Hi Guys. I have been feeling a little bored lately, and most of what I'm looking forward to is a little too far away (time tends to go by a little slowly for me sometimes). Anyway, not the point. I have decided to rank the songs from Moana. Some songs I remembered instantly, but a few others I had to research a little bit. But hey, Moana was yet another princess musical that was pretty well done. So, let's get on with the job, shall we?

#10: Logo Te Pate

Moana-disneyscreencaps com-8527

Sorry guys, but this segment of the list is going to be pretty short. Not that I don't like it, it's just that it's pretty short. Plus, I don't understand the lyrics, since it is sung in Polynesian language. But I will give it credit for the fact that it plays during the scene where Moana and Maui strengthen their friendship, even though it's not as big a focus as some of the other Disney Revival friendships, particularly Ralph and Vanellope + Judy and Nick. Oh yes, and seeing Ocean lock the rooster up was funny. It's like it said "That's it! I'm sick of having to constantly save this bird from falling in the water!" Anyway, next.

#9: How Far I'll Go (Reprise)

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I know it's weird. I usually put the reprises at the bottom of the lists because they are pretty short. While this one kinda is, it takes place right after an emotional moment. Grandma Tala has passed away due to island decay sickness or old age (possibly a mixture of both). She was the only human who supported Moana's dream of sailing on the sea, and they had a close bond. But now, Moana is going out to sea to save the world. She sings that now that she must do it for the sake of the island and her people, despite the rule of no sailing past the reef. And speaking of that, I often wonder how Tui reacted after finding out that Moana went away. He either fret out, or he let go of his fear, in honor to honor his mother's wishes. Those are my guesses.

#8: Know Who You Are

Moana & Te Ka Fiti

This isn't the first song of the movie I think of, but it is very taming for someone who would need it. What do I mean by that? Well, Te Ka as you know has been the main antagonist of the film, being a lava demon and cursing the world. But she is not truly an evil villain like Chernabog or Hades, I just thought of her as an angry lava monster because her heart was stolen-and techically that is true. Anyway, (spoler alert!) when Moana finds out that Te Ka is really Te Fiti in an upset cursed sense, Moana sings this song to calm her down. We often feel clouded with anger when something bad happens to us, and unfortunately it poisons some people's minds to the point where...well, you know (remember Yokai from Big Hero 6 as an example). But Moana teaches Te Ka that a lava monster is not who she truly is; she is truly Te Fiti, the gentle loving island goddess-a good person at heart. If we focus more on the good, knowing who we are is a lot easier.

#7: We Know The Way


Now we're talking! Moana has discovered the reason why she loves the sea and yearns to voyage; she inherited this trait from her ancestors. The song is cultural, we hear a lot of drums beating, and we hear the "ohlo ohlo" chorus. There's not too much else to say, but hey! It shows us that Moana's ancestors used to wayfind-measuring stars, find new islands, make paradise, omg! Can Moana bring that wayfinding tradition back to her people? Time will tell.

#6: How Far I'll Go (End Credits Version)

Moana-disneyscreencaps com-11407

I haven't thought too much of this one like I have with some of the other end credits songs, but I do like it pretty well. Aside from the fact that it's sung by Alessia Cara, it sounds almost like the one from Auli Cravalho. Not really any major differences. I'll discuss the song itself when I get to the original version

#5: Where You Are

Moana-disneyscreencaps com-952

Ok, this one gives us a chance to see the conflict of Moana's father. He wants everyone to stay on the island, and Moana to be satisfied where she is and brush off her desire to explore the sea, which pretty much goes on throughout Moana's whole life. Every time she tries to just float off, she is thwarted at every turn. And even when not on water, she makes boats out of...whatever material they use for baskets and draws sailing, much to Tui's disappointment. This song sort of reminds me of "Honor To Us All" in the sense that most of the people prefer tradition and the heroine just isn't good at it. But gool old Grandma Tala reminds Moana, that if there is something different she likes, that is what she should stick to. I think we have all felt similar feelings to that. Grown ups try to convince us that there is a right way to be, but the way we feel naturally is the "wrong" way, you get my point.

#4: I Am Moana

Moana-disneyscreencaps com-9652

I haven't thought too much of this one, but last time I listened to it, it did sound very epic. After an argument with a cowardly Maui, Moana is hurt and confused that she has failed to give the heart of Te Fiti back, she is comforted by Grandma Tala who helps her realize why the ocean chose her to save the world; She loves the sea and her people and wishes to make her people proud. Tala also helps her realize that no matter how difficult the journey is, Moana must know who she is. Moana realizes that she loves everyone and everything she always knew. She vows to honor her wayfinding ancestors for the sea and her tribe. What else is there to say?

#3: Shiny

Tamatoa holding Moana

Despite Tamatoa not being the source of all the movie's problems, he is the closest thing we have to a deliberately evil villain along with the Kakamora. Moana must distract the pinching beast so Maui can get his magic hook back. It's not the most catchy villain song I remember like oh say, "Be Prepared" the melody is okay. The lyrics involve Tamatoa bragging about how he thinks he's better than everyone else-and that is what most villain songs are supposed to do. Also, when the lighrs go out, we see all kinds of colors shine in the dark-you know, like those places where only white shines in the dark. And to add on, when Maui fails to shift shape properly, the evil crab torments him on his past on how his parents abandoned him and made him feel unwanted! What a despicable thing to do to your enemy! So while Shuny isn't great, it's fairly good.

#2: You're Welcome


Much like "Let It Go", I have developed a bit of a habit singing part of this song after I say "You're welcome" to someone-at least to my close moviegoing friends. And hey, it's catchy. Maui hasn't had any attention from an audience for who-knows-how-long, and he can't wait to brag and get respect from Moana (or rather, her boat). He explains all his demi good deeds with the help of Mini Maui and the rest of his tattoos. He pulled islands from the sea, lassoed the sun, got fire, kicked monsters' butts, the list goes on. Maui wants Moana to know that he's responsible for everything he did for the world. But of course, Moana has to get out of that trance we see her in and get Maui's butt to Te Fiti and give back the heart.

And the number one Moana song is....

#1: How Far I'll Go

Pua Moana-4

This definitely feels like it's a Disney song, because you feel the dramatic "I Want" tone to this song that you got from songs like "Out There" and "Part of Your World". Moana has been doing just fine with her people's traditions until the fisherman lack fish to eat from pretty much everywhere within the island. Seeing no other option, she suggests going past the reef to find more fish. But of course, Tui still stubbornly refuses the request and accuses Moana of trying to take advantage of this situation to go out at sea. In addition, he's just about had enough of Moana's dream of sailing. In my opinion, that is the ultimate sign that Moana's desire to sail puts a strain on her realtionship with her father. The hurt and confusion leads to Moana think about her life, what she wants to do, and all the other stuff you see during the number. And Moana's voice during the "it calls me" and "it's blinding" lyrics really does a good job. That is how it truly feels like a Disney song.

And that was my ranking of the Moana songs. I hope you liked it. See you next time.