Hi guys. A while ago, I did a countdown of my top favorite shows from Disney. However, there are some Disney shows I stil did not really like. Alot of the newer shows today, not just from Disney but from any channel have been getting crazy, cheesey comedy, and not really a lot of fun. There are some non-Disney shows that I really hate like Mighty B from Nickelodeon, Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorperated, the  new Looney Tunes, and Teen Titans: Go! But since this is a Disney Wiki, I'll keep it to the Disney shows. Before you read this list, I would advise you to take a look at the contents and skip any show I put here that you really enjoy. I mean not harm to any of these show's fans, but this blog is where I need to express my opinions. Now here is the list on Disney's worst shows, or at least any shows I have seen on Disney Channels.

#7: The Emperor's New School

IMG 0949


The Emperor's New Groove wasn't really a hit, but it wasn't really a flop either-just a film with in-the-middle box office results. And due to it's really good reception and Yzma's popularity, I guess they figured it was okay to give the movie its own show. I thought this show was totally unneccessary. The comedy works decently in the original movie, but it only wears out sometimes. Here, the comedy wears out too quickly, making Kuzco so bland and boring. And besides, I thought Kronk reformed. He is shown to be one of Kuzco's two best friends in the show, yet he is still working for Yzma so she can usurp the throne......Whaaaa? The theme song is also bland and forgettable. I barely remember anything about it. I don't even think the show's premise makes sense. Why would Kuzco need to go to school to remain emperor. Is there something about his culture I am overlooking? Yeah, the comedy is pretty flat and weak. I'd prefer other shows based on Disney movies like The Little Mermaid TV show, Aladdin, or Timon and Pumbaa.

#6: Lilo and Stitch: The Series

IMG 0950

Oh no Ohana!

Another pretty stupid show based on a Disney movie. I admit, this show in my opinion is typical "Lilo and Stitch" bad, but I would say it's the Lilo and Stitch part of the franchise I hate the least. I definetly didn't hate it as much as the original, but this show did have a fair share of stupidity. Most shows based on Disney films such as The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh are supposed to have the characters just do anything they want to do without having a lot of restrictions. This show is about finding 623 experiments and finding the right homes for them. Uh....cute, I guess, but having it take up every single episode kinda ruins the fun of a show. Lilo, just like in the movies, has an annoying voice. And some episodes like the one where she kept time traveling over and over and when she ignores Stitch to go with the bully girls---uh, no. Not sucking me in. Stitch is not annoying as he was in the movie, I'll give him credit for that. Murtle (however it is spelled) is also a dislikable bully, and that rabbit alien is a pretty dumb villain. The show could have been a lot worse, but Lilo and Stitch are still NOT the kind of characters I'd like to continue to see.

#5: Fillmore

IMG 0951


I have never liked any show that is WAY too serious and dark, and this one is no exception. One of my complaints is the main character, himself. Fillmore has little to no personality other than being a tough-cool-secret agent for school. I don't remember anything remarkable about this guy. The premise doesn't make sense either. I admit the secret agent part of the premise is pretty cool, but why do they all have to center on school? Totally Spies and its spin-off had better set-ups than this. I admit I did kind of like Ingrid and that orange hair kid, but that was it. All the action was taken too seriously and pretty dramatic. I mean it would work if this was a show about how a baby views the world like in Rugrats, or how a mouse views it, but this just doesn't work. If it was going to be a show about a kid trying to solve crimes, they should have lessened the intense serious atmosphere and made it more cheerful and fun to the right balance.

#4: Recess

IMG 0952

Can I get a recess from this show?

