Hey fellas. I have often thought in the past that I don't seem to like Jeffrey Katzenberg. I mean, I suppose I should be grateful that he took part in the early portion of the Disney Renaissance and even most of the Dreamworks films. But there's something about his attitude that seems cocky and er...Buzzkilling. I don't have an outraged hatred for him but...he wasn't such a nice buisness guy. these are three particular reasons.

#1: He Had Little To No Faith In The Great Mouse Detective OR The Little Mermaid

Ok, I am not sure why he didn't have faith in The Great Mouse Detective-maybe it had something to do with the title changing-but surpringly he had no faith in The Little Mermaid either! It was one of those "there's just no pleasing you is there" sort of things. It was because he thought just because The Little Mermaid starred a princess that it was just going to be thought of as a "girl's movie"! I admit I thought that about princess films when I was a little kid too. But this is back when I had "black and white" thinking and I was trying to "fit in" with boys around me. If neither a Sherlock Holmes mouse mystery nor a mermaid fairy tale was Jeffrey's idea of a good movie, I have no idea what would be.

#2: He Pulled The Rescuers Down Under Advertisments Immediately

As you know, The Rescuers Down Under is one of my two favorite Disney Renaissance films, the other being The Lion King. Not every movie has hit the number one spot at the box-office on its opening weekend. If Jeffrey had let it be, the film might have grossed enough of a successful profit eventually. But nope! He immediately pulled all the film's advertising just because it was 4th place in competition! So what?! I interpreted it that as saying that he wanted Number 1 glory ASAP! Excuse me, but whatever happened to "Nobody's Perfect!" ? It was dissapointing enough that The Rescuers Down Under was a box-office failure in general. But when I found out that THIS was the reason because of it, I felt pretty upset! What was he saying? That princesses were the right things to like and that mice were the wrong things to enjoy! RGGGGH!...Sorry. Anyway, I found out on the Waking Sleeping Beauty documentary that the animators weren't anymore happy about it than I was. Infact, they were crying. ApparentLy, The Rescuers Down Under was such a beautiful looking masterpiece they had worked so hard on! And Jefrey just....well, I think I've just covered it. Anyway, next part.

#3: He Betrayed Disney By Going To Dreamworks

I don't know anything about Frank Wellis (Was that his name? Did I get it right?) crashing with the helicopter, but I do know that Jeffrey wanted his job. He just greedily demanded it. But I think Roy Disney, or whoever was the real Disney master denied him. So somepoint in 1994, Jeffrey joined Dreamworks. Yep that's right, he's Don Bluth all over again (in the bad way). And you know how Dreamworks often rivaled Disney works and sometimes kicked their butts. I do love some of Dreamworks' films, but it still didn't feel right. I mean, at least back in the later 80's Disney considered The Great Mouse Detective and Oliver And Company successes in general, even though they weren't "Snow White" hits. But in the 2000's, Disney just seemed dissapointed with alot of the 2-D film' results-like in 2001 when Shrek overshadowed Atlantis or when Treasure Planet and Home On The Range bombed -yeesh!

Ok, there. I just had to express my thoughts on that guy. He is kinda a jerk if you ask me. What do you think of him?