Hello everyone. As requested by my Wiki friend Tiger45, I am doing another musical ranking blog. But which Disney film am I covering tonight? I did Frozen, The Lion King, Beauty And The Beast, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, and Hercules. Tonight's film is...Mulan! The star who brought honor to us all in many ways, one of which is her movie's songs. Although I don't have a particular favorite that instantly pops up like some of the other ones I've done, I still enjoy these songs. Now let's not wait any longer. So will I...make a reader out of you!

#6: True To Your Heart

This segment of the blog is going to be short and pictureless. I couldn't find a picture for the singer. As for the song itself, it's a little catchy. Besides, it's lyrics tell us the most important thing: listen to your heart. When you do, it makes you relieved of stress and happier. That's what Mulan did, and like many Disney outcasts, it eventually helped improve her life. That's all I can say. Next one.

#5: Reflection (End Credits Version

Ok unfortunately I couldn't recognize the singer who sang the end credits version, so I decided to use a random Mulan picture. But anyway, let's get on with progress. The melody and lyrics are the same most of the time. Although there are a few changes once in a while that make it more touching-namely the "why must we conceal how we think" or the "secret me I'm forced to hide". I am highly positive most of you felt that way in some situations. I know I definitely have. It's hard being something you're not in the wrong environment. I have had a lot of difficulty acting out the "male stereotype" or being a social person when I was young. And when I did feel like a chatterbox, it was the wrong time. But now that I am grown up, I have working to improve those bugs and learning that most of the time, it's better to be myself. The, she needsto work on her singing skills. Ok next song.

#4: Honor To Us All

Let's be flexible about honor, shall we?

This song is pretty catchy. I could definitely hear that Chinese sounding rhythm in the start. Mulan is getting ready to look like a beautiful bride to please a husband and hopefully give birth to sons so that the Fa family will have honor. And apparently, that's the only way women could get honor back then. Unlike Belle's community where those who don't seems odd, here it feels like a woman who doesn't is treated like a disgrace ace who is a terrible person. At least that's how I interpreted it. While I admit it doesn't bother me to the point of fury like the "Characters Who Made Me Suffer" blog, it seems a little harsh. I mean come on! So what if a woman doesn't marry?! It's not like they're stealing or murdering! Oh well, it's cultural stuff, I can't change it. It's just how things were then. And this song pretty much represents how the Chinese viewed honor. But hey, I love Mulan's look in this sequence.

#3: A Girl Worth Fighting For

Yao, Ling, and Chien Po with Mulan during A Girl Worth Fighting For

It's said that this song was supposed to be sexist...though I couldn't recognize it as much as a line said by Chi-Fu or Gaston. The army is "summoned" to fight against the Huns, and the soldiers are getting tired from all the walking. But Ling cheers them up by singing about brides they dream of. Since there is no honor mentioned within, I just assumed these men really did miss womens' company. Ling wants beauty, Yao wants a girl who admires his wounds, and Chien Po wants a good cook. Mulan tries to suggest the girl version of herself the chatty smart kind, but the guys pass. I'm glad it wasn't an angry way as if it would be awful. Oh yes, the best part is when Yao says that the only girl who'd love Chi-Fu is his mommy! That gets a good laugh. Aside from the dark and terrible sight that happens at the very end of the song, it's still worth listening to.

#2: I'll Make A Man Out Of You


Shang will make a man out a secret girl.

Ok, I have to admit, this song is kinda sexist in an offensive way, at least the "Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons?" It makes girls sound weak and pathetic, and I'm sure a lot of girls must not have liked that. It's representing that stereotype expectation that all males are supposed to be tough. And since I hate sexism and thought differently than most kids my age, I don't look at that subject very pleasantly. But I do admit, it's very epic especially with the background chorus echoing "Be A Man!" Plus, this part is a turning point for Mulan. When she first joined, she stank! But once she uses the medals to get up the pole, it shows the other soldiers that Mulan has real potential after all. With all the failed training attempts before, we then see the soldiers improve. Its's a before/after sort of thing. Shang could be less offensive, but this song shows that hard work, determination, and thinking pays off in this film's case-literally.

And the number one song in Mulan is...

#1: Refelection

Mulan, you have a good reflection.

Ok techically, I don't have a top personal song in this film as much as I do with Frozen, The Lion King, or Pinocchio but this song deserves good recognition. Mulan has just been rejected by the mean Matchmaker who claims she has no chance of bringing her family honor because of her difference. Mulan feels like she wants to be accpted for her true self. This reminds me a lot of "Go The Distance" from Hercules mainly because of the similar situations. Mulan is outcasted for not being like every other woman in her culture, but she wants to prove herself worthy like most fishes out of water. This is the kind of song that people need. We all suffer from having to act and look like something we're not. But this song and later parts of the movie show that we just need to self-accept ourselves whether people around us like it or not. Trust me, I know. I say be proud of your reflections!

And that is my Mulan song list. I hope you liked it. See you next time.