The villain, Duke Igthorn is great too! He's got a great design, a hilarious voice, and an abusive treatment towards his sidekick Toadie. I will admit though, I did have two things about the show that bothered me. One was the bully Unwin, whom I found a very dislikable character. To be fair though, he only appears in 9 episodes. Nevertheless, I always wanted to skip his scenes for every episode I knew he was in. My other problem was how the Gummis had to remain secret. I do wish they had an episode where they present themselves to the King and made peace. But despite that, the great stuff is just too darn great! What else can I say? I've talked about it before, it's just a wonderful show. And the best part is, Gummi Bears was only the first show that would send the Disney Afternoon on a roll.

Duck Tales

DuckTales Volume 1 2013 reissue

Quack! Quack!

I didn't grow up with this show greatly, but I found it okay enough. It had plenty of charm and adventure, usually going to some far off land, discovering something lost, and finding some treasure. There were two episodes I remember the most. One was where Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie went on this odyesey-like voyage and encountered that sorceress who turned her victims into pigs just by saying "Hocus Pocus." Huey, Duey, and Louie outwitted her pretty cleverly. While I'm talking about this subject, I will comment that that three-headed siren on top of that giant purple sea monster creeped me out. And speaking of creepy, the other episode I remember the most was when Magicia De Spell made the characters see fears, like that creepy looking teacher, the space pig villain, and the car that turned into a black panther. So while I'm not a huge fan of Duck Tales, I can understand why people liked it. It had charm, adventure, and lots of moments to keep kids' attention.

Chip N'Dale Rescue Rangers


Ch-Ch-Ch-ip and Dale!

Another great Disney Afternoon show! It starred the famous chipmunk duo, along with a few more members to help those in need. In-fact, if I did my math right, I believe this show was inspired by The Rescuers, because of their huge success. I'm not sure why Chip N' Dale got to be the stars instead of Bernard and Bianca, but these characters are just as good. I really liked Gadget, she was smart, had great leadership skills, and had plenty of gadgets to help the Rangers with their rescue missions. And speaking of which, the cases they went on were great too. Like most fans of the show, I wanted to know what was going to happen next, I wanted to see how the Rescue Rangers were going to get out of those tight predictaments they were in, and I wanted to see the case solved in the end. Every second just captured kids' attention, like a good kids' show should. The villain, Fat Cat was great too. He always seemed so calm and cunning whenever he talked about is evil schemes. Also, having dim-witted henchman helped too. Overall, Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers was cute, fun, and had plenty going on to keep kids' glued to the Disney Afternoon.

Tale Spin

TaleSpin V3 new cover


The adjective I often describe Tale Spin is...odd. Not horribly bad, just odd. I had no idea why they would use Jungle Book characters for a show with a complicated trade federal setup. There were only three characters that made it in--Baloo, Louie, and Shere Khan. But even without that distraction, the characters' personalities I found pretty weak too. Baloo was strong enough to hold up The Jungle Book because he was laid back, friendly, AND had a great heart. Here, I find Baloo so bland. Kit was okay, mostly when he was on his glider. Rebecca, I didn't really like-she was just a stick in the mud boss. Even the choice for the show's villain, Don Karnage seemed odd. Not that he wasn't funny or entertaining, I just could not understand why he was the main villain instead of Shere Khan. I will admit though, I never disliked Tale Spin enough to want to skip it. I didn't mind watching it whenever it played on Toon Disney. There were some far off worlds that made me want to finish the episodes. I guess the fact that Jungle Book characters were used was just a little too distracting for me. Personally, I think this show would have been better off with it own original characters. Maybe I'm not the right person to go crazy for it.

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck Poster Promo

When there's trouble, you call DW!

He is the terror that flaps in the night! He is the piece of paper that gives you a paper cut! He is Darkwing Duck! Now this was a show that caught my attention. Darkwing had such an ego, determined to be a famous superhero but not entirely antagonistic to make his a dislikable character. It's personalities like this that make him fun and funny to watch. Gosalyn was a good character too. She had a good tomboy voice, a tough personality, and not willing to back down. I liked a lot of the creative villains too, and I'll tell you my two favorites. One was Megavolt, and the other was Steelbeak the rooster. All in all, Darkwing Duck was very fun to watch and I liked watching it as a kid.

