Drumroll please!....Just kidding. It's me again, Ratigan6688, back with another musical ranking blog. Tonight's lucky winner is The Princess And The Frog, as requested by Tigerfan45. Plus, I am also showing gratitude to this film for brining back the idea that musicals in our current Disney moviegoing time is ok. You see, back in the earlier 2000's, I thought that musicals have become dated based on what I have been getting. There were a few, but they were from Disney Sequels and were poorly written, especially from Lady and the Tramp 2 ( and specifically that gosh awful Junkyard Society Rag!) *Ahem* Sorry off topic. Anyway, the point is I am ranking the songs from The Princess And The Frog.

#9: Never Knew I Needed

Naveen and Tiana as Frogs

Ok before I chit chat I am just going to say I had to use a random picture for this song. I couldn't find a proper picture for it. Anyway, I haven't listened to this song a million times but I do remember a few lyrics. They represent Tiana and Naveen's realization that changed them both forever; they were the best things they needed. The melody is ok, but not that catchy. Still, I'm glad it outlines the changing part of the main characters' realizations. Sorry this segment of the blog is too short, but I don't really have much else to say.

#8: Ma Belle Evangeline

Ma Belle

Since The Princess And The Frog was retracing the steps of the early Disney Renaissance films, it makes perfect sense to add a romantic song in the middle of the film. And this, it's not annoying but it's kinda boring, especially compared to A Whole New World or Beauty and the Beast. I'm not sure if it's the melody, Jim Cummings' singing, or the fact that it's rushed. I mean it's nice, especially when the lilly pads and flowers are lit up. Plus, it gives Naveen a chance to get Tiana to loosen up, just like Tiana did for him by teaching him to work. But compared to a lot of Disney's other romance songs-eh, I just feel-eh.

#7: Going Down The Bayou

Gonna Take You There

I don't have a lot to say about this song either, but it's Ray singing about something helpful. Plus, it should be noted that this song is sung a little differently. The previous songs were song in jazzy style, but this time it is in hillbilly style. After all, the characters are currently in the Bayou, and Ray speaks with a hillbilly accent, so hey. I admit it's not the kind of song I'd listen to over and over again, but with all those fireflies-oh man! It's literally bright and glowing! It also gives Tiana and Naveen an ACTUAL guide since Louis apparently didn't know where he was going (or possibly trying to avoid the hunters with guns and pricker bushes). So if you ever get lost in the bayou, try looking to the fireflies for help.

#6: Down In New Orleans

Down in New Orleans is a work a holic waitress.

With an interesting city of New Orleans, I suppose it would be proper to give it an introductory song. I suppose it would be an interesting place to go for a while (like my brother's temporary college semester).It's got jazz music, parades, pretty women, and men who deliver as the lyrics say. We also see what Tiana does most of. the time-work as a waitress. She does her job really well-delivering food fast and carryingso much on her hands and head. The first thing I though of was when Cinderella had her nasty stepfamily's breakfast and laundry on her head. Ah yes, and we also get somethings rare; the villain's first appearance in a cheeful brighter scene. Most of us are normally used to most villains appearing in a dark creepy way such as Ursula or Jafar's first onscreen appearances. But this is rare that they do this way. So do dreams come true in New Orleans like the song says? If you want to know, go down there and find out for yourself.

#5: When We're Human


When they're human, they're gonna be Disney stars!

Okey dokey. We finally get a good alligator character that I didn't create. Louis dreams of becoming a famous trumpet player. That dream is a major problem due to the fact that he's an alligator whom people think will eat them. But Naveen slyly manages to convince Louis that Mama Odie can turn him human which grealthy makes Louis happy. Since Naveen and Tiana want to be humans as well, they join in on the song. This one definitely sounds like it's a jazzy New Orleans song from Randy Newman. I've already stated what Louis wants, so how about Naveen and Tiana? Naveen wants to go back to his former rich bachelor party life and Tiana of course plans to work until she gets that restaurant. As a human, I'm just happy that I have toes and fingers that I can stretch.

#4: Down In New Orleans (Reprise)

Naveen and Tiana's dream come true.

Well they did it! Our main characters have finally reached their, sort of for Louis. Anyway, Tiana has finally gotten her restaurant, Naveen is rich with Tiana's love, and Louis is a performing musician, despite still being an alligator. How Tiana and Naveen convinced the crowd that Louis is not dangerous I don't know, but it's not broken so no fixing it! I have to admit, with Tiana singing it, it's even better than the one during the main title version. Everything is sparkly in the night, just like an evening's celebration should be. Almost looks like Epcot in the night.

#3: Dig A Little Deeper


Dig a little deeper (emotionally not physically)

Everyone thinks Mama Odie is a miracle worker. Well she is, but not in the way one would expect. She insists the characters think about what they truly need. She gets Naveen to understand that having a ton of money doesn't make us truly happy (especially certain spoiled jerks we know) and that love is the true rich in the world. Does the song work on Tiana? not really. But hey, this song feels so Broadway and gospel-like! It's just a good groove to it! Infact, this would be a pretty good song to see in a stage performance.

#2: Almost There

Almost There

I'm not almost there because I am not racing.

Ever since this song came out, I have thought of it every time I was almost close to something-destinations, or completing a project beating someone at a game. This is by far the most catchy good guy song in the film. It's got a really good beat, and it's got a paper-like 2-D sequence of what Tiana dreams her restaurant will look like. There's really not much else I can say. I've just about everything there is to know about Almost There.

And the number one song from the film is....

#1: Friends On The Other Side

With a handshake, the deal is set in motion.

Now I know what you're thinking-how can this guy possibly put a villain's song at the top of the list with so many good guy songs? Sorry guys, but this is the song I have enjoyed listening to the most. It's cool, colorful, and actually kinda dark. Faciler saus he can use his voodoo to solve Naveen and Lawrence's, in a hidden twisted sense. The singing during the cards isn't as interesting as the first and last parts, but it was necessary to show that Naveen wants money so he can do whatever he wants without having to spend 24/7 with a wife. As for Lawrence, he unfortunately as been pushed around by his abusive family and Naveen for..pretty much his whole life. But with Facilier's help, it can be Lawrence's turn for power! One could argue that Naveen should never have gotten involved with this, but if you look at when they both accept Dr. Faciler's help, Naveen did look reluctant and unsure while Lawrence shook it eagerly. It's ironic becaus before, the attitudes were the other way around. Now the last part of the song is the best part! The tones of voices get higher and higher, the shadow demons appear and echo, Facilier puts on a vooodoo mask, and the magic gives color everywhere! Plus, when it's over, we get that rare fade to black with eyes thing that we saw with the Wicked Queen, Ratigan, Ursula, and Hades! I never see that anymore! I don't think there's anything else to say. Friends on the Other Side is the film's best song!

And that was my countdown of songs from The Princess And The Frog. I hope you liked it. If there are any Disney musicals with at least 5 songs you think I should do, let me know in the comments section below. Until my next blog, take care.