I know this was one of One-Saturday-Morning's iconic shows, but I still saw it as an "eh." Recess was never my favorite part of school because I don't like sports, and I am not really an outdoor person. It wasn't nearly as dramatic as Fillmore, but there was still a sense of choppy character in this show. Gretchen was shown to be a smart scientist in the opening, but I never saw her put any of her talents to work. TJ was the typical "group leader", but not much else really stands out about him. That tough girl Stephanie (I think that's her name, but I'm not sure) had a pretty boring voice, and that sports guy was forgettable. Gus was okay, but I felt bad for him being the target of every bully. I think the only character I really got into was Mike. His fat, soft personality was noticeable and I admit his manly singing voice was remarkable. The other characters are not really well done. There's a kid who claims to be the king of the playground whom I have no idea how he got that right, and a bully who hits little kids with dodgeballs and dumps his friends to get a team for glory. Recess was the kind of show that seemed like it was throwing away the fun imaginative worlds that the Disney Afternoon brought us, and settle down in a boring regular setting. I mean, the idea of the show would work well in a PBS show or a Disney Junior show, but for what it is, I just think it's an awkward waste.

#3: The New Mickey Mouse Show

IMG 0953

Mickey Mouse?! What have they done to you?!

You know how there is a beloved animated character you really enjoy who stars in a remake that ruins the beloved memories of the original? Well, that's pretty much what this show is! I was delighted to hear that there would be a new Mickey Mouse reboot show for a whole new generation! I was hoping to see more of Mickey and his friends' comedic adventure, like they did in the old classic shorts or the Mickey Mouse Works shorts. <sigh>, But when I saw a couple of these shorts, I thought they stank! They were NOT funny at all! It was just modern cheesiness just thrown out at us like someone littering garbage! Daisy, like most roles, is bossy, annoying, and dumps Donald if she is not her idea of perfection! Another thing I hate about this show are the characters ugly redesigns! These characters look like the animators were scribbling out of anger while drawing them! It's almost like the Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts re-designs all over again! Remember how Mickey and the others were redesigned and looked cuter. Now Disney has changed his design in this! What what wrong with the other design?! This version of Mickey Mouse was a wasted opportunity Disney decided to just flush down the toilet!!!I definetly think this is on par with Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorperated, The Looney Tunes Show, and Teen Titans Go as one of the worst animated remake shows of all time!!!!

#2: Life with Derek

IMG 0954


A lot of the Disney Channel teen shows were losing their charm, but THIS made it worse! The graphics of the show looked faded and gross! And speaking of gross, that's exactly what the two main characters are! Casey's voice always sounded like she had a cold and that was very distracting in a gross way. Her personality was a typical "trying to get through life" teen. Nothing else stood out about her. The only character who was worse was Derek himself. He's spoiled, lazy, arrogant, and a typical troublemaking teenager with very little good character. I saw two commercials for this show and it showed him spewing eggs back on the pan and milk back in the carton! That was disgusting! Who would want to view THAT?! The middle siblings-I don't remember anything about them! I admit the youngest girl was cute, but that was too little to save the show. Shows centering on mediocre teenagers are lame unless the show can show imagination, heart, or fun adventure. Like most teenage shows, Life With Derek did nothing of the kind.

But as bad as it is, it still does not compare to what is number 1.

#1: Every single Jetix show ever made!!!

IMG 0955

Jetix is horrible!!!

The Power Ranger Shows? Hate them! That robot monkey show? Hate It! The marvel shows? No way! Yin Yang Yo! Stupid! All these shows took away the beloved Toon Disney that taught me a lot about shows! Jetix practically ruined the whole point of Toon Disney! Power Rangers was live-action, so that definetly did not work! Jetix was way too focused on action-based shows that were merely made for older kids! The reasons why I loved Toon Disney was because its cartoons were for kids of ALL ages, and they were imaginative and fun! Jetix took over the channel in the evenings AND early in the mornings, showing less and less Toon Disney cartoons. And I saw one too many commercials centering Jetix! It made me lose interest, and it led to the death of Toon Disney! It was replaced by Disney XD was was centered ONLY for teenagers! It was bad enough Disney channel was overflowing with teenage material, but Jetix is what killed the fun of Disney television animation! I hated every single moment I saw Jetix on TV! It was going to exist, it should have at least been its own separate channel without taking over Toon Disney! I don't know what else to say other than the fact that I hate Jetix SO MUCH!!!!!!

And that is my list. If there are any choices of mine you disagree with, I apologize if I offended you. Go ahead and enjoy these if you like them, just don't pester me with them.