Goof Troop

GoofTroop V2 new cover


Goof Troop is the kind of animated show that takes a break from such wild adventures and tries to go for something more simpler. I know that might have disappointed some fans of the Disney Afternoon, but I didn't mind Goof Troop. I mean, come on. What's not to like about Goofy? He was clumsy , but he had such a sweet innocent gentle heart...unlike his son Max. I found Max a fairly better character in this show than the goofy movies. I found him to be a very dislikable jerk in those, especially the "extremily goofy" one. Pete and his family were very funny too. Pete was overbearing, PJ seemed like he was going to fret alot, Peg was very funny whenever she yelled at Pete, and Pistol was very cute and wild at the same time. So I enjoyed Goof Troop pretty decently, more than the Goofy Movies.



Yeah totally nuts!

When Bonkers was on, I had no idea that it came from Roger Rabbit. I liked Bonkers as an anthropomorphic bobcat, not a toon. I thought that was just a silly name they called the cartoon stars since it was all animated. I admit the episodes and the dialogue tend to go a little too fast and rushed, but not as rushed as most cartoons today. I liked Miranda more than Lucky because she didn't mind Bonkers' toon habits, but kept them limited if they were going a little out of place. I admit the cases of the episodes did not quite have the same intrigue and charm as Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, but I did get a laugh once in a while, patricularly out of that cereal episode. Also, I did manage to see SOME Disney character cameos, even if there were not as much as Roger Rabbit. I saw Lady and Tramp, Darkwing (in a restauraunt, not just TV), Marsupalami, Dumbo, Donald Duck, Goofy, and a few others along the way. I would have loved to see Mickey Mouse and Pinocchio, but I still liked Bonkers. If it was a like action show with the toons being animated and more cameoes, it might have scored bigger and surpassed some of the lesser Disney Channel teen shows like Hannah Montana. Either that, or focused more on some of the Bonkers cartoon shorts I saw on Raw Toonage. Nevertheless, Bonkers was a worthwhile character I enjoyed.



When Gargoyles was on TV, my older sister went nuts! She fell in love with this show! She remembers the characters, watched this show every chance she could get, this show was just a big hit for her! Me?...Um, well, I was not a huge fan of it. I mean don't get me wrong, I can understand why people like my sister liked this show, this was just a dark adult-ish show that just wasn't my cup of tea. I never had a grudge against this show, just in my "not my thing category". I do compliment this show for trying something very new. A dark story arc, very mature feel, nothing that showed off, OMG that must have been so incredible! Plus, I found it kinda funny how most of the main characters were named after New York locations like Broadway, Hudson, and so forth. At first I was scared that these Gargoyles were bad monsters when I first saw them like any young kid would, but once I found out that they were they exact opposite, I didn't mind them too much. I still wasn't a huge fan of it, but I could still see why people like my sister really enjoyed it.


Aladdin Games Wallpaper 3 1024

I know most of you are probably tired of me saying what I usually say about Aladdin, but I'll say it again anyway since this is a discussion about the Disney Afternoon. I was NOT a fan of Aladdin when I was a kid because of the intense firey colors and especially because of that freaky Cave of Wonders. However, this show helped me warm up to the main characters before I was ready to conquer my fears as an adult. I got to know the characters piece by piece and the feelings they usually experienced. Like how Aladdin and Jasmine were in love, there were some issues in their relationship that needed to be worked out first like any loving relationship in real life. Abu's squeaky voice was really funny and I liked how he and Iago made a rough but still very silly duo, especially when they desired treasure. I really like Gilbert Godfried's voice work as Iago, it's really funny. Genie of course, gets some laughs too. mean, come on, he IS considered the funniest character in Aladdin after all, even though he wasn't voiced by Robin Williams in this show. I liked how alot most of the time he referenced Disney characters, instead of the adult jokes, which I couldn't really follow too much. It's shows based on Disney films like this one that makes warming up to the original movie very easy and nice.

Timon and Pumbaa


Hakuna Matata!

