Hi guys. As some of you know, I have written blogs that show my rankings of the songs from Frozen, The Jungle Book, and the Disney Renaissance's Favorite Four. Now I am counting down the songs from another one of Walt Disney's classics that has at least 5 songs: Pinocchio, in honor of its 75th anniversary. Even though it is an old film, I still often feel like it has the heart of a movie that could be told today because of all its emotional moments. So what are rankings of the the songs? Let's find out.

#5: Hi Diddle Dee Dee

An actor's life Is NOT for me, especially not if my employer is Stromboli.

Out of all the songs of the film, I'd probably put this one at the bottom, mostly as a stand alone song of the film. Its easy to learn something from this song: Don't talk to strangers, especially Honest John and Gideon. I do admit is is kind of unique among villain songs, mainly because this is one of the first that come to mind whenever I think of songs that the villain sings in front of a main character. Most (not all) other villain songs are sung in privacy, but nope not this one. And poor Pinocchio falls for it a little too easily. Not a good way to start your first day in the real world. The first time HJ sings it, it is about how great an actor's life is, with fame, wealth, and getting whatever you want, like some of our celebrities today (and we all know that some celebrities' fame ended up in disaster). He sang it again about the joys of Pleasure Island, and how its a great vacation spot, and wouldn't you know-it was the park's theme music! Before I move on to the next part, most of us say that it was Pinocchio's own foolish choice to go to Pleasure Island, but I have two points that prove otherwise. HJ and Gideon grabbed him even though he kept trying to protest that he needed to go home, and if one looks at the film's Screencaps, you might notice that Gideon had his hammer ready to strike Pinocchio if he didn't go. And another thing I want to talk about is that my sister once asked my mother about running away, and part of the discussion involved Honest John and Gideon examples as those shady characters who could come after runaway children. So yeah.

#4: Little Wooden Head


Little Wooden Head, go play your part in becoming one of my favorite Walt Disney characters.

At first, I wasn't too sure of this song as a kid because I usually wanted to see Pinocchio as a live character rather than a stringed marionette. But looking back, I think it represents Geppetto's optimism. He is a lonely wood carver with no wife and no real children. He has a kitten and a goldfish, but it's not really the same. So he makes his own imaginary son using a marionette. That's as good as it can get (for the moment, that is), and he sings a happy tune about it. I remember a few of the lyrics said "bring a little joy to every heart", and I think many parents feel that way whenever they get a new child. When overwhelmed with happiness, parents believe that their child will bring joy to some people's hearts (Maybe not 100% of the time, but still). And besides, sometimes kids torment their pets in a cute playful way like what Geppetto pretended to do with Figaro. Thank goodness Pinocchio did not actually do it to Figaro when he was alive, or that would have REALLY annoyed Figaro. Anyway, to sum up, Little Wooden Head is cute and sweet. It gets even better for Geppetto later (well, sort of), but for now, an imaginary son is better than no son.

#3: I've Got No Strings


Quit pulling my strings!

Despite Stromboli being partially involved in this scene, I thought this was a pretty entertaining song. Pinocchio sings how great it is to be a puppet who doesn't have to be controlled by strings anymore. Its fun, easy, and makes Pinocchio special (too special considering a greedy maniac like Stromboli around). And then of course, the other puppets sing along with him. I kinda forgot what they were saying, but I kept wondering if the female puppets were...flirting with him? Oh well, it's minor. Pinocchio may not have realized it, but being free from strings (and I mean both literally and figuratively) does have a fair share of disadvantages. You won't always know what the right or wrong thing to do is without your parents, which is why we have a conscious. Of course, despite Pinocchio and Jiminy's friendship, he doesn't really use it. But hey, this song was fun, that's my point of this segment.

#2: Give a Little Whistle

Jiminy Cricket

Always let your conscience be your guide

Initially, I thought this was an okay song. The closest thing I have to an explanation for that is that I was more interested in Casey Junior on that Zip a dee doo dah sing along video. But that's not really important. It's a very good song. Jiminy is trying to get Pinocchio to whistle for him, as a code to cue the cricket for help on doing the right thing. Pinocchio definitely had better luck than I ever have, because I can't whistle. There's not too much else to say about this song, but it certainly is charming, considering that this song was song by the most popular character from the movie, let alone one of Disney's iconic characters.

And the number one song is-oh never mind the build up. You all know it's When You Wish Upon A Star.

#1: When You Wish Upon A Star


When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.

This song, what can I say? You all know it. It's practically the theme song of Disney in general, especially at the Disney Parks. I think there might be an explanation why, as opposed to just because of this movie. We all have hopes and wants, like wanting a new video game, something impractical like a pool of Skittles, or something loving like a family. A lot us have difficulties in life, even though we wish we don't. And of course, there are bad things out there, like animals we are terrified of, or really bad people just like what Pinocchio encountered. But there are also good thing in the world even if we don't suspect it easily. If we wish for good things to come our way in times of need and believe in them, then we may get them. This whole wish star thing was also repeated in films like The Rescuers or The Princess and the Frog. So to sum up, believe in your dreams and wishes. And I will do so too.

And that was how I rank the songs from Pinocchio, one of Walt Disney's greatest works of art. I hope you enjoyed this list, and leave comments below. See you next time and give yourselves a little whistle.