Hi everyone. It is me again. A lot of people were not very happy with my last blog with putting the new Mickey Mouse TV show on my least favorite Disney shows list. So as my way of an apology, I am writing a POSITIVE blog. What is the topic? I am expressing how I rank the songs from Frozen. Why? Because I love Frozen and a lot of you do too. I know some people think that the novelty has worn out for them, but since I have learned to keep my "Frozen excitement" to moderation, it is not wearing out for me. So let's begin.

#10: Reindeers are better than people

Kristoff singing to Sven

Sven and Kristoff's lullaby duet.

Honestly, I don't really have a least favorite song from the movie. I like them all in their own ways. The only reason I put it at the bottom was because,..well, it is funny but I don't think of it as an actual musical number. That, and it is short. But it has its likability to it. We see Kristoff voicing Sven which is really funny. So it is nice. It may not be the most memorable, but it is certainly expressive for a mountain man and his reindeer who like to sing together.

#9: For the First Time In Forever (Reprise)

Frozen anna and elsa3

Anna's failure to bring Elsa home

I typically overlook reprises of original song, but what the heck, it is still a song from the movie. Anna expresses that she finally understands why Elsa always has to isolate herself from everyone else and that she's willing to accept Elsa, powers or no powers. Sadly though, it is not enough. Elsa believes she is too dangerous because she can't recall a single time her powers did good for other people. Things get worse when Anna tells her that Arendelle is frozen. But when she pushes Elsa over the edge, Anna is struck with a magic snowflake. The ending music to this song was pretty dark. Impressive, but a bit uncomfortable.

#8: Frozen Heart


Ice Harvesters hard at work

What a good way to start off the movie. This song reminds me a lot of Fathoms Below from The Little Mermaid. It shows a chorus of men and the main male character and his pet give us a little foreshadow of what the movie will be about. We see ice harvesters singing how ice can be great, but also dangerous. The ice shown in the film is beautiful, cold, and (sometimes) dangerous. That's pretty much what Elsa's icy powers turned out to be. They were beautiful and fun for playing, but if it strikes someone in the head, or even worse, the heart it is dangerous. It was also cute to see Kristoff as a little boy and Sven as a calf, struggling to get even one block of ice, much like Dumbo in the Roundabout song. It's pretty good.

#7: Love Is An Open Door

Frozen anna and hans4

Love Is (Not) An Open Door

Although what later happens in the movie turns out to be a big lie, this song was nice for the moment. It showed Anna expressing how Elsa has neglected her for the majority of her childhood and Hans with the same problem with his brothers. It seems as though their problems are solved once they find each other....or at least that's what Anna thinks. As stated in the trivia section, this song is partially a villain's song in disguise. Hans sings that he has been looking for his own place and with Anna he finds it. This song represents one of the biggest reasons viewers thought Hans was a good guy-because Anna thought she had someone to relate to. Pretty clever, for Disney, eh? Love can be an open door, but not for these this couple.

#6: Do You Wanna Build A Snowman

Do You Wanna Not Unbuild a Snowman? (I hope that works on Elsa)

Despite the sadness outcome of this song, it's very cute too. I thought it was adorable to see Anna as a cute little girl. It was sad though to see that Anna no longer had Elsa to play with and Elsa getting more and more scared about her powers. I do find songs that start off being sung by a little kid to their current grown up form that we'd see throughout the rest of the movie. I downloaded the Frozen karaoke app, and I did a hilarious job with Anna's little voice. I talked over the characters when I didn't hear them say anything during my recording, so I added some voice-overs of my own to lighten the mood, most of which about zebra cakes. "See you in two weeks, and bring me back some zebra cakes," "You'll be fine Elsa, and I'll bring you back some zebra cakes" "I guess I'll have to make snow cones in here instead", it was just funny of me! My mother and brother heard it and they laughed so darn hard. My mother actually references it every time she hears the song. This song is sad, but a little bit of cuteness can make it sweeter.