The best show to be based on a Disney film is Timon and Pumbaa, as I have said before in my TV show countdown. Timon and Pumbaa were the most popular characters of The Lion King, so it made perfect sense to give them their own show. I LOVED how they broke the rules of logic and reality like you would see in oh say, a Looney Tunes cartoon. You could tell because some of their episodes took place in different time periods like the Middle Ages or the Roman Colosseum age. The episodes were wacky and hilarious, doing more fun cartoony thing like taking a household object out of nowhere. All those antics just cracked me up! And once in a while, you would see some of the other Lion King characters, mainly the Hungry Hyena trio, Rafiki, and Zazu do the same. Nothing about this show made be upset or scared, it was just awesome! Timon and Pumbaa are one of those classic duos that you'd just LOVE to see in a great show like this!

Shnookums and Meat



I have heard Shnookums and Meat was a flop. I tend to research a lot, and I have noticed that most shows that fail only last one season. Bonkers wasn't exactly a huge hit, but seeing that it lasted four seasons, I could tell it was least somewhat successful, even if it wasn't a HUGE success. This show, just, seemed pretty gross. I didn't hate it, but then again, I've only seen it about a few times when Toon Disney was still alive. I did like it better than the next show that was on called "Super Dave". I didn't see Ren and Stimpy much, and I didn't know that Shnookums and Meat had the same edgy style with the gross intense imagery. There were also two other segments that were part of the show. One was that super possum guy (I forget his name) which I found pretty entertaining. There was a little girl villain who had a deep manly voice which I found a little bizarre. The other segment was about some cowboy named Tinstar. Other than the black cowboy villain, I found that segment boring and forgettable. So there's not really much else I can say about this show.

Quack Pack


Quack! Quack! Ha Ha!

I know this show wasn't really liked that much, but to be honest....I actually found it funny! There are some teenage characters I find bland and boring, but the Huey, Dewey, and Louie versions here weren't among them. I mean, it's still about these three driving Donald Duck insane, which is more than enough to make me laugh. There was still a lot of wacky cartoon imagery that made me laugh so hard like the facial expressions on Donald or on the bad guys. This show just cracked me up every time I thought about it. I didn't find it stupid, boring, or bad. Plus, Huey, Dewey, and Louie had voice actors I could recognize who played characters I really enjoyed. Huey was voiced by the same person who voiced Botley the robot from my favorite childhood computer game Jump Start 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain. Dewey was voiced by the same person who voiced Pajama Sam. And Louie was voiced by the same person who voiced Bagheera in the first season of Jungle Cubs. So I don't really see much of a problem with Quack Pack.

Mighty Ducks

Mightyduckslogo 930

I honestly don't have a Disney Afternoon show that I would hate enough to call the absolute worst of the Disney Afternoon. However, if I did have to pick one least favorite, I'd probably nominate the Mighty Ducks. And don't get me wrong, it's not horribly bad, but like "Gargoyles" just not my thing. I've only seen this show advertised on the Toy Story video and about one episode, and I hardly remember that I even watched it. One of the great charms of the earlier shows of the Disney Afternoon like Gummi Bears or Chip N'Dale Rescue Rangers is that they seemed marketly balanced for boys AND girls. This one-no. It seemed more for boys. I know that sounds weird coming from me since I am a male, but I never really was a fan of market toys for just meant for boys OR girls. I was always gender neutral, I liked things that were meant for boys AND girls, like the Beanie Babies. There were a couple female characters as part of the main cast, but the rest just seemed like it was for teenage boys. I later on heard that Tim Curry and Tony Jay starred in it, but that's pretty much it. There's nothing else for me to say about it. And sadly, it's thought of as the show that killed the beloved Disney Afternoon. I noticed on this wiki that Mighty Ducks was a hit with some fans, but I'm not really one of them.

And that was my blog on the shows of the Disney Afternoon. We all remember this block for having such shows of magic, wonder, adventure, that made watching cartoons so special and wonderful. They taught me so much about TV story formulas and they still bring me back memories. Whenever I think of beloved classic shows from the 80's or 90's the beloved shows from the Disney Afternoon are definetly among them.