Hi everyone. I got a request from my good friend Tigerfan45 requested that I rank the Aladdin songs. I admit I'm not a huge fan of these songs, but they are pretty good for what they are. They are still from Alan Menken, and they earned a alot of award nominations. So they are still part of the Disney Renaissance's glory days. So let's get started.

#8: One Jump Ahead (reprise)

Aladdin (Reprise)

Like the Gaston reprise, I put this one at the bottom of the list because its too short. Aladdin has just been bullied by Prince Achmed and told him that he was nothing more than a worthless street rat. This also indicates that Aladdin dreams of a better life, with wealth, fame, and admiration. It's got the "I Want" feel to it in a soft way, but there is not much else to it.

#7: Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

I don't know if this is a popular song from the film or not, but I personally find it a little unneccessary. I often find "ancient culture" type places creepy and often intense, and this song furthers it. Heck, this song is also used as the theme song for Return of Jafar and the TV series. I have to admit, intensely hot places like what is described in this song make me rather uncomfortable, and the Peddler even references its hotness. Also. I heard that some Arabs found the movie racist, since there is a lyric that is part of this song that says, "It's barbaric, but hey it's home." Yeah, I have to admit that's a little racist. If it works for you, great. But it's not my song.

#6: Prince Ali (Reprise)

Prince Ali Reprise

Prince Ali aint no prince

I found this kind of cool, but I put it low on the list since it represents a terrible time in the movie for the good guys. Jafar got his filthy clutches on the magic lamp, and has taken over Agrabah. And to make things worse, he exposes Aladdin's secret to Jasmine that he is no prince and that he's a lying street rat ( does that count as a liar's reveal cliche?). This is the closest thing we have to a villain's song in the film. If there's one thing villains like to do, it's humiliating their archenemies- and that's what Jafar pretty much does to Aladdin.

#5: One Jump Ahead

One Jump Ahead

Much like Beauty and the Beast, we see the problems of our main character after a really creepy beginning. Aladdin and Abu are constantly having to steal food to survive, and is considered an outlaw for doing so. So we get a slapstick-like chase with Aladdin, Abu, and the guards. Fast action, and lots of comedy. If being chased by the cops isn't enough, we hear Agrabah's citizens call Aladdin names like "ripraff", "scoundrel", "vandal", and of course "street rat." That pretty much tells the audience that Aladdin is thought of as hated loser. Is there any chance Aladdin will get the praise he deserves? Well, take a look at the next part.

#4: Prince Ali


Prince Ali Ababwa

One the messages of Aladdin is to be yourself. But because of Aladdin's bad reputation as a street rat, Aladdin does not want to be himself. Instead he poses as a handsome hunky "Prince Ali". Genie, disguised, as his advisor sings about how great a prince this guy is, fabricating battles, and saying he has a lot of stuff. And speaking of that, I always that that was a little to fancy for a prince. 75 golden camels, 53 purple peacocks, 95 white Persian monkeys, 60 llamas, and a lot other stuff. I just couldn't help but wonder how he got by with all that. But I'm probably getting off topic. Aladdin finally gets the fame and praise he's so desired after years of stealing scraps in rags. But his main priority is to win Jasmine's hand in marriage- provided Jafar doesn't get in the way.

#3: A Whole New World (End Credits Version)

Magic Carpet Pin

Ok just to clarify something real quick-I only used thus picture of a Magic Carpet, just to represent the song and also because I could not find a picture of the singers of this movie. There done. Now about the song, it's another soft pop-like version much like most end credits tunes. Its the same lyrics of the original, and these two new singers make it very touching with the twinkly music, much like the end credits version of "Beauty and the Beast" (which I forgot to put on the BB list). But there's not much else to say.

#2: A Whole New World


Now we get to the real version of the song. Aladdin has kinda managed to talk Jasmine into a date on the magic carpet, since he reminded her of her marketplace boyfriend. Its a romance song about Aladdin showing Jasmine the world beyond Agrabah-places Jasmine knew, and an awesome flight scene in the clouds and the night sky. Jasmine and Aladdin are both happy for once in their lives, as represented in A Whole New World. Its enchanting, its sweet, and it really lets you know that it was made by Alan Menken.

And the number one song in Aladdin is...

#1: Friend Like Me

Friend Like Me

If I had to pick a favorite song from Aladdin, this one would definitely be it! In my opinion, Genie is the best thing about this movie! He's got a wacky personality, constantly shift-shapes into all kinds of things, and of course his voice of Robin Williams! Even as a kid, I did think the movie was a lot better once the Genie showed up. And he's got a REALLY entertaining musical number! Its big, loud, and just throws out a lot of energy! It can't get much better than this! Genie even creates his own performers to make the song like a party. Lots of dancing, colorful lights, its just awesome!

And those are my rankings of the songs from Aladdin. I hope you enjoyed this list- after all You ain't never had a user like me!