#5: Fixer Upper


A heart of stone (literally)

Oh man, this song is funny. It involves wise mystics trying to get a Anna and Kristoff to realize they are meant to be, much like Dig A Little Deeper. The songs two main ingredients are comedy and wisdom mixed together. It's funny because of how the trolls reveal embarrassing facts about Kristoff, just like how parents might embarrass their kids. They are Kristoff's family after all. I especially like how the baby troll reveals that Kristoff likes to "tinkle in the woods", something Anna didn't need to hear. This song also reveals a little clue about how Hans is not really Anna's true love; the baby troll points out that he doesn't see an engagement ring on Anna, something a groom is supposed to give to their proposed brides. There is also the lyric where people make bad choices when they are mad, scared or stressed. And that is true in the movie AND in real life. Elsa only had Marshmallow throw Elsa out because she was too stressed about her powers. Love really is the key to helping fixer-uppers.

#4: Let It Go (Demi Levato's Version)


Demi Levato

I can't help it-I love end credit versions of movie songs, such as Celione's version of Beauty and the Beast-touching, Elton John's version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight-beautiful. I have heard people around me say that they don't like it as much as the original, but I don't see any competition between these two. They are both great, but in different ways. Demi Levato does a great job singing this version, and we also get some lyrics that we didn't hear in the movie's version, -particularly "I know I left a life behind, but I'm too relieved to grieve." I like how this one goes for rock and roll instead of the usual soft piano like in Celione's Beauty and the Beast or the end credits version of A Whole New World. I really enjoy listening to this. But what about the original? Let'take a look in #3, shall we?

#3: Let It Go


Can't Hold It Back Anymore!

And now we come to the big one, the song everybody has been singing from the movie-Let It Go. I've seen pictures of girls singing it out loud, and of course it won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. I find it very easy to see why LetIt Go became the most popular song of the film. I've talked about it before in one of my discussions, but I'll discuss it again. We have all felt stressed about pretending to be "perfect" in the eyes of others, and we have felt that we can't be ourselves in front of others, just like Elsa. But once Elsa was isolated in the mountains, she felt that she could be free to use her powers and just be herself. Believe me, I have definitely felt those issues, especially in family dinner parties. I have social anxiety, and it feels really hard for me to be who I am as a natural person in front of a lot of people. I also felt like I had to live up to college expectations last semester in my Pre-Algebra class. My stress was pumping up like lava in a volcano! But once I passed exam with a modest, but good enough score, I felt like I could let all my stress go away. In Fact, I played this song on the way home to celebrate and express myself! I just couldn't hold it back anymore! It's got a great melody and memorable lyrics. What else can I say?

#2: In Summer

Olaf in summer

A snowman who wants to experience summer? Ummm...

Like I've said plenty of times before, out of all the songs in Frozen, this is the funniest. Why? Because Olaf dreams of the least suitable season for his kind-summer! I love irony like this. We all know that snow would melt right away in summer, but Olaf is completely unaware of that. He scat sings in a silly way and he actually thinks putting hot and cold together actually makes sense. It is also really funny when it seems like he's going to sing a lyric that rhymes with cuddle which people think is puddle because he is in front of one, but instead he says he'll be a happy snowman. I also really like how Kristoff is about to buzzkill Olaf's precious moment but Anna forbids him from doing so. In Summer is cute, funny, and the best part is that it is sung by Olaf himself.

And the number #1 best Frozen song is....

#1: For The First Time In Forever


For the First Time In Forever-Anna's going to change her kingdom!

Out of all the songs of Frozen, this one is my favorite. I've listened to it many times on my Iphone and Ipad. It's just so sweet and beautiful like any Disney Princess song. The best part is, the song is sung by Anna herself, whom I've honored as my favorite heroine on my Disney Heroines countdown. Kristen Bell, the beautiful voice of Anna does an excellent job singing it. We also get a glimpse of Anna's clumsiness when she accidentally throws the bust on the coronation cake. Heh Heh. It also represents how Anna is very excited to have lots of people coming to the coronation party, because she has had far too little company in the castle for quite a long time. Wow, this really is the first time in forever for Anna! And like most Disney princesses, she dreams of meeting a handsome true love. She jumps around portrait after portrait posing the ladies' very actions. This song also puts me in a very good mood when I really want something good to happen. I just put on this song, look at my favorite photos, and even listen to it while looking at pictures of Anna on Google. I just love it! I've listened to it a million times and I will definitely listen to it a million times more!

And that was my countdown on the Frozen songs. I hope you enjoyed this list. But before I wrap up, I have one question to ask you.

Do you want to build a snowman?