Hi everyone. Ratigan6688 here, I have decided to make a blog about my favorite shows from Disney. My favorite shows nowadays are The Big Bang Theory, Spongebob Squarepants, Snorks, and Teen Titans, but some of the Disney shows have had impacted me too. So let's not wait any longer.

#7: The Little Mermaid TV series


Ariel's Bubbly TV Show

I have to admit, I was not a huge fan of The Little Mermaid when I was growing up, mainly because of Ursula trying to "marry" Eric, the scary closeups with the shark, chef, a giant Ursula, and of course King Triton destroying the grotto. However, this TV series helped me warm up to the characters and in time I enjoyed The Little Mermaid more by the time I grew up. Ariel was a more likeable character, acting more like a mature young lady and trying to help protect the kingdom. Sebastian was really funny in this show, especially when he kept talking about his trophy over an over-it just cracked me up. I also found King Triton a more legit father in this show. He was loving, but also did what he had to do as a father should. Though he and Ariel did have arguments here and there, they were kept in moderation (unlike a certain stupid prequel movie I know). This show was a lot of fun.

#6: Jungle Cubs

Bare Necessities of Life

Young Jungle friends

I am more into the Disney Afternoon than I am with Disney's One Saturday Morning,but this is a rare exception. Tale Spin was okay but it only used three Jungle Book characters and had little to do with the Jungle Book movie. This show however, is a little more "proper" when it comes to a show based on a movie. I really loved the hip hop version of the Bare Necessities theme song. It was great to see what The Jungle Book characters were like when they were kids. There were alot of fun adventures around in the jungle and these kids showed us viewers some good lessons too, like take responsibility for your actions, don't let your differences with your friends ruin your beloved friendships, and do forth. This show really showed the Bare Necessities of Life.

#5: Bonkers

Bobcat toon

Bonkers really is bonkers!

I know this show wasn't quite as remarkable as Roger Rabbit, mainly due to the show being animated and not a lot of Disney character cameos, but that never bothered me. Roger Rabbit was a little too adult-ish for me. Plus, I am more into cat-type creatures than I am with rabbits. As animated crime shows go, I don't think it quite has the same charm as Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, but I still liked this show. I just loved Bonkers so much because he was funny, wacky, and kind of like a little toon brother. The show does go a little fast with characterization and its plots, but not too fast unlike that crazy nicktoon T.U.F.F. Puppy, a nicktoon that I temporarily liked, but later found it too crazy and weird, but that's a different subject. I liked Miranda more than Lucky because of her nicer personality. She was kinda like an older cop sister to Bonkers. Funny cartoony things and an awesome bobcat make this show worth a watch.

#4: Timon and Pumbaa

Hakuna Matatata

The Lion King's comedy duo is here for you!

We all know The Lion King became the biggest 2-D blockbuster and Timon and Pumbaa were the most popular characters of the movie, so it made perfect sense to give them their own show. And in my opinion, this is the greatest show to be based on a Disney movie ever! I love how Timon and Pumbaa never had to be restricted to their environment and did a lot of fun cartoony thing, like breaking the rules of logic and reality similar to the Looney Tunes. Timon's bad habit of calling everyone a mook made me laugh hysterically, especially in that commercial advertising the show. My two favorite episodes were the "beanstalk giant bug" episode and the "Amusement Bark" one. Hakuna Matata.

#3: Chip N'Dale Rescue Rangers

Team squeak

To the Rescue

Ok, I did spoil the fact that this show was going to be on the list earlier, but oh well. My sister loved this show as a kid! Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers had a lot of great adventures, heart, and fun. Chip N' Dale were very heroic in this show, while still fighting they normally do. Gadget was a beautiful and smart mouse acting kind of like a motherly figure to the group, and it made me laugh when the two characters fought over her. Zipper was a cute little guy and Montery Jack's cheese attraction got a laugh. Fat Cat is also a cool villain as well as his dim-witted henchmen. This show was also the first time I saw a cliffhanger. I see Fat Cat rolling a snowball at the group and the words "To Be Continued" shows up. That was one of my ways of learning.I also thought the theme song was awesome! What else can I say? This show was so good!

#2: Darkwing Duck

Nightly terrot

When there's trouble you call D.W

He is the terror that flaps in the night! He is the dust that makes you sneeze! He is Darkwing Duck! Darkwing was a cool superhero character, despite his lack of superpowers. He's not the best superhero I know, but he certainly keeps your attention. He always goes to stop crime (even though he does it for fame and glory). Launchpad is always giving him a hand and I like how he refers to him as D.W. Darkwing's daughter is cool too. She's tough, brave, and always stays on track with the crime-fighting jobs. Two of my favorite villains are the electric rat Megavolt and the rooster named Steelbeak. And of course, the theme song was awesome! When there's trouble, you call D.W!

And my number 1 greatest Disney show is...

#1: Gummi Bears

Magic and myster part of their history

High adventure that's beyond compare! They are the Gummi Bears!

Out of all the shows the Disney Afternoon (as well as Disney in general) has ever made, Gummi Bears is my favorite. It's colorful, epic, magic, and has great heart! It did feel a bit tense with the Gummi Bears constantly trying to keep secret and that bully Unwin is a character I despise, but the good stuff is too darn good! I like most of the Gummi Bears like Tummi, Gruffi, and Sunni, but Cubbi and Gusto are my two favorite Gummi Bears. Cubbi is cute and adventurous, and Gusto is artistic like me and funny. I love this fantasy environment the show provides, it's one I don't see very often. Cavin and Calla's relationship is very legit and I'm glad they can talk to each other about the Gummi Bears. King Gregor is a very kind ruler too. Duke Igthorn is a great villain! He has a great design, a great voice, and his temper gets laughs. His sidekick Toadwart is funny too like when he screams when being abused and the ogres are delighfully dimwitted. And like some of the other shows on this list, I LOVE the theme song to this show! It's so awesome with a capital A! Gummi Bears is in my opinion, Disney's greatest show!

Thanks for looking at this list and I hoped you liked it. Did you agree or disagree with my choices? I am sure you have your own TV show lists so go on and make them and take care.